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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


The Two Oceans Marathon NPC (TOM) events are classified as the Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon, Trail Runs, Fun Runs, and the International Friendship Run that take place annually, although all events may not take place in each given year. The ability of the Two Oceans Marathon to host each or any of these events in any given year depends on the prevailing circumstances in the year concerned.

Entrants, also referred to as athletes or participants in these rules, undertake to abide by the following rules and agree to the following conditions:

Rules for entries for all events

  1. The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and the Two Oceans Half Marathon are held under the auspices, rules and regulations of World Athletics (WA), International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU), The South African Association of Mountain Endurance Sport (SAAMES), Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Western Province Athletics (WPA).
  2. The athletes agree to participate at their own risk and by their entry and participation fully indemnify the organisers of the Two Oceans Marathon events, the Two Oceans Marathon NPC, Athletics South Africa, Western Province Athletics, City of Cape Town, SANParks, all official sponsors and partners, volunteer groups, medical suppliers, and any and all local authorities, from any direct or indirect loss or damage, however caused, arising from their participation in the event or related to the event, including pre-race and post-race activities.
  3. The race organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry. It is the responsibility of each athlete to ensure that they are medically fit and healthy to participate in the event. The Two Oceans Marathon has the right to reject an entry on the advice of the race medical team. WA CR 6 states that the Medical Delegate has the highest authority at the race. The Race Medical Team also has the authority to take an athlete off the road and WA CR 6, even if the athlete refuses (as TOM is responsible for their well-being).
  4. The annual “Profile Update Period” is stipulated on the website. Athletes are able to make changes to their personal, emergency and medical details in this time.
  5. Medical flagging: Athletes who entered the TTOM Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon or Trail Runs, and who are flagged and required to upload medical documents to the TTOM online entry system, must do so by the Profile Update deadline. Athletes who fail to meet this deadline will forfeit their entry.
  6. The Two Oceans Marathon reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to remove any participant or entrant from the event or event route should (i) their conduct or attire in any way endanger or cause a hazard to other participants, spectators and / or attendees of the event; (ii) their conduct or attire poses a medical risk to themselves. No banners or flags carried with poles are allowed. Only official pace setters will be permitted to run with poles, which will adhere to strict safety guidelines.
  7. Entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  8. All athletes wishing to participate in the events are required to create a profile on the TOM website. The athlete is required to complete all compulsory fields and undertakes to do so honestly. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure this profile is updated with any relevant changes within the Profile Update period.
    Note a:The TOM office will create online profiles for those individuals who enter the Fun Run, whenever this event is held, via a paper entry form, using the information provided. It is therefore important that all information on these forms is correct.
    Note b: Athletes participating in the International Friendship Run, whenever this event is held, as additional guests of the main entrant do not require an online profile. However, these guests will be required to register on the main entrant’s profile and accept the event T&Cs.
  9. An entry is only confirmed once payment has been processed successfully. Payment deadline dates will differ depending on the event. Entry limits in each of the events are predetermined.
  10. The entry may not be sold to anyone else (except via the valid substitution process) and may not be transferred to future races. See Entry Changes and Substitutionsfor rules in this regard.
  11. Age Limits (ASA Rule 22 /WA TR3) (Note: Not all events are held each year)
    – The Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon is open to all eligible athletes who are 20 years and older on the day of the event.
    – The Totalsports Two Oceans Half Marathon is open to all eligible athletes who are 16 years and older on the day of the event.
  12. Should an athlete who is below the minimum age in some way still enter an event, in breach of the age rules, the athlete will be disqualified and will not be entitled to claim any prize money.
  13. Foreign athletes must comply with WA TR 4 and ASA Rule 9, accept the disclaimer/waiver as part of the entry process and, if required, should be able to produce a letter from their federation permitting their participation.
  14. Seeding updates for the Two Oceans Ultra Marathons, Half, and Trail Runs must be made by an athlete participating in any of these events by the athlete logging in to his/her Entry Profile on the online system. Athletes must update their seeding details with the name, date and distance of the race and the time they ran. Athletes must be able to produce proof of result(s) upon request from the organisers. These changes must be implemented within the Profile Update period. Failure to do so will result in the athlete’s update being declined. The seeding updates are free of charge.
  15. Two Oceans Ultra Marathon entrants who do not update their profiles within the Profile Update period with the required qualification race results (run between 1 July the previous year and the Profile Update deadline date), medical information and current year’s licence and club details, will forfeit their entry.
  16. All entrants residing in South Africa and entering the Ultra Marathon must be in possession of a valid Athletics South Africa (ASA) running licence. In order to obtain a valid current year’s licence, entrants must be registered with an athletics club affiliated to Athletics South Africa (ASA). Prospective Ultra Marathon participants may first enter and then obtain their running licence, which then needs to be captured on their profile before the deadline date (ASA: Rule 3)
  17. Running clubs will be requested to verify all Club memberships and related licence numbers during the Club Verification period after the Profile Update deadline. Entrants found to have submitted an incorrect number or found not to be a member of their stipulated Running Club, will forfeit their entry.
  18. SA entrants for the Half Marathon must possess a valid Athletics South Africa (ASA) licence to enter and run the race. This is obtained as an annual licence through an athletics club affiliated with ASA. Alternatively, athletes who do not belong to an athletics club will be required to purchase a temporary licence when entering the race, or before the Profile Update deadline date. No temporary licences will be sold at the Expo, and entrants who fail to purchase a temporary licence by the profile update deadline will forfeit their entry. This temporary licence is valid on the day of the race only (ASA: Chapter 3 Rule 25.6).
  19. Athletes who apply to enter the Half Marathon Club Ballot must be current and paid-up members of their Running Club. Running Clubs will verify all membership details after the entries closing deadline, and applicants found to not be club members will be flagged by the entry system as holders of invalid entries.
  20. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that any Therapeutic Use Exemption form has been properly lodged with the authorities before the race.
  21. Entry into the Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon and Trail Runs will be done online only, and no manual entry forms will be accepted. Runners unfamiliar with the entry process and ballot system in general should go to the FAQs on the event website: https://www.twooceansmarathon.org.za/event-info/faqs/
  22. The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon has an entry limit as determined by the governing authorities each year.
  23. The Two Oceans Half Marathon has an entry limit as determined by the governing authorities each year.
  24. All (local and international) entrants into the Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon must run a qualifying race between 1 July of the previous year, and the Profile Update deadline date as stipulated on the TOM website. Runners must complete an official race (held under the auspices of WA) of 42.2km or longer in the times specified below. Official Gun to Mat (gross) or Mat to Mat (net) time, as officially measured by the qualifying race, will be permitted. Qualifying times may be adjusted for different distances. See the website. Blue Number Club athletes will be required to enter within the allotted entry period and must meet also the qualifying standards. Blue Number Club athletes with 25 or more Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon finishes, will have their entry fee waived.
  25. Foreign nationals residing permanently in South Africa, and if licensed to a South African club, may enter as a local (i.e. South African) athlete.
  26. South African athletes residing abroad may enter as an African or international athlete; alternatively, as an SA entrant if they have a permanent local address and if licensed to a South African club.
  27. Any athlete found to be falsifying information to gain a competitive advantage (for example, lying about their age and/or seeding time) will be disqualified and may be banned from future participation.
  28. When Adaptive Athletes (as defined by ASA Rule 41) make use of a guide, pilot or pusher (duo-wheelchairs), both the adaptive athlete and assisting athlete will be treated as individuals for purposes of qualifying for the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon. TTOM  reserves the right to allow or refuse entry to adaptive athletes from year to year and event to event, depending on the logistics framework for each event.

Entry changes / substitutions / upgrades – applicable to all events

  1. All substitutions are to be done at face value only and through the Two Oceans Marathon Race Entry System. The process needs to be followed from a medical safety point so as not to invalidate captured data, used by Disaster Management Services on race day.
  2. Substitutions, Upgrades and Entry changes must be done within the Profile Update period. No late Substitutions, Upgrades or Entry changes will be entertained whatsoever.
  3. Substitutions will be permitted in the Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon and Trail Runs. Substitutions will only be allowed if all entries in the desired race are sold out.
  4. An administration fee applies to all permissible substitutions, upgrades and event changes. Other costs that could be applicable include any additional purchases by the new entrants, e.g. a temporary licence fee for the Half Marathon, or any necessary race-related costs.
  5. The following rules apply to new purchases and transferring race merchandise/purchases from a withdrawing entrant to the new entrant:
    – A Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon T-shirt will accompany the entry during the substitution process. The new entrant will be able to change his / her T-shirt size, provided that there is still stock available in that size after the Race.
    – A Totalsports Two Oceans Half Marathon T-shirt will accompany the entry during the substitution process. The new entrant will be able to change his / her T-shirt size, provided that there is still stock available in that size after the Race.
    – Additional purchases such as medal engraving and parking tickets do not move with the new entry. No refunds will be entertained.
    – Purchase of memorabilia will remain with the original entrant.
  6. If an athlete wishes to withdraw from a race and offer their entry for substitution, it is the withdrawing athlete’s responsibility to find a suitable substitute within the same race, and the athlete must follow the official substitution process.
  7. Given the limitation on participants in both the Ultra and Half , “swaps” between the events may only be done via the official online substitution process as follows: (i) The athlete must forfeit their original entry and withdraw from the race originally entered; then enter for the desired distance.
    (ii) The athlete should substitute his/her original entry to another runner before entering the other distance.
  8. Athletes who have entered the Half Marathon cannot upgrade to the Ultra Marathon unless they meet the qualification criteria for the Ultra Marathon.
  9. Should an athlete not abide by the official TTOM Race Entry substitution process and / or should an athlete sell their entry for more than face value, the buyer / replacement athlete will be disqualified, and both the new athlete and original entrant will face a race ban that affects their ability to enter future TOM races, as determined by the sole discretion of TOM.
  10. Athletes that have substituted out of a race cannot re-enter that specific event in the same year.
  11. All rules, terms and conditions that apply for the original race entry also apply to athletes that substitute.
  12. An athlete that has entered a race via a substitution cannot substitute that entry further.

Collection of athlete’s race pack: applicable to all events

  1. All athletes will be sent confirmation of their race number electronically, via SMS and email, to the contact details on the athlete’s entry. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that their contact details (mobile and email) are updated on their Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon profile in order to receive Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon correspondence and race information. Athletes are also encouraged to log into their profile in the week prior to the Expo to check their race numbers.
  2. The athlete is required to bring proof of identification together with their confirmation email / SMS (printed out or on a mobile telephone), in order to collect their race pack at the Expo.
  3. Athletes sending another to collect their race pack on their behalf must note the documentation required.
  4. In a year in which Fun Runs are held, Fun Run participants should collect their race numbers on the Wednesday and Thursday at the Expo venue or at the finish venue on event day, from 9am until 30 minutes before the applicable Fun Run event starts.
  5. The Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra and Half  Marathon entrants will receive an official T-shirt as part of their entry. Sizes will be allocated according to availability upon entry. The onus is on the entrant to ensure that the size selected is a size that will fit. A size chart is provided within the entry system in this regard.
  6. The exchanging of Ultra and Half Marathon T-shirts will only be facilitated in the event of there being available sizes after the event, up to three months post Race Day.
  7. No collection of Race Packs (race number and goodie bag) will be allowed after the Expo closes.
  8. Athletes are required to check all information on their race pack before leaving the registration desk at the Expo and report any errors to the Race Admin team so these may be corrected.

Rules for the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon Road Runs

  1. The Two Oceans Marathon events are run and organised in terms of the rules of WA, IAU, ASA and WPA.
  2. The Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon events use gun to mat timing in accordance with WA TR 19 and ASA Rule 34.21 for determining prizes, and mat to mat for mass participation.
  3. All Ultra and Half Marathon seeding batch start times are to be advised. The official start times may be modified by the race organisers if required. Any such changes will be published on the website and communicated to participants.
  4. Ultra Marathon athletes will be seeded (that is, assigned to starting batches based on their qualifying times submitted):
    Gun to Mat (gross), or Mat to Mat (net) qualifying times may be submitted, provided such times are included in the official results for the qualifying event.
    – Athletes with a Blue or Yellow number will be seeded according to their seeding times or batch C, whichever is better, but PLEASE NOTE: Based on the sizes of the default batches, the Race Organisers reserve the right to modify the seeding allocated to an athlete in order to balance the batches or increase the number of batch sizes as may be required in line with an approved event framework.
  5. Half Marathon athletes will be assigned to starting batches based on their seeding times submitted:
    – Gun to Mat (gross), or Mat to Mat (net) qualifying times may be submitted, provided such times are included in the official results for the qualifying event.
    – Athletes with a Blue or Yellow number will be seeded according to their seeding times or batch C, whichever is better, but PLEASE NOTE: Based on the sizes of the default batches, the Race Organisers reserve the right to modify the seeding allocated to an athlete in order to balance the batches or increase the number of batch sizes as may be required in line with an approved event framework.
    – Juniors and athletes 60 years and older will be seeded in batch “C” if they do not qualify for a faster batch.
    – Athletes without seeding times will be assigned to the last starting batch.
    – Based on the sizes of the default batches, the Race Organisers reserve the right to modify the seeding allocated to an athlete in order to balance the batches or increase batches as required under an approved event framework.
  6. If and when instructed by the Disaster Management team, the organisers reserve the right to adjust the seeding of an athlete, regardless of their qualifying / seeding times submitted. Athletes shall be notified of any such change. Please note that the TTOM tries wherever possible not to downgrade the seeding that has been given to an entrant. However, should there be reasonable reasons for adjusting an entrant’s seeding, this shall be entirely at TTOM’s discretion.
  7. Athletes are to start in their allocated seeding pen. Any athlete found to have started in a faster seeding pen could be disqualified and could be banned from entering the race for the following year. Athletes may start in a slower seeding batch and their start time will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. All athletes are required to complete the medical information on the back of their race number, especially the emergency contact details. The emergency contact person should preferably not be a fellow participant runner.
  9. Marshals, traffic, police and all race officials must be obeyed at all times. If athletes are instructed to stop by any medical, race, traffic or police officials, they shall do so immediately. Athletes who fail to obey instructions from the race officials will be subject to disciplinary action which can include disqualification and may be banned from participation in the Two Oceans Marathon in future.
  10. No animals are allowed to accompany an athlete during any event.
  11. In accordance with ASA rule 20, no banners or flags carried with poles are allowed. Only official pace setters are allowed to carry poles. These poles meet strict safety guidelines. Items that could cause injury, e.g. sticks, poles, weapons, banners, boards are prohibited from the TTOM.
    – Start: The above items will not be allowed at the start area and will be removed from the athlete.
    – Route: The athlete will be stopped by a race official and instructed to remove items prohibited. If the athlete refuses to remove such items, a yellow card will be issued. On subsequent infringements or obstructive behaviour by the athlete, a red card can be issued by a referee and the athlete will be disqualified.
    – Finish: These items are not allowed in the finish straight and the athlete will be stopped at the entrance gate until the item is discarded. Runners may not receive these items when approaching the finish line.
    – Small flags attached to headwear/caps are acceptable, provided that they do not cause an injury risk such as protruding sideways.
  12. Adaptive athletes as defined by ASA Rule 41 (athletes with disabilities that need assistance to participate, e.g., a blind athlete running with a pilot, or a wheelchair athlete with an accompanying wheelchair pusher) are required to select the appropriate classification during the online entry process. Wheelchairs will be accommodated in accordance with the ASA rules. The special need/disability must also be indicated within the athlete’s online profile. Two Oceans Marathon reserves the right not to allow adaptive athletes participation in any event(s) should it not be logistically possible to do so.
  13. No prams, strollers, roller blades, racing wheelchair or similar devices will be permitted on either distance.
  14. The no mobile seconding rule will be strictly enforced. No seconds may drive, cycle or run alongside any athlete on the route. The stand and hand rule, whereby an athlete’s seconds may stand at any refreshment station on the route and hand refreshments to their athlete while they remain stationary, will apply. No seconds may travel on the race route. Seconding may not be conducted directly from a vehicle, whether moving or stationary.
  15. Athletes are obliged to stop if instructed to do so by an official medical representative on the route.
  16. Official medical points along the route are listed on the website. Access to the medical tent at the finish will be monitored by appointed medical personnel.
  17. Any athlete who declines to comply with medical advice from an appointed medical doctor must sign a waiver. An athlete that refuses to sign such a waiver will not be allowed to participate in the race. Should the athlete do so, they will be disqualified.
  18. Athletes will be charged according to the government hospital tariff rate or their medical aid rate, should they be admitted to hospital as a patient and be liable to cover the ambulance transfer and heli vac airlifting in emergency situations.
  19. The cut-off time for the 56km Ultra Marathon is 7 hours. Athletes who have not reached the following marks in the times specified will not be allowed to continue:
  • 25km, Sun Valley: 8.40 AM TBC
  • 28km, Halfway, Noordhoek Main Road: 9AM TBC
  • 42,2km, Outside Four Season’s Guest farm, Hout Bay Main Road: 10.45AM TBC

20. The cut-off time for the Two Oceans Half Marathon is 3 hours 15 minutes (TBC). Athletes who have not reached the following mark at the time specified will not be allowed to continue:

– 18 km, Intersection of Rhodes Drive and Almond Avenue: To be advised.

  1. If the athlete does not reach the cut-off points within the required time, they will be required to retire from the race. Transport will be provided from the cut-off points to the finish.
  2. If the usual route or start times have to be changed, alternative cut-off times will be announced in accordance with the updated/alternative route being run or the amended start times.
  3. Athletes must cross the timing mat on the finish line to officially finish the race.
  4. All athletes are required to wear their Race bib which incorporates their timing chip. Athletes may not damage or remove their timing chip embedded in their race numbers, which must be worn on the front and back of an athlete’s upper garment. The race numbers must be therefore worn as issued and may not be cut, folded or worn in any way that obscures the lettering. (ASA Rule 26 (Chapter 3)).
  5. All South Africans should wear the official clothing of their athletics club;
    as indicated on their entry profile. Full club colours must be worn to be considered for team prizes.(ASA Rule 8). Team prizes will be calculated according to the club and Province indicated on the entry system. In addition, if an athlete’s club colours do not match their club on the entry system, they will not be eligible to claim team prize money.
  1. International athletes competing in local competitions must participate in the colours of the club they belong to in their domicile country. Alternatively, international athletes should participate in neutral colours. Any form of branding on such clothing must adhere to WA Rules.
  2. Age category indication will be included on the printed race numbers which must be clearly visible on the front and back of the running vest, if competitors are to be eligible for any age category prize apart from the open category. Additional (separate) age category tags may be worn but are not required, and the age indication on the race number takes (ASA Rule 5, 22 and 23).
  3. No athlete may run for a club other than a registered club in the Province in which they are domiciled unless they have been declared a National athlete by ASA. This DomiciliumRule will be strictly enforced. Non-South African citizens may not form part of a local club team for prize purposes, regardless of whether they are entered as local or international entrants (ASA rule 9).
  4. An athlete must have a valid Western Province Club licence in order to qualify for the Western Province Club prize categories.
  1. In addition to the open prizes an athlete is not eligible for a prize in more than one age group category i.e., an athlete is only eligible for a prize in the age category applicable to him/her or the younger category chosen by him/her. An athlete, male or female, who finishes the race in first to tenth position for their gender, may however, win his/her open position prize as well as any applicable age group category prize. Unless the athlete specifically requests in writing to the Two Oceans Marathon NPC organising committee to change their age category to a lower age group category prior to closing date, the athlete will be entered in the age group category of their chronological age both for individual and any team competition (ASA rule 22). Proof of age may be required before awarding any category prizes.
  2. Ultra Marathon Prize Winners may only come from the first start gun batch (i.e. seeded A, B or C), and not from the other batches.
  3. Half Marathon Prize Winners may only come from the first start gun batch (i.e. seeded A, B or C), and not from the other batches.
  4. Protests concerning the status of an athlete to participate in a competition must be made, prior to the commencement of such competition, to the Technical Delegate(s). Once the Technical Delegate(s) makes a decision, there shall be a right of appeal to the Jury of Appeal (time frame according to WA rules). If the matter cannot be settled satisfactorily prior to the competition, the athlete shall be allowed to compete “under protest” and the matter shall be referred to Athletics South Africa. (WA TR8.1 and ASA rule 5).
  5. All appeals must be lodged with the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon Information Centre who will then take it to the Jury of Appeal. Any Appeal must be done in writing as soon as possible but not later than 30 minutes after the announcement of the decision or results by the Chief Referee, or at prize-giving, and must be accompanied by a payment of the prescribed fee in accordance to the WA TR8 and ASA Rule 27.
  6. This fee will be refunded if the objection is upheld. Procedural details for lodging an appeal can be obtained from the Chief Referee at the finish line.
  7. Random drug testing, under the auspices of the Institute for Drug Free Sport and Athletics South Africa will be conducted. Competitors will be informed after they cross the finish line if they have been selected and will be required to acknowledge this by signing the relevant form. Officials will be on hand to escort them to the Drug Testing Control Centre.
  8. Prize money will be paid into the recipient’s bank account and will only be transferred once full doping results are received by the Two Oceans Marathon NPC. (Proof of South African Identity is required for South African and provincial prizes.) Prize money won by international athletes is subject to statutory taxes.
  9. In all events athletes must wear clothing which is clean and designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. The torso must always be covered.
  10. In the event that any prize category results are not announced or made available at the official prize-giving, such results will be posted on the event website. In keeping with ASA Rule 27 (WA TR8) individuals and clubs shall be given 7 days to raise any appeal in writing to the organisers, whereafter the published results shall be deemed final, notwithstanding any inaccuracies that may be identified at a later date.
  11. Any athlete accused of intentionally littering shall be subject to disciplinary action, which includes a warning, issuing of a fine, disqualification or banning from future events (ASA rule 28). Littering is defined as the act of disposing of waste items anywhere except in a container provided for that purpose. In the context of the race waste items include amongst other things; plastic water sachets, paper cups, bottles, wrappers and containers whether supplied by the organisers or brought to the race by the participants. Littering shall be deemed to be intentional when there is no litter receptacle in the immediate vicinity of where such items are disposed of.
  1. Participants identified by race officials as littering will be warned by showing a Yellow Card. A second yellow card may result in a red card (disqualification) during or after the event. In addition, video cameras on the route will be reviewed both during and after the event for evidence of participants intentionally littering and referred to WPA for disciplinary steps. In terms of municipal by-laws, spectators and supporters can also be charged with littering.

Advertising rules: Applicable to all events

  1. The athlete grants their permission, in terms of Section 51 of the Electronic Communications Transactions Act 25 of 2002, to TOM to use their name, race information and photographs, video tapes, broadcasts and telecasts in which they may appear free of charge. The Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon is compliant with The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) and is committed to storing, using and processing participant data in a manner compliant with the guidelines prescribed by POPIA.
  2. The athlete accepts that their personal information will remain confidential and hereby consent to same being shared with the parties involved in the organisation of the event for purposes of results, medical care and / or promotion of activities related to the event.
  3. No identification of sponsors of individual athletes may appear on advertising inside the competition area except as allowed in terms of WA Advertising regulations. Advertising tattoos or any advertising marks on any part of the body are not permitted.
  4. Personal sponsorship may appear on the front of the vest provided it does not exceed 40cm2 in size and is subject to the WA advertising regulations.
  5. No ambush marketing is allowed at any point whatsoever at the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon.
  6. The official branding guidelines, as set out by the Two Oceans Marathon NPC office, must be strictly adhered to.
  7. The display of legitimate national flags during an event shall be permitted provided they do not present a safety risk or interfere with any other athlete or the presentation of the event (refer also to Rule 4 & Misconduct Rule 8). Under no circumstances will any slogans, chants, banners, placards or such-like of a political, religious or offensive nature be tolerated. Participants who wear / carry such items at any point of the race will face disciplinary action.

Misconduct: Applicable to all events

  1. Athletes who participate in races they are not successfully registered for will be disqualified and may face a ban of up to two years.
  2. Reselling of entries above the original price (as part of the substitution process) is considered to be bad sportsmanship. Refer to Rule 9 in ‘Entry changes / substitutions / upgrades – applicable to all events’ for more information.
  3. Athletes who fail to obey the race officials will be subject to disciplinary action and may be banned from participation in the Two Oceans Marathon in future.
  4. In the event of a transgression of the rules, an athlete maybe warned of the transgression but such warning shall not be a prerequisite for any sanction or disqualification which may result.
  5. Any individual who allows another person to compete with their race number may be barred from participation in next year’s event.
  6. Any individual who competes with the race number of another person will be disqualified and may be barred from participation in the next year’s event.
  7. For safety reasons the use of personal music players with earphones or headphones is not allowed. Any person using such device in contravention of WA TR6.3 or ASA Rule 34.10 shall not be eligible for individual or team prizes and may be disqualified.
  8. The Two Oceans Marathon events take place in environmentally sensitive areas yearly. Athletes may not litter or damage the environment in which the events take place in any way. If convicted of intentional littering the athlete can be fined and disqualified. An athlete who refuses to acknowledge a charge of littering and refuses to pay a fine imposed may be barred from participation in the event in the following year. For safety reasons no participant is permitted to run with a hazardous implement or weapon including flags and banners on poles. Refer to ‘Rules for the Two Oceans Marathon Road Runs’, Rule 11. 
  1. Any entrant running with a pole will face disqualification and a ban from future the Two Oceans Marathon events. The official pace setters have permission to use pre-approved flags.

TOM Trail Runs – Rules and Regulations – To be read in conjunction with the General Entry Rules. These rules will be updated subject to confirmation of the Trail Runs taking place in 2023.

  1. The Two Oceans Trail Runs take place according to the rules of World Athletics and as described below.
  2. The Two Oceans Trail Runs take place on the dates indicated as per the Event Details on the Online Entry and Registration Portal.
  3. An entry into any trail run does not include an official Trail Run T-shirt.
  4. Athletes are not required to be a member of an athletics club to compete in the Two Oceans Trail Runs.
  5. The Long Trail is open to athletes aged 18 years and older.
  6. The Short Trail is open to athletes aged 18 years and older.
  7. Entries to these Trails are limited. These limits are determined by SANParks and any other applicable governing bodies.
  8. Only online entries are accepted, within the dates stipulated on the website. Entries close the moment the entry limits are reached.
  9. No on-the-day entries are available.
  10. Athletes running without entries are regarded as trespassing and action can be taken against them by TOM and/or SANParks.
  11. All athletes are required to wear their timing chip or tag, whichever is applicable correctly, as displayed on on the website.
  12. The race numbers must be visible at all times and worn on the front and back of the upper outer garment.
  13. Age category tags will be included on the race number. No other age category tags need be displayed.
  14. To reduce congestion on the course, participants will be started in batches based on the seeding times submitted with the entry. Aspirant prize winners must start in the A batch to ensure competition. No updates to seeding will be entertained after the Profile Update deadline. No changes will be made at registration and/or on the day of the race.
  15. There will be marshals on the route for your safety, but not necessarily at all intersections. The route will be clearly marked.
  16. There is a race sweeper for each race that will run behind the last athlete.
  17. There will be official medical personnel on the route and at the finish line to assist with any injury or health problem during the race.
  18. For the safety of athletes, convenience of the public and efficiency of medical/race personnel, there will be cut-off times at specific places on the route. These times will be made available on the website. Competitors who miss the cut-off will not be allowed to continue on the course, and will be routed directly to the finish or placed on a sweep vehicle for transport to the finish line.
  19. Trail Run athletes are required to carry basic compulsory kit as stated on the Two Oceans Marathon website.
  20. The use of hiking poles is permitted.
  21. Athletes who decide to withdraw at any stage of the race must inform the race organiser or marshal immediately.
  22. Although there will be two water refill points on the Long Trail Route and one water point on the Short Trail Route, athletes are required to carry 2 litres (24km) and 1 litre (12km).
  23. There will be toilets at the start/finish and at all other times, athletes should be sensitive to the environment, the public and other participants.
  24. Assistance from non-competitors (seconds) may only be provided at official aid stations.
  25. Participants may receive minor assistance from other competitors at any time.
  26. Direct physical assistance in order to intentionally improve the result of another competitor is specifically excluded, including but not limited to pushing, the use of ropes, poles and bungee cords for towing, and carrying the compulsory kit for another participant.
  27. Treatment by the event appointed medical staff may take place at any point on the course and shall not be deemed to be assistance except if fluids or medicines are administered intravenously. Such intravenous treatment shall make the recipient ineligible for position and performance prizes.
  28. An athlete shall retire from an event if ordered to do so by the official medical staff, identified by armbands, vests or similar distinctive apparel.
  29. Prizegiving will follow the race. Prizes will be awarded in accordance with the stipulations and guidelines on the website.
  30. Athletes are required to follow the route markers and stay on the marked route. Should an athlete make a wrong turn, the athlete is required to return to the correct route. Any alternative to this shall be deemed a short-cut and that athlete faces the possibility of disqualification.
  31. Time and position results will only count for those athletes having completed the correct course, subject to the discretion of the race director.
  32. Athletes not following the route, and where this misdirection was found not to be due to erroneous course marking, shall be disqualified.
  33. Any appeal by an athlete regarding another participant not following the correct route must be received by the race director within 10 minutes of the athlete finishing.
  34. For protests and appeals the ASA appeal process (Rule 27) will apply.
    – Any protest regarding the competition should be made verbally to the referee/organiser who must consider the merits of the matter.
    – An appeal must be made within 30 minutes of the announcement of the decision of the referee/organiser.
    – The appeal must be in writing setting out what is in dispute. The appeal must be accompanied by a deposit of R500.
    – A Jury of Appeal will be convened consisting of at least 3 experienced persons, one of whom will chair the process.
    – The jury will hear the matter, calling witnesses and evidence as required.
    – The jury will make a decision, which shall be final.
    – If the appeal has been successful the deposit shall be returned. If unsuccessful the deposit shall be forfeited to charity.
  35. Prize money will be transferred into the athlete’s bank account once full results, including doping results if required, are received.
  36. SANParks is indemnified from litigation as all runners use the Mountain at their own risk. We need to get the revised text from Saskia for this diclaimer / waiver of rights to pursue liability.
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