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Better #TTOM2023 fundraising with BackaBuddy Part 1
Better #TTOM2023 fundraising with BackaBuddy Part 1

21 December 2022

Put the pedal to the metal with this three-part series of tips from BackaBuddy on how to implement and push your charity fundraising campaign.


Creating a crowdfunding video is easier than you think

For those who don’t like reading, put together a short campaign video instead! Campaigns with video content tend to raise 4 times more funds and are shared 7 times more on social media, as they are more personal and emotive. You don’t need professional lighting, equipment or editing skills to convey a powerful message.


We recommend shooting a short, personal and informal message on your cell phone that can be posted on social media and your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Make sure you are presentable and wearing comfortable clothes (try to avoid clothes with busy designs or a lot of text).  
  2. Choose a clear backdrop or tidy background to shoot your video.
  3. Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible.
  4. Let viewers know where they can donate to your campaign and include your crowdfunding campaign link in every post you share.
  5. Lastly, just be yourself.


Choose a friendly image of yourself

When choosing your crowdfunding image, choose an inviting image of yourself. If you have a photo of yourself in running gear, this will show your potential donors that you mean business and are already training to make them proud!


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