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Going to the Khayelitsha 5km & 10km Winter League & Incentive Race on Sunday? We will have limited 21km and 56km 2018 T-shirts available for purchase

Buy a Charity Entry (2020 Charity Entries are not yet available)



Current Charities:

As ActivateHer is a sports development organisation focusing on girls, these entries will allow ActivateHer to engage with a new donor base of like-minded individuals who also see value in sports for health, wellness, and empowerment. We hope to build relationships with the runners who purchase entries through ActivateHer and get them further involved in ActivateHer’s work. The funds generated from these entries will go directly to supporting AcitvateHer’s PlayHer programme which provides girls between the ages of 3-7 with after school sports classes. These classes focus around building fundamental sport skills such as balance, throwing and catching, and teamwork, while also improving numeracy and English comprehension through play.

Cost: Sold Out

Adele Bruggeman


African Tails

Did you know? One unsterilized female dog and her unsterilized litters, over a period of 6 years, can produce 76,000 puppies.
African Tails (NPO 063-755) was founded on the dusty streets of townships in Cape Town in 2006.
Our key focus area differs substantially from other animal welfare organisations in the Western Cape. From the onset, African Tails recognised the need to address the cause, rather than the symptoms, of the dire state of many animals in Cape Town’s informal settlements. We therefore
fund and implement Mass Sterilisation Campaigns and Education Programmes in poor communities and informal settlements.

The only way of minimizing animal abuse and neglect is by reducing the number of unwanted and stray animals found on the streets of townships.

Since we started, African Tails:
● Sterilized just over 14,400 cats and dogs
● Fed a minimum of 10,100 animals
● offered medical treatment to more than 4,000 animal

Cost: Sold Out

Dalene Swart


African Wildlife Conservation Fund

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) is a Zimbabwean based organisation dedicated to conserving Africa’s large carnivores. The flagship species of our work is the African wild dog, southern Africa’s most endangered large carnivore. With less than 7,000 individuals left in the wild, and populations still declining, this species is in desperate need of conservation efforts. AWCF actively safeguard two globally important populations of African wild dogs in the south-east Zimbabwean lowveld, through hands on conservation work, monitoring, management driven research, community education and outreach and human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

Cost: R1500 (SOLD OUT)

Amy Wolton

+263 7 79501725

Ari's Cancer Foundation

Ari’s Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation that specializes in aiding and assisting adolescences and young adults (AYA’s) diagnosed with Cancer.



Courtney Chase


Badisa Tygerberg

BADISA Tygerberg exist to deliver professional social and child protection services to children and families in high-risk circumstances, in order to provide safety and stability towards progress, as well as sustainable and prosperous communities. We draw on the collective expertise and many years’ experience of our staff in serving our community and strive to partner with other professionals who can help us to deliver on our vision.


Thys De Coning


Beeld-Kinderfonds / Beeld Children's Fund

The Beeld Children’s Fund is a charity organization, which functions in collaboration with the newspaper Beeld. More than 5000 children benefit from this Fund every year.
Since inception, more than 200,000 children have benefited, and annually about 30 development projects for children in need, are funded.

• The Beeld Children’s Fund was founded in 1977 and aim to empower and develop the abilities and skills of children in need.
• We are a registered non-profit organization (NPO number: 003-982), and is a registered PBO (public benefit organization), and therefore may issue Art 18A tax deductible certificates. Our mission is to raise funds to help, protect, secure and empower underprivileged, disabled and abused children.
Our vision is to empower and develop children through development programs, to such an extent, that they will be able to be self-sufficient adults, free from welfare or government support.

The monies raised by and for the Beeld Children’s Fund are used to sponsor 25 development projects which ranges from day care for very young kids, to preschool education, the stimulation of disabled children, therapy for abused and traumatized children, as well as extra classes in English reading and understanding, and Math classes for primary school children.
We also help poor students with funds for career and trade training, as well as university studies.

A Body Corporate controls the Beeld Children’s Fund, and our books are annually audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The guaranteed Race Entry will form part of a 6-day train tour package from Jo’burg to Cape Town to the OMTOM. The tour price will be R6550 pp for the half-marathon and R6850 pp for the ultra-marathon. This includes transport to Cape Town and back, hotel accommodation, bedding on the train, meals, tour guide, Race entry, transport to the race start and from finish line and peace of mind.

Adrie Van Staden


BirdLife South Africa

BirdLife South Africa strives to conserve birds, their habitats and biodiversity through scientifically-based programmes, through supporting the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources and by encouraging people to enjoy and value nature.



Christina Hagen



Breadline Africa believes that every child has the capacity to do something amazing with his or her life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future. Breadline Africa enables this journey by providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa. The renovated infrastructure units are used as early childhood development centres, school libraries, kitchens and toilet blocks.

In 2019 we will be running to raise funds for Lukhanyiso Educare Centre, an informal settlement on the Cape Flats. We are raising funds for a much-needed converted shipping container kitchen/toilet facility. With your help, we can provide a safe kitchen area, perfect for preparing nutritious meals for the children, and hygienic toilets, with basins to encourage hand-washing and prevent the spread of germs and illness.


Debbera Beukman


CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa)

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) leads the fight against cancer in South Africa and is the preferred non-profit organisation that enables research, educates the public and provides support to all people affected by cancer.

CANSA offers facility based care and support programmes at their 28 Care Centres that are staffed by highly professional registered nurses who deliver comprehensive cancer risk reduction, early detection and care and support programmes to cancer survivors and those affected by cancer. Our 12 Care Homes provide a home-away-from-home experience that includes accommodation for patients undergoing cancer treatment at oncology and treatment clinics. CANSA tough Living with Cancer (TLC) is our childhood cancer support programme with three CANSA TLC facilities for children/teens and parents and families affected by cancer.

CANSA Active Two Oceans Marathon Entry Package will include:
– Charity Entry Ultra Marathon or Half Marathon
– CANSA Active SunSmart Goody Bag
– CANSA Active Running Vest

Cost: R1 500,00 (SOLD OUT)



Cape Kidney Association

The Cape Kidney Association is a grassroots Non-Profit Association that raises funds to assist with the needs of patients and families suffering from Chronic Kidney diseases. The Association was established in 1978.

Molly Fabe


Cape Mental Health

Cape Mental Health has been in existence for 105 years and has a rich history of mental health care service provision in the greater Cape Town. In the past decade our strategy has incorporated the training of people in the mental health/ mental disability sector in rural communities of the Western Cape, with a particular investment in the Eden Karoo district.


Greg Damster

082 2003741

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Established in 1872, we’re the founding society of the SPCA movement in South Africa and the oldest animal welfare institution in the country. We’re a member of World Animal Protection and an Executive Member of the National Council of SPCAs South Africa.

Over the past 145 years, we’ve diligently carried out our mission to prevent cruelty to animals through education, law enforcement, veterinary care services (operating an Animal Hospital, Inspectorate and four Mobile Clinics serving impoverished communities) and running a Kennel, Cattery, Horse Care Unit, Wildlife Facility, Farmyard and Adoption Centre, which every year places hundreds of animals in loving and caring homes.

Our area of operation is vast and covers approximately 11,000 km², excluding the coastline. Last year alone, we sterilised over 5,000 animals, reducing the region’s animal over-population problem, provided primary veterinary care to thousands of animals, re-homed over 700 companion animals and responded to thousands of reports of animal cruelty.



Make a difference in the lives of those forced to fight
Each half marathon TEAM SPCA runner agrees to raise a minimum of R2 500 and each full marathon TEAM SPCA runner agrees to raise a minimum of R3000 in return for the following:

1. A Guaranteed half or full marathon entry!
2. Our top three (3) fundraisers will each be awarded with a Hamper kindly sponsored by Civvio to the value of over R1000. (hamper consists of x2 magnetic safety light, Silicone Squeeze water bottle, a pair of Goodsmellas, a race number magnet set, a green dual pocket activity belt and pair of running gloves)
3. Team SPCA runners will each receive a limited edition one-of-a-kind SPCA/ Bravecto branded running shirt.
4. Team SPCA runners will also receive a special goody bag from the SPCA;
5. We’ll offer you lots of fundraising advice, support and tips on how to confidently ask for support and supply you with a standard appeal letter that you can use to encourage family, friends and colleagues to support you.
6. You don’t have to handle any money directly.
7. We will also be exhibiting at Two Oceans Expo from the 17-19 April 2019 and will have exciting things on offer!
8. Most importantly the personal satisfaction of running and the knowledge that your race has made a big difference to the lives of those animals forced to fight!

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Natasha or Tyron


021 7004155

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Centre for Early Childhood Development

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) is committed to putting young children first. We focus on increasing access to quality early childhood development to our country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Early childhood development pertains to the foundational skills that a young child needs to develop within the first 1,000 days. Research continues to show us that vulnerable children who can access good quality preschool programmes:
 Do better in formal schooling;
 are less likely to get involved in crime;
 are less likely to need costly remedial education;
 are less likely to become teenaged parents; and
 are more likely to be employed as adults.

We work with communities in areas of the greatest neglect and poverty and our geographic area of operation covers projects in urban, semi-urban and rural areas across South Africa. Our services include ECD teacher skills training and small business management to women from the community, many of whom are under-educated but dedicated to increasing access to quality early education in their communities. We also support community-run ECD centres that lack the resources to acquire education toys and equipment and infrastructural upgrades by providing this where it is most.


Zahra Manji



CHOC provides care and support to children and teens living with cancer as well as their families. By providing emotional support, transport funds, accommodation and practical support CHOC ensures that all children living with cancer are able to complete their cancer journey.

Entry Package: SOLD OUT

Linda Moore


Christel House South Africa

Christel House is a registered, global charity that operates eight schools around the world of which the school in Ottery (Cape Town, South Africa) is the only one in Africa. All of its 750 students are transported from 20 impoverished communities using 18 school busses for the daily return trips. The school has a holistic R-12 education model that focuses on strong character development, complemented by regular health care, nutritious meals, guidance counselling, career planning, family assistance and college and careers support.

Through this structured approach, its results are critical year-on-year: a 100% matric pass rate for nine consecutive years and 91% of its graduates are gainfully employed, studying or doing both. As a result, it breaks the cycle of poverty and transforms the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children ever year.


Kristen Goezaar


Clean C

The Clean C Run 2 Lead program aims to develop good leaders in Joe Slovo Park. Good leaders in the home, in school, in their community. It gives kids from these poorer areas the opportunity to take part in different running races around Cape Town.

Run 2 Lead – Kids attend youth leadership imbizos (Skills development and Youth Leadership training)
We enrol them at a running club. Kit them out with running equipment. Shoes, clothes, vests & warm tops (Equipping and empowering). Take them to various running races around Cape Town (Athletics development & healthy lifestyles) Include them in community and beach cleanups (Environment conservation)
Go to Park runs, hikes and runs up Table Mountain (Athletics development & healthy lifestyles & environment conservation) Include them in events that we organize – as Marshalls as well as participants. (Skills development, education and empowering) Include them in event cleanup as well as event management programs/projects (Education and job creation) Provide the team with a vehicle for them to be able to get around Cape Town to different events (Skills development & empowering)

Two options for purchase of entries: Outright once off purchase of R2500
Or A fundraising option. Purchase an entry for R800 and commit to doing some (easy, fun) fundraising for Clean C (which we will help with). Both options include a Run 2 Lead moisture management long sleeve running tops.

Greg Player


Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Southern Africa

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a global humanitarian organisation operating in more than 70 countries. MSF provides lifesaving medical care to people caught in conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics or collapsed health systems. At the core of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) identity is a commitment to independence, neutrality and impartiality.

The runners’ entry package comprises of the ticket cost, gear and donation amounting to R1800.00. Additional to the entry cost, runners are required to fundraise an amount of R2000 through family and friends in support of Doctors Without Borders (MSF)




Kgothatso Banoe


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Edunova is a non-profit company that has been working in the education sector since 2005. Our focus is on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in schools. We work in schools situated in disadvantaged communities.

Edunova has a national footprint with Learning Centres based in Langa (Cape Town), Duncan Village (East London) and Jane Furse (Limpopo).

Our purpose is to partner with schools wanting to create opportunities where technology can inspire and impact learners. In order to do this Edunova leads and assists schools to make effective use of all their technology and eLearning resources. Edunova aspires to provide opportunity and hope to children who have innate talent and a desire to learn.

Cost: R1,200 for a Half marathon entry and Edunova running shirt. R1,500 for an Ultra marathon entry and Edunova running shirt (SOLD OUT)

Karen Butler


FacingUp Support Services South Africa

FacingUP Suppport Services(FUSS)directs our determination and drive towards supporting young people and communities in making sense of loss and life-changing events , such as death, divorce and displacement.FUSS develops and delivers programmes that equip young people faceUP to their painful situations , while supporting them through the process of overcoming challenges, encouraging them to grow in resilience , and becoming positive role-players in their community.

Cost: (SOLD OUT) Half – R850 ( includes cap or visor and postage) Ultra – R1200( includes cap or visor and postage)

Craig Jagga



Feenix is an online platform that enables tertiary students in need of funding, to take their education funding goals into their own hands, by telling their story and sharing their experiences. Allowing individuals, just like you, to contribute to their outstanding university fees and make a positive and lasting change in their lives.

Half Marathon – R800 per entry (including branded Feenix running vest) and requirement to raise and additional R10 000.00 for a student on the platform (student can be chosen at runners discretion).

Ultra Marathon – R1100 per entry (including branded Feenix running vest) and requirement to raise an additional R10 000.00 for a student on the platform (student can be chosen at runners discretion)


Fuzlin Esau


Gold Peer Education Development Agency (gold-youth)

“Consumed by a vision of young people living lives of purpose and leading Africa into a flourishing future (despite obstacles such as poverty, apathy, inadequate education, unemployment, orphanhood, gender inequality, HIV and lack of adult role models) gold-youth was established in 2004.
gold-youth’s core service is to roll out high quality youth peer education programmes in alignment to the gold Model thereby empowering youth peer leaders in disenfranchised communities to become positive role models and agents of social and economic change. Research to date shows evidence that the gold Model contributes significantly to positive outcomes in the following areas: • Education • Social behaviour change • Job creation for youth.

The gold Model draws on best practice global research, together with evidence based learnings from 123 communities in Southern Africa. The gold Model uses the methodology of Peer Education, which harnesses the influence that young people have on their peers to bring about sustained social and economic change. Youth encourage each other to make informed choices and develop health-enhancing and purpose-driven social norms. Since its inception gold-youth has provided 503 workplace internships for young people between the ages of 19 and 25 years as facilitator interns over three years. gold has skilled and mentored over 12,924 youth between the ages of 13 and 19 years as adolescent peer educators over three years who have in turn measurably reached over 40,035 other adolescents and younger children.

gold-youth is a credible non-profit organization and has recently (2017) been evaluated and verified by: Tshikululu Social Investments and GreaterGood as well as winning the Impumelelo award for Social Innovation and being invited to present at the EMASA conference in 2015 ‘Education from Cradle to Career – A display of Transformative Projects that Work’.
gold-youth has a strong, diverse team of skilled, experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. “

Cost: R2100 (includes a beautiful ‘I have gold in my soul’ gold-youth branded running top

1) Pay a R550 deposit to reserve your race number.
2) Raise an additional R1550 (minimum ) in order to secure your race number. gold-youth will assist by sharing a fundraising toolkit ‘Being a gold Champion’
3) Donate what you have raised to gold-youth by the deadline (via an EFT or Givengain) and we will email you your race number and registration information. Please note: If you are not able to pay the minimum amount of R1550 you will unfortunately lose your entry and you will not be refunded your R550 deposit as we need this to cover our admin costs related to your entry.
4) Make sure that you register on the day that you are sent your number.

Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic

Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic is a NPO in Jeffreys Bay which provide professional health care for Antenatal (Pregnant ladies) , Postnatal (Babies) & Womens health

Entry Package: Sold Out

Rosie Joubert

072 236 7589


In 2001, Hear Us was established by parents of deaf children who have cochlear implants. Hear Us exists to financially support deaf people from disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain cochlear implants and to give support to the hearing impaired and their families to realize their full potential in the hearing world.

Cost: R800 /  half marathon entry fee (SOLD OUT)

(Includes Entry Fee, Charity Top, Goodie Bag and Donation to HearUs)

Ashleigh Bredeveldt

Home from Home Trust

Home from Home provides supported and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children in South Africa.

At Home from Home it is our goal to protect and love the most vulnerable children in the Western Cape through our network of small family homes. It is our hope that with love, nurturing and stability these children will be able to overcome their pasts to become happy and productive citizens we can all be proud of.


We will be charging each runner R1500 for their entry, which will cover their entry and a donation.

Home from Home is one of the Causes listed on the givengain portal. Each runner is able to register on the site, to becoming an activist and creating a campaign for our cause.

We also have a Snapscan facility where people can donate directly to us via Snapscan.

In the run up to the race, we will be emailing our runners social media badges which they can use on their social media platforms, to let people know they are running OMTOM to raise funds for HFH.

Laverne Mehl


Igazi Foundation

The Igazi Foundation is the only dedicated Haematological NPO in SA run by volunteers. Our focus is on educational symposiums to ensure early treatment and diagnosis of these patients. We also lobby government to improve the lives of these patients, and upgrade facilities at state hospitals. Our end goal is to ensure that we can save the lives of those living with blood cancers.

R1600 per half marathon entry ( Includes long sleeve branded T-shirt) (SOLD OUT)

Sandra Kieck

072 224 4712

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Inclusive Arts Collective

The Inclusive Arts Collective is a social justice foundation that focuses on how the arts and access to the arts is an important medium through which soical cohesion and interaction can/should function. The IAC functions as a producer of high quality theatre productions, workshops and inclusive arts.

Cost: R600 entry fee plus a minimum of R2 000,00 fundraising (SOLD OUT)

Debbie Cape


Inclusive Education South Africa

Inclusive Education is a registered non-profit organisation that has since 1995, been committed to promoting and supporting the development of more inclusive practices in ordinary schools, pre- schools and other centres of learning in South Africa.

Through information share and building the capacity of stakeholders such as parents, ECD practitioners, educators and school structures, we aim to ensure all children with and without disabilities are supported to learn to their potential.


Natalie Watlington


Innovation for the Blind (Institute for the Blind)

We have been catering to the needs of persons with visual and other impairments since 1881. Our main aim is to empower them towards improved quality of life and dignity. Our unique services include residential, care, supported living services, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to 359 adults and elderly persons with visual and other impairments. We are privileged to be the only organisation in South Africa that offers this range of services to a very vulnerable group of citizens. We will always aim to live out our vision: To measurably improve quality of life for the visually impaired.


Rachael Malan


Khululeka Grief Support

Khululeka Grief Support is the only organisation in South Africa that specialises in grief and bereavement support for children and teenagers. Many disadvantaged children and teenagers in marginalised communities in Cape Town live in the trauma and loss of violent gangsterism, abuse and neglect, chronically ill parents, and the death of parents and siblings. An independent randomised control trial with findings published in peer reviewed journal the Lancet Global Health ( ) confirms that teenage girls who attended a Khululeka grief support group showed less depression and improved social behaviour. Evidence clearly illustrates the link between sexual risk taking behaviours and depression, and the death of a parent has direct impact on school performance and retention. Khululeka has a small highly skilled and passionate staff who specialise in having difficult conversations and supporting children and teenagers, and building the capacity of social workers and child and youth care workers to provide therapeutic support in communities with high levels of violence and death and little to no access to counselling and therapy.

Cost: Half marathon R1600 (SOLD OUT)

Deborah R. Diedericks

0216851128 / 0832883607

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Learning in Reach

Our focus is on early childhood development, mindful that the child’s caregiver & surrounding environment has a crucial influence on the education & healthy development of the child. We focus on growing the skills of teachers and parents to empower them to be better educators, leaders and role-models for our children, our future generation and hope for a better country.

Our focus is on early childhood development, mindful that the child’s caregiver & surrounding environment has a crucial influence on the education & healthy development of the child. We focus on growing the skills of teachers and parents to empower them to be better educators, leaders and role-models for our children, our future generation and hope for a better country.

Leanne Reid


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LumoHawk Foundation

We subscribe to Nelson Mandela’s vision of educating the children of our Rainbow Nation and focus on the educational needs of under-privileged children.

Cost: Please contact LumoHawk for entry ticket prices and packages. The package will include training advice and team runs. Possibly even a training camp! It will include a pre-race dinner with guest speaker, nutritional goodie bag and charity running shirt and socks.

Joel Stransky


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MAD2Adventures for a Cause

Raising funds for SA’s future leaders #RideRunRepresent

Cost: Entries for the 21km race, will be sold for R1 500 and will include a MAD2Represent T-shirt.
Entries for the Ultra marathon, will be sold for R5 000 and will include a MAD2Represent T-shirt.

For anyone wanting to represent our cause, they will be able to join our runners/riders on the road and be part
of the last leg of our 1520km journey, as we all raise funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation!

Dayle Raaff


Make A Difference Leadership Foundation

At MAD Leadership Foundation we focus on identifying, supporting and developing the future leaders of South Africa. We provide a comprehensive, personal and long-term scholarship programme, offering scholars support in the areas of mentorship and personal, academic and leadership development. By focusing on the individual needs of each scholar, we ensure we maintain a personal connection to their requirements, that way providing comprehensive support for the duration of their academic career. Our scholarship is more than just a contribution towards the scholar’s academic costs. Make A Difference Leadership Foundation supports each scholar from Grade 8 throughout their tertiary degree, not only by providing financial assistance but also by supporting the individual in his/her personal and professional development as they prepare for their future. We achieve this through a multi-disciplinary team, skilled in various professions to ensure that we remove any barrier the scholar is facing in the most effective and efficient manner, so they can continue focusing on achieving their dreams, while we take care of the rest.

Cost: Half Marathon R1500 – running shirt (SOLD OUT)

Wilmari du Plessis


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Mamelani Projects

Mamelani Projects is a registered NPO and PBO and runs a Youth Development Programme which provides support and opportunities to young people leaving Child and Youth Care Centres, and also a Community Health Programme which provides essential health information to vulnerable women in communities, enabling them to make informed choices and take action to improve their health and the health of their families.

Cost: R2000 per entry which will include a water bottle and cap, an anthology of youth stories and our annual report. (SOLD OUT)

Dorette Knoblauch


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Mangaliso Children's Fund

The Mangaliso vision is that all children should have the right to call a place home.

Our mission is to assist safety and foster mothers to ensure that the children in her care are given every opportunity to become well-adjusted adults that can add value to society.

We select safety and foster mothers according to certain criteria and they become accountable to our policies and procedures.

We regular visits to the home to ensure our values are being implemented.

All children in care need to be at school if school going age and we assist with the various needs that arise such as uniforms, stationery, books and transport.

Food – Each home is assisted with food so that each child is eating 3 meals a day

Rent – if necessary

Electricity – poverty unfortunately will affect the amount of electricity the household can afford which then affects school work.

Counselling/Therapy – many of these children will suffer from Post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, the Department of Social services cannot keep up with the demand and children just never get to counseling.

Training and support for the mothers – Many of the children placed in care will have developmental /Social/Behavior problems and mothers are not equipped to effectively assist the child. We run workshops where mothers are trained in specific needs.

Events/Birthdays – if funds allow we will organize birthday gifts and Christmas presents for the children and mothers”

Cost: Please contact Mangaliso Children’s Fund. Ultra – 1750 / Half 1450. (SOLD OUT)

Pauline de Klerk


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Masakhe Foundation NPO

1. We offer a After School Safe Spaces facility for learners in the Delft and Klapmuts area.

2. We educate the dangers of substance abuse to the users, their families and our communities in the Western Cape.

3. We offer abuse and homeless children shelter at our Uthandiwe Children’s Home in Malelane.

4. On 4th February 2019 we will start our Skills Unlimited programme to provide skills to our young adults.


Jacqui Naidoo


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Muhammadeyah Primary School

Muhammadeyah Primary School (MUPS) was established in 1929. The School was established to service and advance education in the greater Southern suburbs of Cape Town. What started out with a classroom for a handful of students, founded by teacher and ex-principal Mr.Salie Berdien, has evolved and now grown into a fully-fledged Public School managed by the Western Cape Education Department.


Runnners will receive a goodie bag with sponsored items.

Ultra Marathon: R1600 Half Marathon: R1300

Igshaan Isaacs

083 976 2004

National Institute for the Deaf

For the past 137 years (since 1881), the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), situated in the Western Cape, is the foremost organisation in South Africa providing all-inclusive services to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss in South Africa and Africa.

Entry Package: SOLD OUT

Hannerie Swart


Newkidz on the Block

Newkidz on the Block facilitate maintenance and renovations to facilities that care for orphaned, abused and abandoned children. We believe that all children, no matter their circumstances, deserve to live in well maintained functional houses. By doing these projects we restore hope, love and dignity to the children living there.


Lynne Haefele


Nisunca Kankerfonds

We started this organisation to provide assistance to community members residing in the uPhongolo Municipality District and who seek assistance in the undergoing of cancer treatment and to work in collaboration with other organizations that mainly deal with cancer patients.

The price per entry is packaged as follows: SOLD OUT

Package One
Total cost per entry = R2 000 (funded from own funds or sourced from outside contributors – Nisunca Donation Plea will be provided).
Total cost will include a custom Nisunca wearing shirt and Nisunca Running Shirt.

Package Two
Total cost per entry = R1 300 (funded from own funds or sourced from outside contributors – Nisunca Donation Plea will be provided).
Package only includes entry and excludes shirts mentioned in Package One.

Chris le Grange


People Living With Cancer

“People Living with Cancer (PLWC) is a cancer survivor-driven umbrella organisation responsible for related projects with activities including cancer awareness and education, care and support, as well as advocacy.
The organisation has developed guidelines that are aligned with international protocols, and in so doing, has been equipped with one of the most established volunteer psycho-social programs in the country.
The passionate volunteers of PLWC participate in the ‘Journey of Cancer’ which includes initiatives pre-cancer, during cancer treatment as well as post cancer treatment activations.”

Entry Package: SOLD OUT

Unathi Kapa


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Pink Drive

PinkDrive NPC, powering South Africa’s first and only mobile Women’s Health Mammography and Gynaecology Units. PinkDrive’s underlying message is ‘Early Detection Will Help Prolong A Life’.
All PinkDrive units travel to rural, semi-urban and urban areas around South Africa with the aim of enabling all medically uninsured access to women’s health services. These services include free education on women’s health, free mammograms, free pap smears, free clinical examinations and how to do breast self-examinations.

Cost: (SOLD OUT)

Nelius du Preez


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Popcorn Kidz NPC

Popcorn Kidz is a small private organisation, trading as a Non Profit Company , that originated through the hearts of Parents who wanted the best education for their special needs children situated in Northcliff, Johannesburg. Popcorn Kidz Tutor centre was established in 2009. We give children with various special needs, whether Autism, Down Syndrome etc., the opportunity to learn and to receive a purposeful education through one to one tutoring which are cost effective to their Parents.


For Half Marathon
Option 1: R1800.00 per entry for half marathon
Option 2: R300.00 per entry with a minimum sponsorship commitment of R1500.00

For Ultra Marathon
Option 1: R2000
Option 2: R600 per entry with a minimum sponsorship commitment of R1400

All runners will receive a Popcorn Kidz t-shirt and cap and Section 18A donation certificate.

Lerika du Plessis


Prescient Foundation

Prescient Foundation is an NPO that believe charity starts at home. It invests in sustainable projects and believes in getting actively involved. Projects of the Foundation includes Eductaion initiatives, Leadership programs and community involvement. The education initiatives and leadership program section benefits from approximately 85% of the Foundations funds.

Price per entry – (SOLD OUT) 21km is R1 000 (includes T-shirt) and the Ultra is R 2 000 (includes T-shirt)

Nicole Wentzel


Prostate Cancer Foundation NPC

“The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is an organisation led by a group of South African’s who have a direct interest in prostate cancer. The Foundation includes some of South Africa’s top medical specialists who diagnose, treat and research prostate cancer on a daily basis. Their medical expertise is used to develop educational materials for the public and other healthcare professionals. The Foundation also provides a forum for men whose lives have been directly affected by prostate cancer. Many of them volunteer to help with the Foundation’s educational programs or they provide support to other men who have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many of PCF’s activities are aimed at reducing the impact of prostate cancer by educating men about age appropriate screening to ensure early detection and optional treatment outcomes.

Cost: Half marathon: R1500 / Ultra marathon: R2000 (SOLD OUT)

Andrew Oberholzer


Rachel Swart Fund

The Rachel Swart Fund (RSF) has been in existence since 1960 and has since helped more than 6000 individuals living with physical disabilities. RSF seeks to improve the quality of life, independence, dignity and inclusion of those living with disabilities in South Africa.


RSF will offer an upfront entry fee of R500 for both the the ultra and half marathon and a further minimum of R2000 needs to be fundraised by 25 March 2019.

Chantal Crook


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Rainbows and Smiles

The mission of Rainbows and Smiles is to provide emotional, social and financial support to families and caregivers in need when a child or children of that family is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness such as cancer. In addition, Rainbows and Smiles encourage childhood cancer advocacy to educate people, in the hope of promoting early detection.


Nadia Lewis


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Rare Diseases SA

Rare Diseases affect 1 in 10 South Africans – whilst individually rare, collectively they are common. Rare Diseases SA advocates for improved quality of life for those affected by rare diseases and we encourage everyone to use their mobility for the benefit of those without it!


Shevaun McCreedy


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Reach For A Dream Foundation

Reach For A Dream fulfils the dreams of children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses between the ages of 3 – 18yrs.




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SA Endurance Academy

ENDUROCAD; is a registered non-profit company with core focus on skills and enterprise development of each athlete, along with the activation of the South African community through the SACANRUN campaign with the core philosophy helping develop social communities through the development and transformation of South African Athletes. We are aiming to provide such a structure and framework where the focus is on the development of athletes
(skills and enterprise development), whilst helping with communities transformation. The SACANRUN campaign along with the ENDUROCAD satellite hubs is a national program with the elite Academy being based in Stellenbosch.

Our objectives are to Identify and develop world class distance runners in South Africa. Professionally manage and support the careers of these athletes, assist each athlete in qualifying as a IAAF “Gold Label” elite athlete. Support the winning of more International, City, Olympic and Commonwealth marathon medals by South Africans and Build and profile distance running and runners in South Africa to inspire future generations.

We currently have a strong focus on woman in sport. We launched the ‘Get our girls to Gold Campaign in 2016 to identify young female athletic talent through High Performances Skills and Assessment camps. The aim is to identify and select female athletes onto the Endurocad program with the long term objective of them achieving IAAf Gold Label Status and Representing SA at the Olympic Games.

Entry Package: SOLD OUT

Nolene Conrad


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SA Guide-Dog Association for the Blind

We provide people who are visually impaired, physically disabled and children with autism with independence, mobility and companionship through the use of a working dog.

Cost: Half Marathon is R1500 Ultra Marathon R1800 (SOLD OUT)

This includes:
* Charity entry fee
* Running vest
* Goodie bag
* Post event hospitality

A down payment of R750 and the balance can be sponsored. We will assist with fundraising advice and with a crowd funding page on BackaBuddy, GivenGain as well as via our website.

Teagan Schwerin

021 674 7395

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Sakhikamva Foundation

Sakhikamva is based in Cape Town, and is a registered non–profit organization involved in aviation awareness and skills development for the youth and children in the aerospace industry. The Foundation believes that the future of South African aerospace industry is anchored with the country’s highly talented youth, its mission being to identify and develop this talent in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid to feed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline. It prides itself in building a future with the youth of South Africa and sets out to achieve its mission by hosting several programs and outreach projects each year.


Half Marathon Entries: R1265 including race t-shirt and goodie bag

Ultra Marathon Entries: R2500 including race t-shirt and goodie bag

Fatima Jakoet



SANCCOB reverses the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds. The organisation celebrates its 50th aniversary this year, and will open its new seabird hospital this November. At all times, dedicated and highly skilled staff, located both in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape, ensure the highest standard of rehabilitation and veterinary care. As part of its rehabilitation and conservation efforts, SANCCOB coordinates a network of first responders along the South African coast, individually marks all birds released to enable monitoring, and provides support to the seabird conservation government authorities. The organisation underpins all its rehabilitation and conservation work with effective education campaigns to the general public.

Price per entry: R2 000 (SOLD OUT)

We will offer each dedicated runner a goodie bag and a private tour of our new Seabird Hospital, located in Table View (Cape town)
The goodie bag includes the following:
• A private tour of the new state-of-the-art Seabird Hospital
• An adoption of a penguin. This is a pack which includes an unique penguin picture, certificate of adoption and history of the penguin. Runners will be able to choose their own name for their penguin.
• A SANCCOB branded, eco-friendly shopping bag.
• A SANCCOB branded baseball cap.
• A SANCCOB branded African penguin fluffy keyring.
• SANCCOB stickers
• The shipping (via courier) of the goodie bag to any destination in South Africa or Namibia.

Wilmie Jooste

065 945 2083

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Siyazana Youth Development Fund

“The Siyazana Youth Development Fund 196-524NPO was established after its founder and board met various adolescents who were born HIV positive and consulted them around the biggest issues that they face today (This meeting was held in conjunction with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in Gugulethu, Cape Town).

Without failure they highlighted the high unemployment rate between them but more importantly was the low level of skills and the high level of adolescents without a matric certificate due to them suffering of cognetive development issues as a direct result of them not getting ARV’s at an early stage of there development. SYDF was then establised to address these neds and concerns.

Where we are different to may orginisations who do similiar work to us is that we guarentee employment to our succesful beneficiaries after they completed the course. The training given is accredited and fully funded by SYDF and its partners.

Beneficiaries are identified through a netwrok of Adolescent ARV clinics in the Western Cape and they all come from previously disadvantaged areas with over 95% being black.”


Natasha Miller


SOS Children's Villages South Africa

We build families for children in need and in doing so we help them shape their own futures. But we don’t leave our involvement there – we share in the development of their communities. We have cared for over 24 000 children over the years since we opened our first village in 1982.

A global charity with a local heart, we provide care via our family-based care villages, our family strengthening programmes and our community service centres.


Cherie Cusens


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Spirit Education Foundation

Building Our Nation Through Education, One Scholar at a Time.

The Spirit Education Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, and was established in 1994 to provide opportunities for quality education to financially disadvantaged high school scholars. Through the awarding of educational scholarships, the Spirit Education Foundation provides financial support for high school tuition to financially disadvantaged scholars with a vision and will to succeed. This includes extra curricular support and mentoring to all scholars enrolled in our programme.

Guaranteed Two Oceans Half Marathon 2019 entry:
• A limited-edition Spirit Education Foundation running t-shirt
• Fundraising advice, support and tips on how to confidently ask for support, including a standard appeal letter and a GivenGain activist link which can be used as a fundraising tool to share with and encourage friends, family and contacts to support you.
• The personal satisfaction of running your race with the knowledge that you have made a difference by Building Our Nation Through Education!

Cost: Half Marathon is R500 deposit and additional R2000 to be raised. (SOLD OUT)


Paula Wallace-Pickering

St Luke's Combined Hospice

SLCH is an acknowledged leader in palliative care, and has been awarded Five Star status by the Hospice Palliative Care Association (HCPA) in accordance with Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) standards. Furthermore, SLCH is accredited by the Council for Health Service of Southern Africa, and the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA). It is our undertaking to maintain and extend our services of excellence in palliative care and to input into the National Policy Framework and Strategy for Palliative Care in South Africa.


Celin Galant


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St Michael's Primary School

St Michael’s Primary School is a small independent anglican school in Harare, Khayelitsha, that takes children from the surrounding area from Grade R to Grade 7. Tuition is provided in English and isiXhosa to achieve fluency in English by Grade 7. St Michael’s aspires to be a centre of excellence in primary education in Khayelitsha.

Entries: (SOLD OUT)

The cost of an entry is R1,200 for the Half Marathon and R1,600 for the Ultra Marathon. Runners will be offered a guided tour of the school and the surrounding area, with transport from within Greater Cape Town, and will be offered a pre-race dinner with fellow runners.

David Hofmeyr


Starfish Greathearts Foundation

Starfish empowers Community-based Organisations (CBO) invested in improving the life outcomes of children orphaned or vulnerable in South Africa. By funding and training these grass-roots organisations we are ensuring a measurable improvement in the lives of over 12 000 children annually through partnerships with 28 CBOs.

Entry Package – R 1700 for 21km (SOLD OUT)


Lindiwe Moyo


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STEPP - St Anne's Education in Partnership Programme

STEPP provides access to education to South Africans. Over 500 scholars participate in literacy partnerships weekly through our literacy programs. In SA 59% of Grade 4 pupils cannot read English with understanding [Child Gauge, 2017]. This impacts on their ability to pass all subjects in Grade 12. STEPP provides English literacy from Grade 1-7 in multiple schools and we also partner in sport, occupational therapy health care and Making Libraries Happen. Have a great run as you support us step by STEPP.

Cost: Half Marathon entries SOLD OUT  / Ultra Marathon entries SOLD OUT

Louise-Ann Taylor


The Care Bear Project

The Care Bear Project was started in 2015 and is a community project uplifting local rural communities, by providing employment for the families, and by using the product of their work, the bears, as a means of bringing joy to the children in these communities – many of whom have never received a new toy in their lives.

Entry Package: Sold Out

Rebecca Pinnell


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The Chaeli Campaign

The Chaeli Campaign is a social justice foundation that provides a holistic range of services to support differently-abled children and young adults as catalysts of change. The work done through The Chaeli Campaign is true to its maxim: For Kids Like Chaeli and through its programmes constantly grows a more ability-focused and inclusive world. Our goal is achieved through the provision of assistive devices, therapies, supporting inclusive education and running various advocacy events and programmes.

Cost: R600,00 entry fee for the Ultra marathon plus a minimum of R2000,00 fundraising. R300,00 entry fee for the Half marathon plus a minimum of R2000,00 fundraising (SOLD OUT)

Debbie Cape


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The Character Company

The Character Company is a long term MENtorship program for young boys growing up with absent fathers. Through dedicated weekly MENtorship sessions, monthly activities, monthly and school holiday camps by dedicated, screened, vetted and trained positive male role models we are actively and decisively raising boys to be good men for a better future for our country.

Entry package – Sold Out

Jaco v Schalkwyk


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The Feenix Trust

Feenix is an online platform that enables tertiary students in need of funding, to take their education funding goals into their own hands, by telling their story and sharing their experiences. Allowing individuals, just like you, to contribute to their outstanding university fees and make a positive and lasting change in their lives.

Half Marathon – R800 per entry (including branded Feenix running vest) and requirement to raise and additional R10 000.00 for a student on the platform (student can be chosen at runners discretion).

Ultra Marathon – R1100 per entry (including branded Feenix running vest) and requirement to raise an additional R10 000.00 for a student on the platform (student can be chosen at runners discretion).

Rezaahna Hendricks


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The Greenpop Foundation NPC

Greenpop is an award-winning non-profit organisation. We envisage a world where people and nature thrive together. We’re on a mission to plant trees, green communities and empower environmental stewards across southern Africa.

Greenpop works on urban greening, reforestation and environmental stewardship. We were founded in 2010 and have since planted over 100 000 trees and inspired over 132 000 budding eco-heros at schools and other urban sites as well as forests and farms across South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania.

Through our work, we combat climate change, restart water cycles, turn urban deserts into regenerative landscapes that can provide nutrition, employment, education and economic opportunity.

Greenpop’s overall goals:
1. REFORESTATION: To plant indigenous trees in reforestation projects to re-grow and re-habilitate the forests of Southern Africa.
2. URBAN GREENING: To plant valuable trees and other plants in urban spaces to green under-greened communities.
3. ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: To increase the number of citizens who are empowered to live sustainably and care for the environment – living in connection with the earth, our food sources and our communities.

Greenpop’s beliefs:1. We believe in (re)connecting people with our planet.
(We have become disconnected from nature, our beautiful planet and only home. If we (re)connect with nature and each other in meaningful ways, we believe that caring for our planet will become second nature.)
2. We believe in getting active (not anxious) about the future of our planet.
(There are a lot of doom and gloom messages out there and it makes us stressed out, anxious and even apathetic. We believe that positivity and action is the way to motivate change.)
3. We believe that changing the world is fun.
(When we give back and create value for the earth and our fellow human beings, joy is created – changing our own lives and changing the world. We’re on a mission to have fun and share this joy with as many people as possible.)

The first 50 runners to raise 15 trees (R1 800) via GivenGain will receive a Two Ocean’s Half Marathon race entry.

Raise 15 Trees and Receive:
A Two Ocean’s Half Marathon race entry
A special Greenpop Tree Certificate with the GPS coordinates of the trees donated through funds raised
A Greenpop race bandana/buff

Raise 30 Trees (ZAR3 600) and receive a hamper of Greenpop merchandise!
Raise the most trees of all the Two Oceans Greenpop activists and win an extra special prize – to be announced soon!

Yazeed Peters


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The Hillsong Africa Foundation Trust

The Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) has been active in building lives in communities in
South Africa since 2010. Our vision is simple and clear: “Building lives that will build the Nation”.

Through the involvement of many volunteers HAF is currently actively impacting the lives of more than
1,800 people every week through over 40 projects in 9 different communities in South Africa.

We are racing towards deepening the impact in our target communities by introducing brand new
Innovation Centers where young people will be able to learn, grow and be inspired to be the best they can be!

Cost: R5000 per half marathon entry (SOLD OUT)

Brent James


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The Living Link

The Living Link is a non-profit organisation that caters for the intellectually disabled and learning challenged community regardless of race, gender and religious background. It aims to encourage, enhance and support the development of intellectually disabled adults, helping them attain a high quality of life. We have training centers in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Entry Package: Sold Out

Gregory Sirmongpong


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The Pebbles Project Trust

Pebbles is currently supporting over 1600 children aged 0 – 18 and their families in the farming communities in Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington and Citrusdal. The majority of our beneficiaries are children of wine farm workers who live on the various farms in often challenging circumstances. Alcohol abuse, poverty, lack of access to education, health and other essential services all contribute to the reason why Pebbles exists. Pebbles has 5 main pillars – education, health, nutrition, community and protection, with the core focus on providing quality education. We understand that effective learning only takes place when several key factors, which may affect the learning process, are addressed. Our holistic, 5 pillar approach allows us to assist children, not only with their education, but also with other factors that will affect the child’s ability to learn, thereby ensuring that children are given the best chance at success.


Charmaine Gola


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The RBPS Vuleka Trust

The RBPS Vuleka Trust was established at the beginning of 2012 by a group of RBPS ‘old boys’ with the aim of ‘opening doors’ (Vuleka meaning to open) to a high standard of education for pupils of previously disadvantaged backgrounds who are eligible and selected for enrollment into Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School but whose families are not in a financial position to afford such. Vuleka is also about opening up the school, to help it to embrace the challenges of our new democracy and be a positive role player in the transformation of our society.

Entry package: SOLD OUT

Antoinette Bell

072 537 6772

The Run4Schools Foundation


Run4Schools organizes and finances in and after school sports, music and dance programs for the underprivileged children of township Mitchells Plain. Run4Schools started in Mitchells Plain in 2004 and inspires many young lives. Our South African professional sports coaches work at three primary and one high school. Due to our programs, Run4Schools prevents that children hang around in the streets, or get involved in criminal activities, alcohol or drugs. The children have tons of fun while playing with other children and gain self confidence at the same time.

By organizing and participating in several runs, Run4Schools raises funds to support their activities and the children in Mitchells Plain. If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause by participating in the Two Oceans Marathon Run4Schools Running Team 2019, thank you very much!

The Run4Schools Foundation offers:
– A good-quality running shirt in the Run4Schools colours;
– A Run4Schools Relate Bracelet;
– The opportunity to visit one of our schools in township Mitchells Plain to see our work at first hand;
– The opportunity to support our 200 learners participating in the FunRun with the Two Oceans Marathon Run4Schools Running Team,
– An optional meet and greet with founder Leslie Pangemanan at the FunRun;
– The opportunity to support the foundation in raising awareness and fundings;
– The opportunity to meet other runners and your supporters and celebrate your performance at a central location after the finish

Half Marathon Charity Entry: R1200.00
Ultra Marathon Charity Entry: R2250.00



Daphne Nederstigt


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TSiBA Education NPC

TSiBA is a unique social enterprise collective that provides future-focused business education to ambitious and highly energised individuals and emerging businesses. Including an accredited Business School, an Ignition Academy and an Education Trust the TSiBA collective stands out as a trailblazer in an ever changing business education landscape.

The Business School is an accredited, higher education institution offering graduate and post-graduate business qualifications. The Business School aims to prepare exceptional and ambitious students from under-served communities to have a profound impact on their world and their future.

We believe in providing our students with the most diverse, world-class and rewarding business education. This is supported by generous tuition scholarships which ensure that students contribute towards their tuition at relative levels of affordability.



Graham Moore


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Veterans for Wildlife

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species. By deploying highly-skilled and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play a key role in conservation and the prevention of wildlife crime.

Package fee: SOLD OUT

Lindsay Thomson

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Waves for Change

By fusing the rush of surfing with evidence-based mind/body therapy, Waves for Change provides a child-friendly mental health service to vulnerable and differently-abled youth living in under-resourced communities. Our surf therapy programme provides children with safe spaces, caring mentors, weekly surf sessions; helping children to develop skills to cope with life’s challenges and make positive life choices.

Entry Package: SOLD OUT

Nicci van der Merwe


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Women's Property Network Educational Trust

The Women’s Property Network was established in 2000 to create a forum for women in a predominantly male industry to join together to exchange information, develop business contacts and enhance professional success. There are chapters in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Western and Eastern Capes, with over 800 members countrywide. 

 In line with its objectives, the WPN is looking to provide further education to women in the commercial property sector. In addition it seeks to actively support previously disadvantaged women and assist all junior women to grow in the industry and further their career objectives. In order to achieve this, The Women’s Property Network Educational Trust has been set up.


Nicky Chetty


Woodside Special Care Centre

We are a residential facility for Profoundly Mentally and Physically Challenged Children and young Adults.

Cost: Entry for half marathon R1500 (SOLD OUT)

All entrants will receive a branded Running Vest and be requested to raise an additional R3000. Prize of a Nespresso Coffee Machine for the entrant who raises the most funds above R3000.

Clive Obery


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World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF-SA)

WWF is the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisation, with over six million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

Cost = R1600 (SOLD OUT)

Package include:
– Entry fee
– WWF running T-shirt
– WWF Technical SPF40 running cap

Somi Thinga


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