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Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying Criteria

Ultra Marathon qualifying races

You can qualify from 1 July 2019 onward for TOM 2020. As an entrant, you must have run a qualifying marathon or a longer distance in the specified times. In other words, you must run a qualifier.

Qualifying Criteria for 56km (the Ultra Marathon)

What Counts As A Qualifying Race?

All standard IAAF (ASA in South Africa) affiliated marathons, and/or races longer than 42.2 km count as qualifying races, provided that:

  • the race course is officially measured, and
  • the race is officially timed.

You can qualify after entering TOM 2020 –  you do not need to wait until entries for TOM 2020 have opened; start qualifying now! The cut-off date for qualifications will be advised.

Qualifying Period

All runners (including International and Africa entrants, as well as Blue Number holders) are required to run a qualifying marathon (or longer distance) within the specified minimum time, as stated in the table below. The qualifier period starts 1 July 2019.

Your qualifying results must be added to your TOM profile. The deadline for updating your profile with your qualifying results will be advised.

42.2 kmsub 5:00
50 kmsub 6:30
56 kmsub 7:00
90 kmsub 12:00
100+ kmsub 13:30



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