#TTOM2023 Rest of Africa and International Entries are still open

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Timing of the 2022 Totalsports  Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon:

Timing chip and times

How to download the SportSplits App

Download the SportSplits Tracker Mobile App at https://rtrt.me/app/2659 and select the 2022 Two Oceans Marathon event.

Participants, family, and friends can all use Live Results to share in the excitement as you watch your favourite runner Conquer the Current.

On race day you’ll get the status of participants in real-time using the Live Tracker & Leaderboard.

Details such as time, pace, position on the map, and estimated finish will be instantly available! If you’re a runner, sign up now to have your race progress posted automatically to your Twitter feeds!

For more info on the app, go here: https://www.twooceansmarathon.org.za/track-your-favourite-runner-on-race-day-with-the-sportsplits-app/

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