TOM 2020 Official Charities



Current Charities:
9Miles Project

A registered non-profit organisation that was founded in Cape Town in 2013, 9Miles Project uses surfing as a catalyst to engage at-risk youth in South Africa.

We provide safe spaces and structured welfare, literacy, skills development and empowerment programs for vulnerable youth in coastal informal settlements; and offer mentorship and holistic support to at-risk youth and their families in the areas of Cape Town, Elands Bay, and St Francis Bay.

Many young people are not raised in traditional families and are exposed to alcoholism, drugs, abuse, and sub-par living conditions.  This is where we aim to fill the gap – to show them that there is another way to live, to teach skills and lessons that they would ordinarily not be taught at home, and to break that cycle of poverty and reliance on the State.  We want to be a source of encouragement, affirmation, and education during their formative years…to shine a light on their potential and to hand them the tools to achieve it.

The combination of surfing, life skills education and mentorship is a dynamic trio that produces lasting character, enhances self-worth and develops a goal-orientated mindset.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each which includes the following:
  • Race entry
  • Informal settlement tour (which includes 3 communities, Cape Malay koeksisters and a talk by a local community member)
  • Surf lesson at a pristine Blue-flag beach
  • Branded Dri-fit T-shirt

The extras included in the package can be transferred to anyone and does not have to be used by the runner personally.

Sher'Neil Savel

082 997 8754


ActivateHer is a sports development programme for girls from underserved communities, using sports as a catalyst to improve health and education outcomes.

ActivateHer provides a safe space for girls to learn their rights, become empowered and confident, and develop healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and supportive environment.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1, 400 each. (SOLD OUT)
  • No Ultra-Marathon entries available

Adele Bruggeman

+27 76 144 5929

Anna Foundation

The Anna Foundation – inspiring young people and provides afterschool support to rural farmworker’s children.

Objectives: To address the educational and social needs of rural children and to offer these children life-long learning in order to build positive self-worth and self-respect.

To empower caregivers living in rural communities in order to equip them with skills to take greater responsibility for the development of their children within the home and community environment.



Pierre Olivier

+27 79 4311 402

Ari's Cancer Foundation

A cancer charity assisting teenagers and young adults fighting cancer and make a difference.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,250 each
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Courtney Chase

082 335 4789

Cancer Association of South Africa NPC

CANSA offers a unique integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer. CANSA is a leading role-player in cancer research and the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research are used to realign our health programmes, as well as strengthen our watchdog role to the greater benefit of the public.

Our health programmes comprise health and education campaigns; CANSA Care Centres that offer a wide range of care and support services to those affected by cancer; stoma and other clinical support and organisational management; medical equipment hire, as well as a toll-free line to offer information and support.

We also supply patient care and support in the form of 12 CANSA Care Homes in the main metropolitan areas for out-of-town cancer patients and CANSA-TLC lodging for parents and guardians of children undergoing cancer treatment.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each, which includes:
  • (SOLD OUT)

  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each, which includes:
  • (SOLD OUT)

  1. Race Entry
  2. CANSA Active Running Vest
  3. CANSA Active goodie bag

Additionally, we have a CANSA Active campaign whereby marathon runners and/or celebrity marathon runners who purchase charity entries are invited to participate in the Two Oceans Marathon and become an activist for CANSA Active.

This initiative gives marathon runners the opportunity to participate in their favourite race, Two Oceans Marathon while raising additional funds online to support our educational campaigns on lowering cancer risk and our holistic care and support to those affected by cancer.

Maria Scholtz

(011) 616 7662

Cape Kidney Association

We have maintained our standards of assistance for our Indigent Kidney patients with Chronic Kidney diseases in and around the greater Western Cape.

All support and participation towards our Association will be greatly appreciated.


  • Half Marathon entries at R875 each plus pledge form to raise further funds for the Association (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra-Marathon entries at R1, 200 each plus pledge form to raise further funds for the Association (SOLD OUT)

Molly Fabe

(021) 761-1326

Cape Mental Health

Cape Mental Health provides community -based mental health services in poorly resourced communities in the greater Cape Town area for persons with intellectual disability, psychosocial disabilities and those with emotional adjustment problems and for their families/carers.

We are an award-winning organisation with a track record of excellence in service delivery that goes back to 1913.

Our CEO, Dr. Ingrid Daniels, has been appointed as the President of the World Federation for Mental Health.



  • Half Marathon entries at R2, 020 each
  • The package will include; a branded runner’s t-shirt, arm warmers, and other runner’s complimentary items
  • No Ultra- Marathon entries available

Corne Mouton

(021) 447-9040

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

For the TOM2020 we will raise funds and awareness for our Animal Hospital situated at our premises in Grassy Park.  Our Animal Hospital serves the neediest of pet owners in local communities.  Veterinary treatment is fully or partially subsidised to make care affordable to those in need.

The hospital’s team of dedicated staff comprising of veterinarians, animal welfare assistants, orderlies, and administrative staff are faced with huge numbers of sick and injured animals, as well as cases of cruelty and/or neglect, and do their work diligently in spite of the emotional trauma they often experience.

Recently our hospital worked a miracle on a little Jack Russel stray that had lost a leg.  We are not sure how the injury occurred but Bethany, as we called her, was found wandering the streets with a bony protrusion where one of her legs should have been.  This injury was clearly weeks old and we were surprised that she had survived this long without any veterinary intervention at all.

She immediately underwent a complete amputation of the affected limb and true to her fighting spirit was soon happily running around on three legs. Best of all, Bethany won the heart of Lizma van Zyl (KykNet presenter and founder of Smile Radio) who adopted her after visiting our adoption centre a few weeks later.

Bethany was just one of many animals that our hospital was able to assist this past year.


Run2Heal – because change begins with someone like you – run the Two Oceans Marathon 2020 “for the love of all Animals”.

By joining the SPCA team to run the 21km half marathon or 56km ultra marathon, you are guaranteed entry into the race – and through the funds, you raise along your journey – you ensure that countless animals get the help and love they deserve.

All that is needed is for each half marathon runner to agree to raise a minimum of R3,000 and each full marathon runner to raise a minimum of R3,500.

  1. A guaranteed half or full marathon entry!
  2. Our top 3 fundraisers will each receive a hamper kindly sponsored by Civvio. (Hamper 1x Set of race magnets, 1x activity belt, 1x hydration pack, and 2x safety lights).
  3. In addition, an R2,000 gift voucher sponsored by Sunglass Hut will be awarded to one runner in a random draw.
  4. Team SPCA runners will each receive a limited edition one-of-a-kind SPCA/Bravecto branded running shirt.
  5. Team SPCA runners will also receive a special goody bag from SPCA which will also include in addition to other goodies, GU Energy gel, to maximise our runners’ potential, kindly sponsored by Pure Endurance.
  6. We will offer you lots of fundraising advice, support and tips on how to confidently ask for support and supply you with a standard appeal letter that you can use to encourage family, friends, and colleagues to support you.
  7. You do not have to handle any money directly.
  8. We will also be exhibiting at Two Oceans Expo from 8 – 10 April 2020 and will have exciting things on offer!
  9. Most importantly the personal satisfaction of running and the knowledge that your race has made a big difference to the lives of animals.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Natasha on (021) 700 4155 or

Natasha Johannes

(021) 700 4155

Cape Town Beach Cleanup (Clean C)

Cape Town Beach Cleanup would like to increase its efforts in keeping Cape Towns Beaches clean.  Specifically driving job creation and cleanup initiatives in poorer communities.

Cape Town Beach Cleanup hosts cleanups on the first Saturday of the month and has organised over 2 000 cleanups since starting up in 2008.

Educate. Empower. Employ.

Our goal for 2020 is to create  2 000 job days and help assist those people to find full-time employment.


  • Half Marathon entries at R2,000 each including a dri-fit shirt.
  • No Ultra-Marathon entries available

Gregory Player

+27 82 873 1962

Centre for Early Childhood Development

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) is committed to putting young children first. We focus on increasing access to quality early childhood development to our country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

Early childhood development pertains to the foundational skills that a young child needs to develop within the first 1,000 days.

Research shows that children who attend a quality ECD programme:

  • Perform better at formal school
  • Are less likely to become involved in crime and drugs;
  • Are more likely to be employed;
  • Are less likely to need costly remedial education;
  • And for girls, are less likely to become pregnant whilst a teenager.

We work with communities in areas of the greatest neglect and poverty and our geographic area of operation covers projects in urban, semi-urban and rural areas across South Africa.

Our services include ECD teacher skills training and small business management to women from the community, many of whom are under-educated but dedicated to increasing access to quality early education in their communities. We also support community-run ECD centres that lack the resources to acquire education toys and equipment and infrastructural upgrades by providing this where it is most needed.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1, 000each
  • Ultra- Marathon entries at R2, 000 each

In addition to the ticket, we will provide each runner with a goodie bag.

Zahra Manji

(021) 683 2420

Child Welfare South Africa: Helderberg

Child Welfare South Africa Helderberg performs essential and continuous child protection services to the vulnerable children of Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, Firgrove and Somerset West.  We are the only registered NPO servicing the children of these areas.

The main pillars of the organisation are:

  • AWARENESS PROGRAMMES: Child Abuse Prevention programme, community engagement and information sharing, holiday programmes for children.
  • EARLY INTERVENTION: Assessments of children at risk, therapeutic interventions, recruiting and supporting foster parents, HIV/AIDS family support, parenting programmes.
  • STATUTORY SERVICES: Investigations into child protection situations, removals of children from crisis situations, foster care placements, mediation services and family reunification.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,100 each
  • (SOLD OUT)

  • No Ultra-Marathon entries available

Sarah van Schalkwyk

(021) 852 3126

CHOC - Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

CHOC is a non-profit organisation made up of committed caring and passionate people who stand up for and support the well being of children and teens diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,000 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ulta Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)

Jayde Fouche

086 111 3500

Christel House South Africa NPC

Christel House South Africa is a non-profit school with a single mission: to break the cycle of poverty.  We offer no-fee scholarships to students from some of Cape Town’s poorest neighbourhoods and support them for 18 years (Grade R to Grade 12 and five years post matric through character-based and career-focused education.  Our beneficiaries include 750 students from grade R to 12, 250+ post-matric students and more than 3 000 parents and other members of the communities we serve.

The main criterion for admission to Christel House is not evidence of talent – but evidence of poverty, one measure of which is a maximum average income of R1,500 per household member per month.  Key aspects of our model include poverty mitigation services in the form of daily transport to school and back, professional health care, nutritious meals, psychosocial counselling, family assistance and college and careers planning and support.

We are justifiably proud of our 100% matric pass rate since inception and that 96% of our alumni are studying, working or both.  In doing so, we transform the lives of our students and help to build self-sufficient, contributing members of society.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,300 each
  • No Ultra-Marathon entries available
  • Each runner will receive a CHSA TOMI goodie bag which includes: A Christel House branded cap, a Christel House branded re-usable shopping bag, Christel House branded stationery, running socks, an energy bar, jelly sweets, and other goodies.
  • Quicket link:

Bongiwe Sipunzi

(021) 704-9406

Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Doctors Without Borders is a global humanitarian organisation operating in more than 70 countries.  MSF provides life-saving medical care to people caught in conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics or collapsed health systems.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,980 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,300 each


Kgothatso Banoe

(011) 403 4440


Edunova is a NPC that has been working in the education sector since 2004 to focus on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in schools. We work in schools situated in disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

Vision: To help create the systems that enable all individuals to become effective learners

Mission: Edunova works with schools and other learning organisations to help them create environments where:

  • Students are self-motivated and lifelong learners
  • Individual needs are met and potential is fulfilled
  • People co-operate and collaborate with each other
  • Technology is effectively used to enhance learning
  • Students are prepared for the challenges of life
  • Everyone is a learner


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,350 each
  • Ultra-Marathon enties at R1,600 each

Karen Butler

(021) 371 1927

Endurocad - SA Endurance Academy

The SA Endurance Academy is a non-profit company, founded by Olympian Elana Meyer and Janet Welham.  First of its kind on the African continent.

ENDUROCAD  aims to become the most proficient distance running and endurance academy in Africa.  Our focus is to develop and educate young females (Athlete and enterprise development, education and leadership).

The academy aims to empower female athletes to build a career for life after sport and to compete on an international level.


  • Half Marathon entries:

SA Citizen runners at R1,600 each

Africa runners at R2,000 each

International runners at R2,200 each

  • Ultra Marathon entries:

SA Citizen runners at R2,000 each

Africa runners at R2,200 each

International runners at R2,500 each


Nolene Conrad / Lezanne Augustin

(021) 861 7802 / 076 659 4810

Facingup Support Services South Africa NPC

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) direct our determination and drive toward supporting young people and communities in making sense of loss and life-changing events, such as death, divorce, and displacement. fUSS develop and deliver programmes that equip young people faceUP to their painful situations while supporting them through the process of overcoming those challenges, encouraging them to grow in resilience, and becoming positive role-players in their community.

fUSS programmes are currently presented throughout the Western Cape, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape part of Gauteng, and also Swaziland and Uganda.


  • Half Marathon entries at R850 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,200 each (SOLD OUT)

079 199 1440

Footprints 4 Sam Trust

The Footprints 4 Sam Trust is a charitable organisation focused on offering hope, dignity and support to underprivileged families and children facing the rollercoaster of a life-limiting illness. We are national.

The Trust has six key initiatives which include: Transport, Food, Care and Love buckets, Support Groups and support initiatives for both parents and the health professional.

The Beautiful Memory Initiative and advocacy for human-centred healthcare (The Samuel Generation of Healthcare) and lastly our Wi-Fi Initiative.  One of our main marketing and brand awareness drives is #Sweat4Sam where runners, cyclists etc. raise awareness for the Trust through their various “sweat” initiatives – such as Two Oceans.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each (including a t-shirt) (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra-Marathon entries at R2,200 each (including a t-shirt) (SOLD OUT)

Melissa Platt

087 135 4465

For The Long Run

We are a non-profit organisation in Fisantekraal that uses running as a mechanism to rejuvenate individuals and families.

We coach individuals and groups between 2 and 102 years old, to inspire them to take steps to change their lives for the better.


  • Half Marathon entries at R800 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,400 each (SOLD OUT)

Christine Prokopiak

082 575 0258

Girls With Wiings

Girls With Wiings is an NGO that sows hope and restores the dignity of the homeless and underprivileged women.  We are currently achieving this by providing sanitary products and toiletries to homeless and underprivileged women on a monthly basis.

We are currently supporting 300 women in the Cape Town to Lansdown area monthly.  We have been running since May 2016. To date we have distributed over 12 000 sanitary towels to women and girls


  • Half Marathon entries at R600 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R900 each (SOLD OUT)

Koinonia Baloyi

083 299 0451

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation is a non-profit organisation who screens children in underprivileged communities for mental health problems (ADHD, depression, and anxiety).

Due to lack of awareness of mental health problems in these communities and due to the lack of resources in our education system, many children fall through the education system into a life of gangsterism, crime and substance abuse.  They are often labelled as naughty and lazy, and as a result, suffers low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation screens and identify children with mental health problems and assure that early intervention happens to assist these children.

All children deserve proper education and should not allow mental health barriers stand in their way.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)

Nic de Beer

078 920 3919


help2read implements reading support programmes in Grades 2-4, with learners aged 7-10 years old (taking into consideration that some children may be kept back over this 3 year period has extended our target age range to 13 in some instances) in Government Primary Schools.  We run two literacy programmes concurrently throughout the school year, namely, our Volunteer Reading Helpers (VRH) Programme and our Literacy Tutor (LT) Programme. Our programmes support the school curriculum aiding what is taught in the classroom through literacy skills development.

Our VRH programme relies on the work of literate adult volunteers who read with a minimum of 3 primary school learners twice a week for thirty minutes at a time during the school term.  In the Western Cape, the VRH programme operates in 32 schools and in Gauteng it operates in 8 schools.

Our Literacy Tutor (LT) programme which shares the same goal as our VRH programme – to improve literacy skills of primary school learners – has a slightly different process of implementation and has a dual impact as this programme not only aims to improve literacy skills in learners but also seeks to empower community youth and develop their work readiness skills.


  • Half Marathon entries R725 each (SOLD OUT)
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Nicola-Ann Knowler

(021) 930-3669


Hlumelelisa is an ancient Nguni word that means “a new spirit” or, more literally, a fresh shoot from a dead branch or tree.  The need to heal and renew the spirit is Hlumelelisa’s founding principle and its primary objective is to promote rehabilitation and reintegration into the community of sentenced offenders through the provision of training in horticulture and life skills.

The organisation was established in 2003.  Originally, the only ai was to “green” the neglected “black townships” surrounding Johannesburg by having sentenced offenders grow trees in correctional facilities to be planted in these townships.  However, “growing people” and setting in motion a process of personal transformation culminating in the restoration of dignity and hope, soon became the top priority, and training in horticulture was chosen as the ideal vehicle to bring about this renewal.  The first training site was established at the Leeuwkop Correctional Centre in 2005, with a group of 15 students participating in a three month, outsourced horticulture course coupled with basic, informal life skills training.

Today, Hlumelelisa offers a 10-month, nationally accredited training programme in horticulture, as well as life skills and entrepreneurship, to approximately 160 incarcerated individuals in five correctional centres in Gauteng.  Since the organisation was established, more than 800 people have graduated from training.


  • Half Marathon entries at R800 each (SOLD OUT)
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Christo Read

(011) 433 1888

Home From Home Trust

Home From Home provides supported and supervised community-based cluster foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children in South Africa.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)

Laverne Mehl

(021) 761 7251

Innovation for the Blind (previously Institute for the Blind)

We have been catering to the needs of persons with visual and other impairments since 1881.  Our main aim is to empower them towards improved quality of life and dignity.

Our unique services include residential, care, supported living services, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to 374 adults and elderly persons with visual and other impairments.

We are privileged to be the only organisation in South Africa that offers this range of services to a very vulnerable group of citizens.

We will always aim to live out our vision: To measurably improve quality of life for the visually impaired.


  • Half Marathon entries at R900 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,400 each

Chimone Maartens

(023) 347 2745

Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund

Jumping Kids believes mobility enables access to create opportunities.  We give the gift of mobility by providing amputee children of school-going age with the equipment, holistic rehabilitation and inspiration to realise their dreams and full potential.

Our advanced rapid socket production technology delivers a lower cost but high quality, durable prosthetic device designed for rural communities.  We also provide access to mainstream schooling through bursaries and sports development because access to sport is a fun and healthy way for our children to learn the proper effective use of their bodies and equipment.


  • Half Marathon entries at R800 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)

We will not be providing any branded materials etc. with the entry tickets.

Michael Stevens

083 788 9073 (012) 844 0405

Khululeka Grief Support

Khululeka Grief Support is the only organisation in South Africa that specialises in grief and bereavement support for children and teenagers.  Many disadvantaged children and teenagers in marginalised communities in Cape Town live in the trauma and loss of violent gangsterism, abuse, and neglect, chronically ill parents and the death of parents and siblings.

An independent randomised control trial with findings published in a peer-reviewed journal the Lancet Global Health ( confirms that teenage girls who attended a Khululeka Grief Support Group showed less depression symptomology and improved behavior.  The evidence clearly illustrates the link between sexual risk-taking behaviors and depression, and the death of a parent has a direct impact on school performance and retention.

Khululeka has a small highly skilled and passionate staff who specialise in having difficult conversations and supporting children and teenagers and building the capacity of social workers and child and youth care workers to provide therapeutic support in communities with high levels of violence and death and little to no access to counseling and therapy.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,800 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,300 each

Lucinda Adams

(021) 685 1128 / 082 304 8992

Kids Haven

Kids Haven protects and cares for vulnerable children, including those with street connections.  Kids Haven offers a second chance to children and youth who have missed the CARE and support that they need to thrive.  Through our four priorities, every child has the opportunity to become the best that they can be.

#Protection – every child must be safe from abuse, with the legal protection of an identity document and the right to an identity.

#Health –  every child must be physically active and healthy – mental health matters too.

#Education – every child must go to school and love learning.  Youth must be employable.

#Care – every child matters and every life is celebrated.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,350 each (which will include a Kids Haven branded vest or ladies T-shirt plus the entry (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,700 each (which will include a Kids Haven branded vest or ladies T-shirt plus the entry (SOLD OUT)

Susan Daly

083 442 7717

Learning in Reach NPC

Learning in Reach is intent on delivering quality early childhood education that meets the ever-changing world faced by today’s children, sharing dynamic teaching methodologies that use Montessori principles.  Our approach is to leverage community ownership and to drive geographical impact through empowerment, mentorship, and education


  • Pay R670 deposit to reserve your entry for the Two Oceans Half Marathon.
  • Fundraise and additional R1,670 (minimum) by 10 February in order to secure your entry.
  • Meet the ultimate challenge and raise R6,700 by race day (optional)!
  • Please note: If you are not able to pay the minimum amount of R2,340 you will, unfortunately, forfeit your entry and you will not be refunded your deposit.
  • Funds raised will go towards delivering quality pre-school education and parent programs in Lavender Hill.
  • Runners will receive a Learning in Reach shirt and a small goodie bag.
  • You are invited to connect with beneficiaries through regular team outruns scheduled in the run-up to the race.

Leanne Reid

076 401 8503

Love Your Nuts Foundation

The goal of Love Your Nuts is to raise awareness about testicular cancer by educating communities about the rarely spoken cancer that often remains undetected in young adults (most common in the age group 15 to 40).

Due to the diverse society in South Africa, where cultural taboos, stigma and a lack of knowledge about the subject is widespread.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1 000 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)


 Start a fundraiser ( at no cost and if you raise R5 000 or more, we refund your entry and give you a #loveyournuts running vest, cap, and swimwear.

Be ballsy and join the Nuts Team!

Torsten Koehler

076 499 3030

Masakhe Foundation

Our objective is to assist individuals through education and support in the communities and we work with them to become the best person they can be.


  • Half Marathon entries at R500 each (SOLD OUT)
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Jacqui Naidoo

(021) 300 5324 / 083 533 8665

Mosaic Community Developments

Mosaic Community Developments implements a sustainable orphan and vulnerable childcare-model in South Africa.  We identify a family, taking care of two or more orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) and we invest in the caretaker(s) through skills development.  We create sustainable jobs for parents or caretakers, taking care of OVC.

Mosaic provides access to good quality schools, after-school programs, talent development programs, emotional – and spiritual care programs.  We build a 3 bedroom brick house for families and we provide continuous support to the Mosaic families.


  • Half Marathon entries at R800 each

Carien Moller

084 811 2061


Seventeen years ago, MusicWorks’ two co-founders were invited to work at the Heideveld Safe Room by teachers within the community recognising the dearth of psycho-social support within their community.  It was soon apparent that the need extended beyond the walls of the saferoom and into the broader community and MusicWorks was born.

Working in disenfranchised communities marred by poverty, the HIV pandemic, gangsterism and violence and partnering with like-minded organisations and schools, MusicWorks began as an organisation that introduced clinical music therapy sessions withing the classroom that grew over time to include innovative after-school music initiative where no skill is required and no one is excluded and eventually in 2011, the training of early childhood development practitioners in the use of music in the classroom.

As mentioned previously, Music stretches across culture, language, age, and ability.  Young people now self-refer to our after-school music sessions…what can make an organisation prouder than a group of teenagers clamoring to be part of the music? Through an intensive 8-month training and onsite monitoring, ECD practitioners learn to use music as the earliest playful tool encouraging initiative, validation, and playfulness…just perhaps, music is the armour to protect against the casualty of life. Music Therapy, often the only psycho-social intervention available is used within care facilities, places of safety and schools situated in the eye of the storm within Cape Town’s ganglands.  Music is the key that is able to access the unspoken trauma, grief, loss and the pain held inside – individual therapy sessions and sessions with groups, support young people in the knowledge that they are not alone and encourages them to find their voice in a safe, supported and nurtured environment.

MusicWorks is driven by the notion that every child despite their circumstances, has within them the ability to draw on their resilience.  To recognise strength within themselves and change the trajectory of their lives.  Our inspiration is sprung from witnessing the passion of our young people which in turn fires the passion of our team.  One cannot help but be moved upon hearing the enthusiastic voices waiting for a Music for Life session to start.  Seeing the smiles and reactions of young people whose world opens up and is ignited during music therapy is life changing. Reading the internal discoveries (and personal healing) of ECD practitioners provides evidence that the organisation has a life purpose.


Half Marathon entries at R1,000 each (SOLD OUT)

No Ultra Marathon entries are available.

Alexanne Tingley

(021) 671-5196

National Institute for the Deaf

For the past 138 years (since 1881), the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), situated in the Western Cape,is the foremost organisation in South Africa providing all-inclusive training, care, and support services to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss in South Africa and Africa.


  • Half Marathon entries at R450 each (includes entry, NID T-shirt and goodie bag).
  • Participants are also required to raise an additional R2 000 of funds to the benefit of the Deaf and persons with hearing loss at NID.
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available.

Hannerie Swart

(023) 342 5555

Newkidz on the Block

Newkidz on the Block facilitates maintenance and renovations, known as extreme make-overs, to facilities that care for orphaned, vulnerable, abused and abandoned children.

We believe that all children, no matter their circumstances, deserve to live and learn in well maintained functional facilities.  By doing these projects we restore hope, love, and dignity to our future generation.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,250 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,550 each (SOLD OUT)

Once off fee per entry.  A Section 18A donation tax certificate can be issued.

Lynne Haefele

083 611 6018

PinkDrive NPC

PinkDrive NPC, a Health Sector NGO, was founded in 2007 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that “Early Detection Saves Lives”.   PinkDrive’s cardinal purpose is to contribute meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer.

Its primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach.  It recognises that treatable cancer receiving even the basic level of care could translate into varying lengths of extended life for the afflicted when detected and treated early.

Its posture is broadly a promoter of health awareness in general, and specifically health education and heightening awareness of gender-related cancer in South Africa.


  • Half Marathon entries at R2,000 each (inclusive of the Entry with a Charity Running Vest)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,450 each (inclusive of the Entry with a Charity Running Vest and Goodie bag)

Nelius du Preez

(011) 998 8022

Popcorn Kidz NPC

Popcorn Kidz is a small private organisation, trading as a non-profit company that originated through the hearts of parents who wanted the best education for their special needs children situated in Northcliff, JHB.

We give children with various special needs, whether autism, down syndrome, etc. the opportunity to learn and receive a purposeful education through one on one tutoring which is cost-effective to their parents.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,875 each (including a T-shirt/vest and cap) A Section 18A Tax Certificate to each runner and/or sponsor for their donation, to submit to SARS with their annual returns.
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,200 each (including a T-shirt/vest and cap) A Section 18A Tax Certificate to each runner and/or sponsor for their donation, to submit to SARS with their annual returns. (SOLD OUT)

Lerika du Plessis

082 440 1702

Prostate Cancer Foundation NPC

Prostate Cancer Foundation aims to empower South Africans through information and education to act appropriately to minimise the impact of prostate cancer.

The organisation is led by medical specialists and prostate cancer survivors.  Both are driven to provide information that will help men understand the importance of screening to ensure early detection of prostate cancer which saves lives.



  • To purchase a voucher contact us via E-mail only:
  • Vouchers are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
Rare Diseases South Africa

Rare Diseases affect 1 in 10 South Africans – whilst individually rare, collectively they are common.  Rare Diseases SA advocates for improved quality of life for those affected by rare diseases and we encourage everyone to use their mobility for the benefit of those without it!


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each (including entry, running vest and cap)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,200 each (including entry, running vest and cap)

Kelly du Plessis

(010) 594 3844

Reach For A Dream Foundation

The Reach For a Dream Foundation is a South African charity that fulfils the dreams of children, between the ages of 3 and 18 years, who are fighting life-threatening illnesses.  The organisation inspires hope and joy in these children’s lives by providing the best day ever – a golden thread of hope, a perfect memory that makes the challenges of dealing with an illness easier to bear.

Dreams range fro the wildly imaginative – I want to fly to the moon – to the beautifully simple – I want my very own bicycle with a fruit basket.  Reach For A Dream endeavours to make each child’s day as remarkable as possible, embellishing the core dreams to create an unforgettable and inspiring experience for all involved.

Reach For A Dream is constantly in need of new Dream Makers, compassionate individuals and corporates who support the Foundation in any number of ways.  We rely on these partners to aid us in expanding ou reach; making sure that we enrich the lives of all children nationally who are so bravely dealing with a life-threatening illness.

Whatever your capacity for involvement, we would be so very grateful to work with you. We have prepared this overview of our organisation’s work, in the hope that we can fulfil our dreamer’s dreams and be worthy of your support.



  • Half Marathon entries at R1,350 each (inclusive of entry, race tee, goody bag) (SOLD OUT)

Heidi Rowley

(021) 555-3013

South African Guide Dogs Association For The Blind

SA Guide Dogs provide guide dogs, service dogs, autism support and orientation and mobility services.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of visually and physically


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,600 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,900 each (SOLD OUT)

Lindsey Concer

(021) 674 7395

St Luke's Combined Hospice

St Luke’s provides specialised end of life medical and nursing care, known as palliative care, to people with life-limiting illnesses.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)
  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Zarah Domingo

(021) 797 5335

The A21 Campaign South Africa

We are a non-profit organisation fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored.

Our solution – Reach Reducing vulnerability – Rescue – Identifying victims.  Restore – Empowering survivors.


  • Half Marathon entries at R775 each
  • (SOLD OUT)

  • No Ultra Marathon entries available

Gilbert Modrau

(021) 551 0971

The Care Bear Project

The Care Bear Project is a community development project uplifting local rural communities, by providing employment for the families, and by using the product of their work, the bears, as a means of bringing joy to the children in these communities – many of whom have never received a new toy in their lives.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,250 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,550 each (SOLD OUT)

This covers the race fee, a special Care Bear running shirt and the balance will sponsor a full kit for one of our knitters.

Samantha Pinnell

082 800 4115

The Chaeli Campaign

The Chaeli Campaign is a social justice foundation that provides a holistic range of services to support differently-abled children and young adults as catalysts of change.  The work done through The Chaeli Campaign is true to its maxim: For Kids hike Chaeli.

Through its programmes constantly grows a more ability-focused and inclusive world.  Our goal is achieved through the provision of assistive devices, therapies, supporting inclusive education and running various advocacy events and programmes.


  • Half Marathon entries at R2,000 each in fundraising plus entry fee of R375
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,000 each in fundraising plus entry fee of R700

Debbie Cape

(021) 762 3835

The Character Company

The Character Company is a long term MENtorship program for young boys growing up with absent fathers. Currently, 67% of children in South Africa grow up in single-parent homes and 4 out of 5 boys do not have a positive male role model in their lives.

Through dedicated weekly MENtorship sessions, monthly activities, monthly and school holiday camps by dedicated, screened, vetted and trained positive male role models we are actively and decisively raising boys to be good men for a better future for our country.

For more information, please have a look at our website as well as our Facebook page where we continue to post regularly about the work that we do.

We were also blessed this year to be donated a promotional video as well as a “Better Men” video that was featured at the Jozi Film Festival – the links of those are below;


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,000 each

Runners will be loaded on a WhatsApp group (admin comments only) for regular updates and motivations by our boys and each message from one of the boys in the Character Company.  Any runner that want to raise additional funds will be assisted with a backabuddy page and runners raising more than R10 000 by the end of February will get a “one of a kind race shirt”.

Gavin Meyers

(010) 590 3102

The Pebbles Project Trust

The main emphasis of the Pebbles Project is education.  We enrich the lives of disadvantaged children and families in the Winelands farming communities in the Western Cape.

We focus on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live in order to make a significant and lasting difference.  Since our inception in 2004, we have impacted the lives of children and their families by providing support and intervention in five key areas: Education, Health, Nutrition, Community and Protection. 


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,500 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,500 each

Rachel Ward

(021) 865 1018 / 076 023 3782

The Run4Schools Foundation


Run4Schools organises and finances in and after school sports, music and dance programs for the underprivileged children of township Mitchell’s Plain.  Run4Schools started in Mitchell’s Plain in 2004 and inspires many young lives.

Our South African professional sports coaches work at three primary and one high school.  Due to our programs, Run4Schools prevents that children hang around in the streets, or get involved in criminal activities, alcohol or drugs.  The children have so much fun playing with other children and gain self-confidence at the same time.

By organising and participating in several runs, Run4Schools raises funds to support their activities and the children in Mitchell’s Plain.  If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause by participating in the Two Oceans Marathon Run4Schools Running Team 2020, thank you very much!


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,300 each
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R2,350 each

Daphne Nederstigt

The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association

The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association serves the needs of adults and children with Cerebral Palsy.

Our beneficiaries face a multitude of barriers that add to the difficulties that their disabilities present.  Our aim is to lessen these barriers and improve their lives by providing a range of therapeutic interventions, care facilities, protective work opportunities and other support services.


  • Half Marathon entries at R1,200 each

Cheryl Beaton

(021) 685 4150


Xstitch (cross-stitch) is a volunteer-run Non-Profit Organisation.  Our mission is to teach crocheting skills to the unemployed and less privileged throughout South Africa.

We are a group of volunteer ladies who are making a positive difference in our community through training unemployed people a skill in crocheting so they can earn an income.  We then donate the warm hats and items to vulnerable children, homeless people, the elderly in Old Age Homes, ill people in hospitals and impoverished schools.


  • Half Marathon entries at R800 each (SOLD OUT)
  • Ultra Marathon entries at R1,500 each (SOLD OUT)

Deborah Hiebner

078 074 1364

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