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Exercise and other heartwarming COVID-19 tips from some of your favourite TOM elite athletes
Exercise and other heartwarming COVID-19 tips from some of your favourite TOM elite athletes

4 May 2020

‘We have to stay positive. We have to motivate each other, whether that’s by staying fit at home or staying fit mentally’ – Two Oceans Marathon 2018 and 2019 Women’s Champion, Gerda Steyn
‘Keep going with a training programme that will help you stay focussed. There will be another Two Oceans Marathon, but we can’t recover lives’ – Prodigal Khumalo, trail running rockstar and Two Oceans Marathon 2019 Trail Run second runner up

‘Don’t give up. Take it day by day. Skip, focus on your core, do strength training – use whatever you have around the house. Try to stay positive and please be safe’ – Charne Bosman, three-time Two Oceans Half Marathon Women’s Champion and Ultra Marathon star

‘Maintain your fitness so you have some fitness to go with into that season – don’t be discouraged by races being called off; it’s a year for us to get stronger – Elroy Gelant, Two Oceans Marathon 2019 Half Marathon champion

‘There is still tomorrow. #KeepMoving, keep going, keep pushing’ – Fortunate Chidzivo, Two Oceans Marathon 2019 Women’s Half Marathon runner-up

‘Try to stick to some kind of exercise regimen so you today remains just a little bit more normal; do something so your fitness levels don’t fall back as drastically if you were to do nothing’ – Tanith Maxell, former Olympian

‘Firstly, let’s get COVID-19 out of Africa by doing our bit … change your mindset. Try to be positive. The difference between and obstacle and opportunity is your attitude towards it’ – Jenna Challenor, Two Oceans Marathon Ultra Women’s runner-up

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