16 May 2024

The Two Oceans Marathon NPC Board of Directors, along with the Race Manager, have conducted an investigation into the 42.2km cut-off and the digimag communication. The results of this investigation confirms that Two Oceans Marathon NPC were indeed at fault.

The Two Oceans Marathon Board wishes to extend an unreserved apology to all those impacted.

Whilst the investigation took five weeks, as a Board, it was imperative that the matter was explored thoroughly to identify the root cause, particularly due to the fact that inaccurate information was previously shared. The earlier press release was based on information provided to the Board at the time, which has now been found to be erroneous.

As referenced in the previous statement, the cut-off time of 10.46 was stated on the Two Oceans Marathon website; however, we are aware that on one area of the website, the time had not been updated, and stated a time of 10.50.  This was an oversight, for which we take responsibility.

Although the cut-off at the 42.2km mark was set at 10.46, and this was the intended cut-off time, which was correctly executed, this will be revisited and reconsidered for the 2025 edition of the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon based on feedback suggesting it may be too stringent.

Our investigation into the information in the digimag revealed that two versions were available, one live version including the cut-off information and a version that was downloadable, that did not include the cut-off information. Two Oceans Marathon takes full responsibility for this misalignment. It is the duty of the race organiser to ensure all distributed information is accurate and consistent across all channels and touchpoints.

The Two Oceans Marathon NPC Board deeply regrets this conflicting information and has gained valuable insights regarding due diligence. We are committed to applying these lessons moving forward.

We are in the process of identifying the runners affected by the cut-off and will be contacting them directly in due course.

As the Two Oceans Marathon NPC, our unwavering goal has always been, and continues to be, to deliver a world-class event and to serve the running community in the best possible manner.

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