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The Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI) launches inaugural 2 x 28km Relay
The Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI) launches inaugural 2 x 28km Relay

30 March 2019

Two Oceans Marathon 2019 Relay – all your questions answered

The Relay is a game-changing addition to our 50th milestone Ultra Marathon event, giving yet more runners the opportunity to be a part of our history

With 2019 being the 50th celebration of our Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, we wanted to introduce an event that would not only capture the imagination but provide a history-making opportunity for those who haven’t been able to qualify for the 56km, or who had previously run the Ultra and can no longer ‘go the full distance’ but still yearn to be a part of this year’s event.

The Relay is a Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI) race

The Relay is part of the Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI) offering. We wanted an event that underscores the social impact arm of our race and at the same time hones in on our #RunAsOne sentiment so building ‘gees’ and goodwill.

As we say at TOMI, ‘Together Our Magic Inspires’, and this quite literally encapsulates the nature of the beautiful journey on which our 500 pairs of Relay runners will embark, given that the funds raised from the Relay will be injected back into TOMI. TOMI stands tall on the four pillars of health, education, our environment and athletic development.

An extraordinary experience for the Relay runners themselves

Aside from helping to empower and uplift others, there is also something very special in it for the Relay participants in the form of a uniquely designed T-shirt they are encouraged to wear on race day, a stunning medal and entertainment by the Masiphumelele community at the half-way point.

A special highlight for the second-leg runners will be witnessing the start of the Half Marathon and then being transported on our buses to the 28km mark, where they kick off!

Satori Athletics Club has been tasked with helping Two Oceans Marathon at the Relay transition area at the 28km-mark in Noordhoek. The funds Satori receives will assist their development runners as well as pay those from the Masiphumulele community who are helping to provide services at the Ultra half-way and Relay transition point.

Thought you’d missed out on OMTOM 2019? Come to the party and pay it forward – there’s a spot for you in the Relay!

We are keen to make this an exciting and happy event and, having spoken to runners this past weekend, our aim is to make it work for as many as possible. Some of you may have been keen on participating in OMTOM 2019 but have subsequently given up hope of being able to do so. This Relay is for you.

We’re specifically speaking to you if you’re:

  • paid-up Ultra Marathon entrant who has either been unable to qualify, or is undertrained due to injury or circumstances – and ultimately, won’t be running the 56km.
  • A runner who was desperate to participate in the Half Marathon but couldn’t secure an entry. While there are no more 21.1km entries, here’s your chance to grab a former 56km finisher as your Relay partner and be a part of our inaugural 50th milestone Ultra Marathon Relay race.
  • A runner who simply loves the idea of being part of the 2x 28km Relay, along with a team-mate!

If you fall into the category of being a 56km entrant unable to run, you’ll only need to pay in R250 extra to enter the Relay – there is no admin fee! As with all our other events this year, we are expecting to be sold-out in record time. It is likely that the Relay will be fully subscribed by month-end.

How to enter

What must you do? Try to find a Relay partner and make sure that between the two of you, one of you has previously run the Ultra Marathon. Entry is via Webtickets – click here

If you need help, contact our office on 087 740 0210 or e-mail us at and we will assist you.

We also appeal to all clubs to help members interested in the Relay to find a suitable Relay partner, and we will be mailing the clubs directly. Ideally, the 56km runner should initiate the Relay entry.

OMTOM 2019 Relay FAQs

What is the entry fee and how many teams can enter?
R1500 per team of two runners. We can accommodate 500 Relay teams in total.

Is there prize money on offer for the Relay winners?
No. The Relay is a Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI) event and underscores what our #RunAsOne spirit is all about – literally. In order not to detract from the prestige of the Ultra or Half Marathons, there is no prize money on offer for the Relay.

Why is the entry fee so high?
As mentioned – we are trying to raise funds for our TOMI initiatives. Remember if you are already a paid up Ultra Marathon runner who isn’t running – it’s only an additional R250 per person to gain your Relay entry.

What do I get with my Relay entry?
Some cool items:
• A specially designed, 50th OMTOM 2019 Relay T-shirt, which Relay runners are encouraged to wear on Race Day.
• A stunning medal.

An amazing experience:
• Entertainment by the Masiphumelele community at the half-way point (600m past the 28km mark at Noordhoek common).
• A special vantage point for second-leg runners, who will be in the enviable position of witnessing the start of the 2019 Two Oceans Half Marathon.
• A bus ride for second-leg runners along the Ultra route to the half-way point after witnessing the start of the Half Marathon.
• The first-leg runner will receive some refreshments at the handover station and a bus ride back to the finish area at UCT. We plan to have you back in time to cheer your partner over the finish line.
Oh – and the boring stuff the Relay has to pay for that you may not be aware of:
• Separate infrastructure, extra logistics capacity, runner and helper refreshments, a separate and clearly demarcated handover station as required by the event compliance legal framework of the City of Cape Town.
• Additional human resources provided by Satori Athletics Club to ensure a smooth transition at the change-over point.

How will I as an Ultra runner know I’m chasing an Ultra leader and not a Relay runner?
The first batch of Relay runners will start right at the back of the Ultra pack. There is therefore no risk of a Relay participant out-running the front of the Ultra field. This event is not for the elite runners or racing snakes!

Why was the Relay announced so late?

I’m a 56km runner who couldn’t update my profile with my medical info and qualifying times by the 5pm cut-off on 25 March – if only I had known the Relay would provide me with another opportunity to participate in OMTOM 2019.

Don’t despair – if you entered the 56km this year but didn’t get your qualifying time to us by the 25 March 5 pm cut-off just contact the TOM office to assist you with entering the Relay instead.

What are the Rules relating to the Relay?

All the Relay rules are here – please scroll right down.

The most important ones are as follows:
1. At least one of the two participants must have previously completed a Two Oceans Ultra Marathon. There is no restriction on the second entrant apart from the minimum age requirement of 18 years.
2. Profile and medical details of both team members will be required at the time of entering.
3. All cut-off times applicable to the Ultra Marathon shall apply to the Relay runners. Should the first team member fail to reach the 28km (Halfway) cut-off in time, all second team members remaining at the change-over will be allowed to start their leg, at the cut-off time.
4. The Relay will not count towards any Blue Number history.
5. Entries will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

We look forward to your participation in this inaugural Relay event!

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