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Route Info

Route Info



As a runner your qualifying times since 1 July in the year prior to the event, are used to seed you: faster runners in the front and slower runners at the back. International runners can use any race since the last Two Oceans Marathon.

The provisional cut-off date for all seeding updates is 9 March 2019. Any change to this cut-off date will be advised as soon as possible.

We kindly draw your attention to Rule 12, Collection of athlete’s race pack: applicable to all events

If and when instructed by the Disaster Management team, the organisers reserve the right to adjust the seeding of an athlete, regardless of their qualifying / seeding times submitted. Athletes shall be notified of any such change. Please note that TOM tries wherever possible not to downgrade an entrant’s seeding that may have originally been given. However, should there be reasonable reasons for adjusting an entrant’s seeding, this shall be entirely at TOM’s discretion.

Seeding groups

All Gold & Silver Medallists will be seeded in Group A. Runners wearing Blue and Yellow numbers will be seeded in group C unless they qualify for a higher group.


GROUP42.2 km 50 km56 km80 km89 km100 km
ASub 3:00Sub 3:35Sub 4:15Sub 6:35Sub 8:20Sub 9:30
BSub 3:30Sub 4:15Sub 4:45Sub 7:10Sub 9:00Sub 10:20
CSub 4:00 Blue & Yellow numbersSub 4:30Sub 5:15Sub 7:40Sub 9:30Sub 10:55
DSub 4:15Sub 5:00Sub 5:30Sub 8:30Sub 10:50Sub 11:10
ERest of the field who qualifiedSub 6:30Sub 7:00Sub 10:30Sub 12:00Sub 13:30
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