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Parking and/or Medal Engraving Refunds Close 31 August
Parking and/or Medal Engraving Refunds Close 31 August

11 August 2020

If you’re a TOM 2020 Entrant who purchased medal engraving and/or parking, you would have received a mail from us on 1 June 2020, followed by a reminder email on 18 June 2020. We would now like to complete the process of issuing refunds for your parking and/or medal engraving purchases for the #TOM2020 event.

Kindly reply to by Monday, 31 August 2020 at latest, with the following information:

  • Confirmation of your request: Refund my Parking and Medal Engraving for TOM 2020.
  • Proof of your banking details to ensure that we are making a payment into your correct account.
  • The below Banking Details form, signed and with all information completed.

All refunds will be made in full and into your nominated Bank Account or charity (see below), as confirmed in your reply.

TOM unfortunately cannot make partial refunds. It is also unfortunately not possible to carry forward your refund to offset any fees you may pay to enter or participate in TOM 2021, or any subsequent TOM event.

We have made a commitment to refund you for your parking and medal engraving purchases. However, should you wish to donate your parking and/or medal engraving refund to any one of the charities supported by the Two Oceans Marathon Initiative (TOMI), we will gladly facilitate this payment on your behalf.

In this case, please kindly reply to by Monday, 31 August 2020 at latest, with the following information:

  • Confirm your request to ‘Donate my refund’ to one of these TOM 2020 official charities (kindly copy and paste this link into your browser if you can’t click on the link:
  • Do not attach your proof of banking details if you are donating your refund.

Your donation will be allocated to TOMI should you not indicate which specific charity above should receive your donation.

Please note, there is no obligation on you whatsoever to forfeit your refund in favour of a donation to an official TOM 2020 charity or TOMI.

Please note that you will forfeit your TOM 2020 parking and / or medal engraving refund should we not receive a response as outlined above by Monday, 31 August 2020.

Kindly ignore this email if you have already responded to us.

Thank you for your continued support.

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