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The TOM 2023 Expo will be held at Cape Town International Convention Centre 1 (CTICC1), 1 Long Street, Foreshore, Cape Town.

The expo venue will be the only place to collect your race number and race pack.

Multiple Race Pack Collection
If you are collecting race packs on behalf of a group or team, please ensure that each runner receives his/her correct race number. This is imperative, to avoid issues in case of an emergency, or disciplinary measures after the race.

Documents required for collecting a race pack on behalf of another runner:

  1. Please bring your original ID or driver’s licence.
  2. Please bring with the confirmation email (containing the race number) of the runner on whose behalf you are collecting. This confirmation email can be presented in hard copy or digitally, for example, on your phone.
  3. Please bring with a digital or hard copy of the ID or driver’s licence  of the runner on whose behalf you are collecting at Expo.

Race Numbers and your Temporary Timing Chip
As a runner, you will receive two race numbers. Your temporary timing chip is embedded in your race number. These must be worn without alteration on the front and back of your upper body garment. No race numbers are to be pinned on running shorts. Please complete your medical information on the back of your race number, for quick look-up in case of an emergency.

Misuse of Race Numbers
You may not transfer your race numbers to other runners. Any runner who is found guilty of breaking this rule (the original entrant and new runner) will be disqualified from the current year’s race, and banned from a future race.

Race Packs
You will receive your race packs including race number(s), registration bags and T-Shirts. These items must be collected during the open hours of the TTOM Expo.

Race Registration for 56km and 21km

Race Registration (Number Collection)

This is a pre-entry only event.

It is compulsory to register/collect your race numbers and related items before the race. Please bring a printed confirmation and your ID to collect your registration pack prior to the event at the CTICC1, 1 Long Street, Foreshore, Cape Town.

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