Payment Options

Payment Options

Please read the following information with regards to your payment options and our payment partner, Webtickets, when entering the Two Oceans Marathon.

You have always only allowed credit card payments, but I don’t have a credit card? Can I pay via EFT?

Unfortunately, no EFTs are accepted. But the great news is that Webtickets is TOM’s official payment partner. This means that, instead of paying within the entry system, you will be redirected to Webtickets, where you can select your preferred payment type. This means you can pay using credit cards, Masterpass / Zapper, Visa checkout,  or Pick n Pay store using cash, a debit card, Smart Shopper points or a PnP gift card.

Note that if you are paying via your in-store payment option using Pick n Pay, you must create your booking reference 24 hours before the final payment deadlines applicable to you.

Tell me more about the payment process for Pick n Pay?

There is a 5-step easy payment process for Pick n Pay. Go here.

Tell me more about the payment process for Masterpass?
    1. You must download the Zapper or Masterpass app to use this payment type (links below)
    2. Click on the Masterpass payment option.
    3. A QR code will be generated.
    4. Scan the QR code with your Zapper / Masterpass app and complete the payment by entering your app pin.
    5. You will only be given 30 minutes from the time your QR code is generated to complete your payment.
    6. You can re-generate a code and pay using this method any time before payment deadline.
Can I download an entry form, and make an EFT payment or bank deposit?

Due to an increase in fraud, we will no longer facilitate postal entries with EFT payments / bank deposits. Therefore, download entry forms will not be available. However, thanks to our new payment partner Webtickets, you don’t need a credit card to complete your entry, simply select to pay in-store at any Pick n Pay store with cash or your debit card.

Why did you partner with Webtickets?

Having Webtickets on board extends our payment options and makes the entry system more accessible to a wider demographic of users.

The move in 2017, to an external and more robust payment platform, also gives us access to the latest electronic transaction technologies, and ensures that our runners have more convenient payment options available to them.

Entrants are required to have a Webtickets profile in order to facilitate payment, and all prospective participants must either update their existing OR create a new Webtickets profile from 1 November.

I have a Webtickets profile. Must I create a new one for the entry system

There is no need to create a new profile if you already have one. We do suggest, however, that your email address and cellphone number on Webtickets match the contact details on your OMTOM profile.

I don’t have a Webtickets profile? What must I do now?

Creating a Webtickets profile is so easy! Simply visit, click the “Register” button and follow the instructions.

We suggest that you use the same email address and cellphone number on Webtickets as what is already registered on your OMTOM profile.

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