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Media Release: Apology to Runners and
Media Release: Apology to Runners and

14 November 2019


The Board of Directors of the Two Oceans Marathon (TOM) NPC would like to issue a formal apology to runners as well as to, for not clearly stating how any information regarding the entry fee and process got out into the public domain in the first place. In reviewing the media statement on 13 November 2019 we realise that this was an omission. We sincerely apologise for this oversight.

When engaging with an IT consultant, we learnt that while updating the back-end of with suggested (but not finalised or ratified) information regarding 2020 entry fees and processes, these web pages were actually visible to the public. During this time – some visitors to our website took to social media to voice their opinions – and this led to the report, which in amongst other issues – dealt with entry fees and processes.

We understand that runners are irritated, upset and agitated with the Two Oceans Marathon for a number of reasons and that this has been exacerbated by the recent mishap. We openly acknowledge that we have had a number of unexpected challenges to deal with, and trust that once we have ratification of the entry prices and processes by WPA – we can announce the date of the opening of entries. We expect that this announcement will be no later than Monday 18 November 2019.

We hope that following our unreserved apology to you – we can move forward to produce an outstanding 2020 event. This requires open communication channels and we are striving to improve ours and to create more opportunities for interaction between runners and the Two Oceans Marathon brand.


1. The 2020 Two Oceans Marathon takes place on 11 April 2020

Prepared by the Two Oceans Marathon NPC.

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