TTOM 2025 Official Charities

#TTOM2025 Official Charity Partners: Kindly note, charities selected to partner with the Two Oceans Marathon for #TTOM2025 have not yet been chosen.

Once entries for #TTOM2025 open, community-based organisations and charities will be invited to apply to partner with the Two Oceans Marathon.

Current Charities:
9Miles Project

9Miles Project works with disadvantaged and at-risk youth from marginalized communities in Cape Town (particularly the informal settlements in Strandfontein) as well as Elands Bay on the West Coast, and Sea Vista in the Eastern Cape.

Our vision is to offer safe spaces and structured after-school and welfare programs that nurture and empower vulnerable youth and build healthier and more resilient families and communities.

Transformation is achieved through surf therapy, food aid (including a community food program that serves 700 meals per day), supplementary academic support, life skills, and leadership training, educational trips, community events, and day-to-day mentorship and holistic support.

Our slogan “going the distance” is not just something nice to say. We walk a long road with people and passionately believe that everyone is perfect for their purpose, that human potential is unlimited, that with the right support all youth can flourish.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500,00 which include the following: SOLD OUT
  • Guaranteed Race entry
  • Community tour (which includes 3 communities, Cape Malay koeksisters and a talk by a local community member)
  • Surf lesson at a pristine Blue-flag beach

The extras included in the package can be transferred to anyone and doesn’t have to be used by the runner personally.

Sher'Neil Savel

082 997 8754


ActivateHer is a female-focused sport for-development nonprofit committed to ensuring that girls from underserved communities can exercise their right to play. Through our multi-spot curriculum, we use our programs as fun and interactive ways to build confidence, explore health and well-being, and develop leadership skills.

Founded in 2018, we have shared over 1,440 hours of play with 524 girls growing up in the Cape Flats and counting!

Your support ensures a guaranteed race entry, alongside the sponsorship of one ActivateHer girls’ sports programming for the 2024 school year. Celebrate girl power with us and help share the power to play.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 300.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 700.00 – SOLD OUT



Adele Bruggeman

076 144 5929

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Anna Foundation

The Anna Foundation is an NGO that aims to assist disadvantaged schools and communities by providing ongoing academic, social and environmental support and to equip children with skills for lifelong learning.

Our 3R’s programme – Reading, Running and Right-ing – is an after-school programme which operates on both farms and low-income rural schools in the Western Cape to achieve this goal.

These programmes are facilitated by local women who have been trained and employed to facilitate the projects.



  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R890.00

          SOLD OUT



Danielle Basson

(021) 885-1922

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Ari's Cancer Foundation

Our runners will be raising funds specifically for young cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital’s Oncology department.

We assist with needs ranging from transportation, to purchasing pain meds that fall outside of the hospital budgets.

We also provide assistance with palliative care needs and lately, we have also been granting ill patients their ‘dream wishes’.

We are also running under the name ‘Ari’s Angels’ and will be using the run as part of our awareness drives.




Alan Jansen

071 192 1868

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Badisa Tygerberg

Badisa Tygerberg is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Parow and delivers a comprehensive child protection service to the communities of Parow, Parow Valley, Connaught, Ravensmead, Uitsig Eureka, and Cravenby. Not only does the organisation render direct services to children at risk and their families, but also aims to uplift communities through community-based programmes to ensure that children grow up in communities that are safe so that they can reach their full potential and become responsible adults.


For Badisa Tygerberg the term full potential is directly linked to  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which indicates that a child cannot reach self-actualization if his physical needs, safety needs, need for love and belonging, and the need for self-worth and respect are not met.  Our participation as a charity during the Two Oceans Marathon creates a perfect platform to create awareness on a larger scale towards child abuse and neglect in society which is an epidemic in South Africa.


Badisa Tygerberg is only partially subsidized by the Government, therefore the organisation relies on the generosity and support of donors, which enables the office to attend to the specific and general needs of communities and the establishment of sustainable development programmes. The vision of Badisa Tygerberg is “Action today, excellence tomorrow”. This can only be realized with the help of donors, who can visualize the needs of others, and who are willing to lend a helping hand.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 420.00, which will include a donation of R1000 towards the organization.  The runners will also be provided with a Goodie bag. – SOLD OUT


Charmaine Germishuys

083 409 5565

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Beautiful Solution Community Upliftment (Clean C)

Cape Town Beach Cleanup. Our passion is looking after our beautiful city and the surrounding environment.  Pristine, clean beaches are what gets us up in the morning. Educating our youth and communities about looking after the environment is what dives us.

There is no Planet B. We need clean beaches. Clean rivers and waterways.  Plastic-Free Oceans.

Join us as we help make this happen.


Half Marathon and Ultra Charity Vouchers 

Once off R2 000.00 purchase or R1 000.00 and a commitment to assist us with some online crowdfunding throughout 2024 (both options include a Cape Town Beach Cleanup T Shirt)

Gregory Player

082 873 1962

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Breadline Africa

Since our inception in 1993, Breadline Africa has been providing infrastructure and initiatives to support childhood development in South Africa. To date, we have provided more than 1,000 converted shipping containers and prefabricated facilities to resource-poor communities across the country and our impact extends to more than 250,000 children.

At Breadline Africa, we believe that every child has the capacity to do something amazing with his or her life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future.





Johan Nel

083 470 6226

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CANSA - Cancer Association of South Africa

A leader in the fight against cancer in SA, since 1931, the vision of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to lead South Africa toward a cancer-free society.

Its mission as a non-profit fighting cancer is to enable research, educate the public, and advocate for and support all people affected by cancer.



The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has charity entries available for runners and potential fundraisers.

  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R800.00 – SOLD OUT
  • CANSA Ultra-Marathon entries are SOLD OUT.

All charity entries will include a CANSA goodie bag and runners are encouraged to sign up as fundraisers via the Two Oceans Marathon 2024 givengain link to raise additional funds for CANSA.

Fundraisers who raise R 5000 + will receive a CANSA Active Running Vest


Contact Leillani Geduld , National Corporate Relations & Sporting Events Manager for more information.


Leillani Geduld

082 304 1272

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Established in 1872, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is the founding society of the SPCA movement in South Africa and the oldest animal welfare organization in the country. A registered non-profit organization (NPO 003-244) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930004317), the society relies on the support of concerned individuals and corporations to continue operating.

Over the past 151 years, we have diligently carried out our mission to prevent cruelty to animals. This is done through Education, Law Enforcement, and veterinary services via our Animal Hospital, four Mobile Clinics serving impoverished communities, an Animal Care Centre, Horse Care, a Farmyard, and a Wildlife department.

Our Mission: To prevent cruelty and promote the welfare of all animals.

Our Vision: To end animal cruelty in South Africa and to engender compassion for all animals.



 ALL OUR ENTRIES ARE SOLD we are now appealing to runners who have THEIR OWN entries to join Team SPCA anyway, please contact Natasha on



Natasha Johannes

(021) 700-4140

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Centre for Early Childhood Development

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) supports marginalized communities all around South Africa, with services and programmes that focus on increasing access to good quality early learning services that ready young children under the age of six for formal education.

Our wide range of Early Childhood Development (ECD) focused services and programmes increase the effectiveness and efficiency of early development provision, increase knowledge and awareness on the importance of ECD, and build the capacity the caregivers so that they can provide young children with the care and support they need to flourish.


Zahra Manji

(021) 683-2420

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Child Welfare SA Helderberg

Child Welfare SA Helderberg strives to provide protective child services to the vulnerable children of the Helderberg area.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 230.00 – SOLD OUT

Tanya Mitrovic

(021) 852-3126

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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

Cancer takes an enormous toll on everyone it touches. But it is possible to survive its ravages and end up stronger, wiser and more compassionate for having endured the journey. At CHOC we aim to provide the best possible support for children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.

Beginning as a parent support group in 1979, CHOC then developed into a nationwide organization. Our holistic approach includes emotional support in the hospital wards, from diagnosis onwards and practical support ranging from accommodation, transport, Care bags and basic nutritional support.

Without our support, many children – particularly from low-income families living far from treatment centres – would not be able to access, or adhere to, the necessary but arduous treatment cycle, which can last over three years.

Hedley Lewis, CHOC CEO: “For children and families facing cancer, the COVID 19 pandemic has made the challenges of their diagnosis all the more daunting. CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa wants to help these families, so that they do not face this fight alone.”



The Cows were started in 2008 by a group of eight enthusiastic cyclists keen to make a difference by raising funds for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation. The founder members joined Kerrin and Grant Bain in cycling the 947 Cycle Challenge in memory of their 20-month-old daughter, Jessica, who had recently died from cancer. As CHOC had played a significant role in the Bain family’s life, the decision was to make CHOC the sole beneficiary of their quest.

They decided to don cow suits (because that was the only animal suit they could hire 8 of!) and they succeeded in raising R230K. In 2009, the herd gained momentum and grew to an incredible 140 energetic cows. Just two years later, the Herd grew to a staggering 350 cows all riding for a purpose. Thirteen years later, thousands of people have participated in events wearing cow suits.

To date the Cows have raised over R50 million for specific projects implemented by CHOC and the Cows brand is prominent in many sporting events in South Africa. With these funds, CHOC is able to make a difference to the children being treated for cancer throughout South Africa.


21km- Pay R500 for the entry and commit to raise R6000 in order to receive your Cow Kit and other amoozing goodies. – SOLD OUT

Pay R1500 and receive a Cow running shirt as a Thank MOO immediately, commit to raise as much moola for our        cause as you can.

56km- Pay R1000 for the entry and commit to raise R6000 in order to receive your Cow Kit and other amoozing goodies.

Pay R2000 and receive a Cow running shirt as a Thank MOO immediately, commit to raise as much moola for our cause as you can.

Jayde Fouche


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Christel House

Christel House South Africa provides (no-fee) quality, CAPS-aligned education to students from Cape Town’s poorest neighbourhoods. Through character-based and career-focused education, Christel House supports learners for 19 years (Grade RR to Grade 12 and five years post-matric). Our children come from Cape Town’s poorest communities, including Langa, Phumlani, Manenberg and Strandfontein, each living on less than R1,500 monthly.

Christel House enables learning by including poverty mitigation support through free daily transport to school and back, professional health care, nutritious meals (including breakfast, lunch, and snacks), psychosocial support, counselling, family assistance, and college and career support. Christel House is a trauma-informed school, meaning that through practice and approach, curriculum delivery and social services support are grounded in understanding trauma and its consequences to promote healing and resilience.

The model includes rigorous and holistic academics, focusing on entrenching higher order thinking and integrating ICT into the curriculum to create fully-realised and well-rounded individuals ready for the future World of Work. Our enriched offering includes exposure to music, sports, coding, robotics, and a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

Throughout their schooling, learners are supported through various projects and programmes, including career guidance and exposure, vocational preparation and character development. Post-matric alumni are supported for five years through tertiary education, job placements, graduate mentoring, career workshops and financial support.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 000.00 – SOLD OUT


Keri Francis

(021) 704-9400

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Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a global humanitarian organization operating in more than 70 countries. MSF provides lifesaving medical care to people caught in conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics or collapsed health systems. At the core of Doctors Without Borders (MSF)’s identity is a commitment to independence, neutrality, and impartiality. These ideals have driven every aspect of our work – from medical care and logistics to finance and communications – since MSF was established in 1971. Our commitment to these principles and their impact was recognized in 1999 when MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

MSF provides lifesaving urgent medical care, irrespective of gender, race, religion, creed or political convictions. Since 2000 MSF has been working in South Africa, primarily in response to the HIV & DR-TB care. MSF has opened a new project Eastern Cape which focuses on non-communicable diseases. This project provides access to free quality health care, and has also expanded pick up points for medication, training more healthcare workers, and conducting health promotion activities.

82% of funds raised by MSF Southern Africa are through individual monthly donations. From the support and generosity of individuals around the world including South Africa to MSF is able to deliver independent, impartial and neutral medical care where it is needed most. All funds raised from the Two Oceans Marathon will go directly towards MSF project.



R1000 is for donation, and R1050 covers the Ticket cost and running pack.

Includes a running pack with.

  • MSF running vest.
  • A gym towel
  • Water bottle
  • Drawstring bag



R1000 is for donation, and R1420 covers the ticket cost and running pack.

Includes a running pack with;

  • MSF running vest
  • A gym towel
  • Water bottle
  • Drawstring bag

Victor Malatji



Edunova is a Non-Profit Company that has been working in the education sector in South Africa since 2004.

Our focus is on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in schools, primarily those in disadvantaged communities.  Edunova provides ICT integration solutions to our beneficiary schools and other learning organizations.

Thus, enabling them to successfully use ICT in their schools to enhance learner performance. We offer Teacher Professional Development programs as well as Learner support programs through various after-school learning support & activities for primary & high school learners.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 100.00 – SOLD OUT

Both include an Edunova branded running shirt.

Karen Butler

(021) 371 1927

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Footprints 4 Sam Trust

Footprints 4 Sam is a Charitable Trust working in pediatric healthcare.  Since October 2017 Footprints 4 Sam, a Charity formed in memory of Sam, a little boy who spent his entire life in an ICU without ever coming home, supports underprivileged children with a life-limiting or chronic illness, their families and the health professionals that serve them through 6 key initiatives.  

Our initiatives impact hundreds of young lives each year and more details on these initiatives can be seen on our website  All Footprints 4 Sam initiatives inspire hope, dignity, and kindness remembering that first and foremost we are all human beings as we ride the rollercoaster of healthcare and the many challenges this road brings.  Footprints 4 Sam is about changing lives one footprint and one kilometer at a time.  – By wearing our shirts and running for our Charity – you too can change lives as you #Sweat4Sam!  Prepare to be inspired!


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 550.00 – SOLD OUT

Race fee includes a Footprints 4 Sam running shirt (Amazing Technical Fabric & Design).

Melissa Platt

082 585 9595

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Girls With Wiings

Girls with Wiings is an organization that sows hope and restores the dignity of homeless and underprivileged women. We are currently achieving this by providing them with sanitary products monthly and creating employment opportunities for women in need.

We are currently supporting 400 women each month in 11 different locations in Cape Town. We have been operating since May 2016. To date, we have distributed over 30,000 sanitary pads to women and girls in need.

Our aim for 2024 is to raise funds that will go towards the purchase of reusable toiletry bags for homeless and underprivileged women.  Each bag consists of a reusable bag, sanitary pads, a facecloth, underwear, and soap.  Additionally, we are raising funds that will go towards our entrepreneurship project where we are creating employment opportunities for homeless women through the labeling and packaging of our own range of sanitary pads. The profit from each box of pads sold goes toward the women we employ.

Contact Koinonia at:


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1,200.00 (inclusive of the entry and a complimentary GWW running t-shirt)
  • Fundraising a minimum of R1,000 for Girls With Wiings by race day.

Koinonia Baloyi

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation is a non-profit organization that screens children in underprivileged communities for mental health problems (ADHD, depression, and anxiety). Due to the lack of awareness of mental health problems in these communities and due to the lack of resources in our education system, many children fall through the education system into a life of gangs, crime, and substance abuse.

They are often labeled as naughty, stupid, and lazy, and as a result suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation screen and identify children with mental health problems and ensure that early intervention happens to assist these children. All children deserve a proper education and should not let mental health barriers stand in their way.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 800.00 – 

Nic de Beer

078 920 3919

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Groote Schuur Hospital Trust

We are the premier fundraising arm of Groote Schuur Hospital, working in collaboration with its Facility Board, Hospital Management and key stakeholders to identify the most pressing needs that do not fall within the allocated yearly operational budget of the Hospital and enable pioneering world-class healthcare for all.

At GSH Trust, we focus on creating lasting impact through cutting-edge, innovative healthcare for patients at our hospital.  The projects we support play a critical role in how we ensure that GSH maintains its status as a world-class, pioneering health facility.

At the beginning of 2023, with extensive consultation with GSH management, staff and stakeholders, three impact areas emerged as priorities for the GSH Trust’s involvement: 1) Women’s Health, 2) Adolescent Health, and 3) Medical and Surgical Interventions.

Visit our website ( to learn about the incredible work being done in these impact areas.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R2 000.00 – SOLD OUT

Option 1: Fundraise for GSH Trust

How this works:

You receive the entry of your choice when you agree to fundraise (at least) R5000 for the GSH Trust.

You will be required to pay a R500 deposit which will go towards your fundraising campaign.


Option 2Purchase your race entry from GSH Trust

How this works:

You purchase the race entry from the GSH Trust, which will be considered your donation.

You can still fundraise for the Trust, but it is not required with this option. 

For both options you will be offered a FREE running t-shirt & a choice to attend a hospital tour to see where your proceeds will be making a difference. 

Each fundraiser will also receive a fundraising toolkit which will be used to assist you in your fundraising journey from start to finish. 

Maymoonah Abrahams

084 325 4893


Hear Us is a non-profit organisation based in the Western Cape, established in 2001 by parents of deaf children who received cochlear implants.

Hear Us is committed to financially supporting disadvantaged individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss to afford a Cochlear Implant and maintain them lifelong in order to realise their full potential in the hearing world. Consequences of a lack of funding is that many excellent candidates for cochlear implants ultimately give up on the promise of a better life with hearing. Cochlear implantation is the most effective treatment for severe-to-profound hearing loss; and although it is expensive, it is highly cost-effective in the long-run when considering the financial costs of health-care, education support, lost productivity (unemployment), and societal costs of unaddressed hearing loss. For most people to afford a cochlear implant, they rely on medical aid, private fundraising, or charitable donations. Many people struggle to raise the necessary funds and this may lead to a delay in implantation, which in children, can mean they miss the critical period of language learning, with life-long negative consequences, and in adults, can result in losing their jobs due to their deafness, together with significant negative psychological consequences. The life of each person we help is changed forever by obtaining access to the wonderful world of sound. Hearing is one of the senses that connects us to our families and friends, and to the universe around us.

By wearing our shirts and running for HearUs for the TOM, you will be supporting our organisation and helping us to raise awareness and change the lives of those with severe-to profound hearing loss.






  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 600.00 – SOLD OUT

Includes a HearUS branded running shirt.

All charity entries will be competing for top 3 prizes in the most amount fund raised within the group.

If you already have an entry (Half or full marathon) and would like to be a part of our fundraiser and run in our shirts, you are welcome to purchase our fundraising goodie bag – (HearUS shirt and other amazing goodies) for R1000.00. You will be able to also compete for one of the winning prizes in raising the most funds over and above R1000.00 towards hearUS.

Lastly if you are not going be running at all in the event but will be supporting us on the day as a spectator you are welcome to purchase our HearUS shirt for R500.00. Furthermore you are welcome to raise over above the amount but unfortunately will not be able to win any prizes. We will however still be able to provide an 18a tax certificate.

Sherene Labuschagne

(021) 938-6667

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Help2read is a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of literacy. With a mission deeply rooted in the belief that every child deserves access to quality education, help2read has been making a significant impact in Western Cape and Gauteng communities.

What sets help2read apart is the innovative approach. We provide critical literacy support and create employment opportunities for unemployed youth. These dedicated young individuals are trained and employed as Literacy Tutors, playing a vital role in providing literacy support to young learners. Through various engaging activities, these tutors inspire a love for reading and learning in children while developing skills necessary for their next career step.

Additionally, help2read extends its impact to parents by conducting interactive literacy workshops. These workshops empower parents to actively participate in their children’s education, creating a supportive learning environment at home.

Help2Read has introduced Lwazi, a reading doll, inspired by its logo. A symbol of love for reading. Lwazi is a companion and reading partner for young learners, enhancing their reading skills, confidence, and love for learning. This year, help2read is using the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon to raise funds to provide more children with these reading buddies.   A percentage of the funds raised from the ticket sales will go towards purchasing Lwazi and distributing the doll to 10 schools where help2read operates.

By supporting help2read, you are contributing to a child’s literacy journey.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 450.00 – SOLD OUT

Lerato Monedi

061 655 3677

Home From Home Trust

Home from Home (HfH), a non-profit organization, has provided cluster foster care to orphaned, abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the Western Cape province of South Africa since 2005.

We have expanded over the years and now run 36 foster homes across 16 communities. This translates into nearly 200 children receiving specialized support and supervision.

 Our model of care is based on providing the foundation of a loving family home for these children. Feeling that they belong to a real family, albeit non-biological, is at the heart of the effectiveness of the Home from Home model.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R420.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R790.00 – SOLD OUT

Each runner to please raise a minimum of R1 500.00 from friends and family between now and the race date.

The amount also includes a goodie bag and an official Home from Home running shirt.


Laverne Mehl

(021) 761 7251

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I Love Boobies

ILoveBoobies Breast Cancer Charity provides free breast cancer screenings to underserved communities in South Africa. Sport is used as a platform to advocate that a healthy and active lifestyle will greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

Do Good, Look Good, and Feel Good in our socially conscious apparel.

#earlydetectionsaveslives #5pairs1screening



  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500.00 – includes the entry, a donation towards the breast cancer screening programme, an active tee and socks.  – SOLD OUT


  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 870.00 – includes the entry, a donation towards the breast cancer screening programme, an active tee and socks.  – SOLD OUT


Nicky Webb

(021) 913-9131

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Ikamva Youth

IkamvaYouth is a non-profit organisation on a mission to help young people pull themselves and each other up out of poverty and into employment through education. Over the last 20 years our IkamvaYouth After-School Academic Support Programme has impacted the lives of 23,637 learners.

Since 2011 our matric learners have achieved an 86% pass rate with 74% of those learners being eligible for tertiary education. The IkamvaYouth matric learners have achieved a phenomenal 1,476 distinctions in this period.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 400.00 – SOLD OUT


Nikki Jukes

(021) 820-7444

Innovation For The Blind

We have been catering to the needs of persons with visual and other impairments since 1881. Our main aim is to empower them towards improved quality of life and dignity.

Our unique services include residential, care, supported living services, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to more than 350 adults and elderly persons with visual and other impairments.

We are privileged to be the only organization in South Africa that offers this range of services to a very vulnerable group of citizens. We will always aim to live out our vision: To measurably improve the quality of life for the visually impaired.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 200.00 – SOLD OUT

I’ll be handling all resources from Two Ocean Marathon from our department from now on.

Please make use of me if there is question/s that you would like to know or need from me.

Ciske Kroukamp

(023) 347-2745

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Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund

“Jumping Kids is a Section 21 Trust, now classified as a Non-Profit Company by the South African Labour Act, registration number 2009/018078/08.

Jumping Kids’ mandate is to provide children with limb-related disabilities like amputation the tools to be highly mobile, successful contributing members of society. The tools focused on are:

  • Access to; and maintenance of high-quality assistive devices like prosthetic equipment and wheelchairs.
  • Access to mainstream education.
  • Access to sporting opportunities.

We’re grateful for the TOM opportunity to sell our TOM allocations and work with those who purchase them to increase awareness about our mandate and highlight that access to the equipment and support structures create opportunities for the users and the chance for them to think big and chase their dreams.”


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 000.00 – SOLD OUT



Michael Stevens

083 788 9073 (012) 844 0406

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Khululeka Grief Support

Khululeka Grief Support specialises in grief and bereavement support for children and adolescents in resource-poor communities. In addition to the high levels of violence faced by South Africans, young people have an additional burden with the impact of COVID-19. Dealing with the death of a parent, sibling or any other family member can be particularly challenging in environments where therapeutic care is not readily available.

Khululeka’s highly skilled and compassionate staff specialise in having difficult conversations and providing support for these children and adolescents.  Our trainers are focused on building the capacity of social workers and child and youth care workers in the government and non-profit sectors who are providing therapeutic support in these communities.

Your support will enable us to continue and expand the reach of these services.


  • Half Marathon Charity Vouchers – R1 500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Vouchers – R2 000.00 – SOLD OUT

Rowen Gloyne

079 891 4819

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Kids Haven

Kids Haven protects and cares for vulnerable children in crisis in the Kids Haven Children’s Home while supporting parents and communities to protect and care for their own children.

The YOUTH HUB offers skills and services to vulnerable youth. Kids Haven is situated in Benoni and works in communities in central Ekurhuleni.


  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 850.00 – SOLD OUT


  • Half Marathon Charity Vouchers – R1 600.00 – SOLD OUT


Susan Daly

083 442 7717

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LifeMatters Foundation

The LifeMatters Foundation is passionate about making a difference for disadvantaged and at-risk primary school learners.

We believe quality interventions should be holistic in nature, so we focus on the child’s academic and psycho-social development. Our Academic Portfolio provides literacy and numeracy intervention to under-performing Grade 2 and 3 learners, to enable them to keep up with the academic curriculum.

Our LifeSkills Portfolio provides counseling, Teenage awareness programs, and workshops to equip learners to thrive in the face of the challenges of their context and adolescence and become active citizens.

We are a registered NPO working in 6 beneficiary schools in the wider Cape Flats area.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R420.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Each runner to raise a further R 2 000.00

Joy Badham-Thornhill

(021) 712-0383

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Love Your Nuts Foundation

The goal of Love Your Nuts is to raise awareness of (testicular) cancer by educating communities about the rarely spoken about cancer that often remains undetected in young adults due to our diverse society in South Africa, where cultural taboos, stigmas and a lack of knowledge about the subject is widespread.

The aim is to change young people’s behavior through education and awareness then it becomes a habit for them to look after their health starting at school level already. Funds raised will be used to develop a gaming app to teach children about the importance of detecting ALL cancer (not only testicular) early.

When we fail to educate and provide knowledge to the next generation, they have fewer opportunities of living a healthy lifestyle to become the future in their community and their country at large, where they are the future change agents to cultural taboos and stigma.






  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 200.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 600.00 – SOLD OUT

Includes a guaranteed entry, our fantesticle running vest and speedo (ladies a second vest instead of speedo except if you want it for your partner).

The runner who raises most funds (minimum R 3000) via GivenGain will get the entry fee refunded.

We issue S18a tax certificates for donations.

Torsten Koehler

076 499 3030

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Mosaic Community Developments

We request entrants to raise an additional R4000 using the GivenGain platform.

We will offer ongoing support, guidance, and fundraising tips to assist entrants in their fundraising efforts on our behalf.

The top fundraiser will receive a gift voucher to shop from our job creation initiative, Made by Mosaic, available at


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 000.00 – SOLD OUT


Carien Moller

084 811 2061

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National Institute for the Deaf

At the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), we communicate a little differently. We believe in connection and community and that together we can support the Deaf and persons with hearing loss to help them, together with their families, break down the communication barriers so that they can reach their full potential and live prosperous lives.

For the past 142 years (since 1881), the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), situated in the Western Cape, is the foremost organization in South Africa providing training, care, and support services to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss.


  • Activists will be expected to raise R1 500.00 or more for the National Institute for the Deaf, along with an entry fee of R420.00 – entry only. 
  • Or R520.00 – includes entry, NID t-shirt and small goodie bag.  – SOLD OUT




Hannerie Swart

(023) 110-0145

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PinkDrive NPC

PinkDrive NPC, a health sector NGO, was founded in 2009 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that “Early detection will help prolong a life.” PinkDrive’s cardinal purpose is to contribute meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate, and testicular cancer. It’s primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach.

It recognizes that treatable cancers receiving even the basic levels of care could translate into varying lengths of extended life for the afflicted when detected and treated early. Its posture is ostensibly a promoter of health awareness in general, and specifically health education and heightening awareness of gender-related cancers in South Africa.

Our Flagship Programmes

PinkDrive has four principal interventions through its flagship programmes, PinkDrive channeled through mobile point-of-contact service delivery by skilled certificated medical/nursing practitioners, namely:

  1. Clinical Breast Exams: A mass screening service provided to woman and men of all ages. This service includes one-on-one cancer education focusing on self-examinations as well as a breast examination.
  2. Mammograms: A select screening service primarily provided for woman over the age of 40, unless they are referred for a mammogram by a doctor.
  3. Pap Smears: Cervical Cancer Screening.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 250.00 for shirt only and entry or R1 750.00 for entry with a goody bag including running vest.


Nelius du Preez

(011) 998-8022

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Rare Diseases South Africa


If you choose to #RunforRare in the Two Oceans Marathon you’ll be making strides for people living with Rare Diseases.

One in every 15 South Africans lives with a rare condition; yet these individuals are under-supported by our healthcare system, with many unable to get access to life-saving medications and support.

Rare Diseases South Africa works to change this.

So #RunforRare and make your strides count.



  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1,500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R2,200.00 – SOLD OUT

Kelly du Plessis

+27 (010) 594 3844

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Run4Schools Foundation Trust

INSPIRE YOUNG LIVES – Run4Schools organizes and finances in and after school sports, music, and dance programs for the underprivileged children in Mitchells Plain.  Run4Schools started in Mitchells Plain in 2004 and inspired many young lives.

Our South African professional sports coaches work at four primary schools.  Due to our programs, Run4Schools prevents children from hanging around in the streets or getting involved in criminal activities, alcohol, or drugs.

The children have so much fun playing with other children and gain self-confidence at the same time.

By organizing and participating in several runs, Run4Schools raises funds to support their activities and the children in Mitchells Plain. If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause by participating in the Two Oceans Marathon Run4Schools Running Team 2024, thank you very much!


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 450.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R2 150.00 – SOLD OUT

Daphne Nederstigt

079 235 8143

The Character Company

The Character Company is a long-term MENtorship program for young boys growing up with absent fathers or no positive male role models
in their lives.

Through focused Mentorships and activities, we raise boys to be good men.


  • Half Marathon Charity Vouchers – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Vouchers – R1 350.00 – SOLD OUT

Francois Joubert

(010) 590-3102

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The Little Lighthouse Foundation

Inspired by Lukas van der Walt who was diagnosed with the very rare disease, LMNA- Congenital Muscular Dystrophy — we aim to help and support other families living with physical disabilities in South Africa.

Living with a disability can be challenging, especially in South Africa. One of the biggest challenges is that we do not have proper strollers or seating chairs to support kids with disabilities in South Africa.

Our mission is to assist kids in need with funds or support families with mobility equipment.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 250.00 – SOLD OUT

(Included: Race Entry, Running Shirt and Socks)

Tjaart van der Walt

The Pebbles Project Trust

The Pebbles Project enables children from farming communities in the Western Cape to access quality education programs and health, nutrition, and social work services.

Since our inception in 2004, we have positively impacted the lives of thousands of children by partnering with local farms to establish and manage Early Childhood Development and After-School Clubs for farm workers and children who either live on the farm or their parents are employed by the farm.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500.00 which include your entry and a donation to Pebbles Project. – SOLD OUT

Rachel Ward da Costa

(021) 865-1003

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Woodside Special Care Centre

Woodside Special Care Centre is a residential home and respite care facility caring for 80+ profoundly intellectually and physically disabled children and young adults. It is situated in Rondebosch East, Cape Town.

Since its inception in 1976, Woodside has worked diligently towards building a home of safety and security for its residents, all requiring specialized care and cannot remain within their family units.


  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 600.00 and participants will be provided with a branded running vest and goodie bag and have the option of raising extra funds for Woodside.

Melanie Brand

(021) 696-2811

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Wylie House Child and Youth Care Centre

Wylie House Child and Youth Care Centre is a registered NPO in KwaZulu Natal providing therapeutic residential care to 40 “at risk and vulnerable” young female children between the ages of 3 to 18 years.

All children are admitted to Wylie House with a Court Order from the Children’s Court.  These children have experienced some form of emotional and physical trauma and require management, care, protection and treatment.

A multi-disciplinary team at Wylie House offers these services.  All efforts are made to empower these children with life skills to protect themselves and eventually be re-united with their families and communities.



  • Half Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 500.00 – SOLD OUT
  • Ultra Marathon Charity Voucher – R1 800.00 – SOLD OUT

Nazli Finch

(031) 202-9410

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