Two Oceans Marathon 2020 cancelled amid COVID-19 pandemic

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The ballot system – how to enter
The ballot system – how to enter

19 November 2019

How to enter – the first steps

You have seven days in which to apply to go into the ballot or draw, until 25 November at 5pm.

Firstly, make sure you have created or updated your TOM profile.

You’ll need to make sure you have created a Webtickets profile as well, as this is where you will pay. It’s quick and easy. Be sure to put in your ID number so you are sure to get any emails and other notifications meant for you.

Where do I enter?

Your entry link will be on our website and on TOM’s official social media platforms when the ballot opens.

How does the ballot system work? What is a ‘ballot system’?

The ballot system is a draw. It is like a lottery. When you apply to ‘enter’, you are applying to go into the draw. You therefore apply to have your name picked or drawn. This is what it means to ‘submit a ballot application’.

Because there are so many runners who want to do both the Ultra Marathon and the Half Marathon, for TOM2020 the Ultra Marathon entries are no longer on a first come, first served basis. The Ultra Marathon entries will work in the same way as the Half Marathon entries worked for 2019.

There are two Ultra Marathon draws, and two Half Marathon draws.

Ultra Marathon draws:
1. The first Ultra Marathon draw is for runners who have 7 or more TOM Ultra Marathon medals.
2. The second draw is for everyone else.

Half Marathon draws:

1. The first Half Marathon draw is for runners who belong to running clubs. This is called the ASA club draw.
2. The second draw is for the rest of the runners who do not belong to a running club. This second draw is called the general draw. If you were not drawn in Half Marathon draw 1 as a club member, your name will automatically go into draw 2.

You will see the link to apply on our website as well as on our official TOM social media platforms.
Once you submit your ballot application, or apply to go into the draw (same thing), a computer selects which names are randomly drawn. In other words, it’s like the lottery but instead of drawing lucky numbers, the names of lucky runners will be drawn.

Draw dates
• 1st Ultra Marathon Draw: 26 November 2019
• 2nd Ultra Marathon Draw: 9 December 2019
• 1st Half Marathon Draw (ASA club members): 26 November 2019
• 2nd Half Marathon Draw (general): 9 December 2019

How much does it cost to make my ballot application?

You don’t pay anything when you apply. You only pay if your name is successfully drawn. You’ll get an email letting you know if your application has been successful, i.e. if your name has been drawn.

Why can’t I pay yet?

You will only be able to do so once your name has been drawn. This is an application to go into the draw; you’ll only ‘have’ an entry once your name has been drawn. Go here for all your payment options.

Have more questions?

You should be able to find your question and answer here.

Contact Race Office on 087 740 526 or 087 742 0210. Or, email

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