Qualifying Criteria

Qualifying Criteria

Ultra Marathon qualifying races

As an entrant, you must have run a qualifying marathon or a longer distance in the specified times. In other words, you must run a qualifier.

Qualifying Criteria for 56km (the Ultra Marathon)

What Counts As A Qualifying Race?

All standard IAAF (ASA in South Africa) affiliated marathons, and/or races longer than 42.2 km count as qualifying races, provided that:

Please provide your official time from a race you have run after 1 July 2023. You do not need to wait until entries for #TTOM2024 have opened!

Email info@twooceansmarathon.org.za if you do not see your race on the TOM entry system.

Half Marathon

Your qualifying times are used to seed you – this means faster runners in the front and slower runners at the back. If you do not supply a seeding time, you will start at the back. Seeding is based on a previous 10km, 15km or 21.1km

The cut-off date for submitting your qualifier is 6 March 2024.

Qualifying Period and Cut-off Date

All runners (including International and Africa entrants, as well as Blue Number holders) are required to run a qualifying marathon (or longer distance) within the specified minimum time, as stated in the table below.

Once entries for TTOM 2024 have opened, your qualifying results must be added to your TTOM profile. These qualifying results cannot be added to your TTOM profile prior to entries opening.

The final cut-off date for all qualifier updates on your profile is 6 March 2024. 

42.2 kmsub 5:00
50 kmsub 6:30
56 kmsub 7:00
90 kmsub 12:00
100+ kmsub 13:30



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