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Route Info

Route Info

Ultra Marathon

Ultra Marathon

These points listed below are fully equipped to assist you through the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon. Lookout for any updates regarding #TTOM2023. The medicas are equipped to assist you with all minor medical problems, and are staffed by Physiotherapists and students to help with those aching muscles as you proceed along the route:


1.Corner of Main and Steenberg Road12.6 kmsLeftMedical/Physio
2.Noordhoek Main Road28.0 kmLeftMedical/Physio
3.200m past the top of Chapman’s Peak33.7 kmLeftMedical/Physio
4.Car park opposite Chapman’s Peak Hotel, Hout Bay38.5 kmLeftMedical/Physio
5.Opposite Four Seasons Farm42.2 kmRightMedical/Physio
6.Top of Constantia Nek46.2 kmLeftMedical/Physio
7.Kirstenbosch before Main Entrance51.1 kmLeftMedical/Physio
8.Newlands Forest Station54.0 kmLeftMedical/Physio
9.UCTFinishLeftMedical tent (medical
centre with emergency medicine,
Sports Science Institute doctors,
nursing sisters and physios)



There is a full support team on hand to deal with any emergency that may occur. EMS crews are patrolling the route to deal with any major problems, supported by response vehicles, pickup vehicles and radio marshals to monitor your progress during the race. In the event of a problem on the route, you will soon see the EMS crew arriving to assist. We have a fleet of vehicles that patrol the route to assist those who are unable to complete the race and ensure they are returned to UCT safely

The Information Centre will have information on runners admitted to the medical tent, or transferred to a hospital in the area. Families will not be allowed into the medical tent, as the medical team need the space to deal with the patients requiring treatment. There are a team of physiotherapists and first aiders to sooth those aching muscles at the Physio tent at the finish. Please feel free to visit the tent and have a welcome massage after your finish. The medical team are on hand for your safety – please enjoy the race, and we hope we do not have to see you!

Hints and Tips

If in any doubt about your health, consult your personal doctor before the race. If you have had influenza or Diarrhoea in the week before the race:

PLEASE visit your doctor or the race doctor before running. Don’t take a chance with your health!

IMPORTANT! Please fill in the details behind your race number, noting any allergies, problems as well as medical aid and contact details. If something happens this information could save your life!

Watch your fluid intake. Ensure you drink enough while running “drink to your thirst”, and keep cool if it is a hot day.

Avoid discomfort by putting plasters on nipples, and Vaseline on areas that chafe BEFORE the race.

Painkillers are NOT available during the race, for your own safety.

Analgesics such as Panado/Nurofen can cause serious complications such as dehydration, and can even lead to renal failure. We recommend you do not take any painkillers prior to or during the race, for your own safety.

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