OMTOM 2019 Final Results

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Prizes & Medals

Prizes & Medals

Ultra Marathon

Ultra Marathon

Athletes will only be eligable for this prize if they possess a valid SA Passport.

The same prize money for men and women:


1stR 7 500
2ndR 5 000
3rdR 2 500

The TV Prize Giving for the top ten winners of the Ultra Marathon will take place next to the Media Centre at the UCT finish at 12h00.

In the event of rain, the prize giving will be held in the UCT Indoor Sports Centre.

The Main Prize Giving (select age categories and teams) will take place at 2pm on the Cricket Oval (Club Gazebo Area).

Record Incentives – R1 000 000 each.

R1-million bonus can be won by the overall winner who breaks the course record (3:03:44) and/or the first woman who breaks the woman’s course record (3:30:36).


Once all results have been verified, official winners will be contacted by the organising team with further instructions to facilitate the payment of any prize monies.

FIRST OVERALLTwo Oceans Floating Trophy
SECONDMiami Health Studio Floating Trophy
THIRDVillager Floating Trophy
FIRST TEAM (MALE)Castle Lite Floating Trophy
SECOND TEAM (MALE)Varsity Sports Floating Trophy
FIRST MALE (AGE 40 +)Dave Venter Floating Trophy
SECOND MALE (AGE 40 +)WP Masters' Association Floating Trophy
FIRST MALE (AGE 50 +)Harry Andrews Floating Trophy
FIRST MALE (AGE 60 +)Chet Sainsbury Floating Trophy
FIRST OVERALL WomanTwo Oceans Floating Trophy
FIRST WOMAN (AGE 40 +)American Swiss Floating Trophy
FIRST WOMAN (AGE 50 +)Leo Benning Floating Trophy
LAST FINISHERJohn Masureik Floating Trophy
FIRST WP ATHLETE: MaleJannie Momberg Floating Trophy
FIRST WP ATHLETE: FemaleBrian Benningfield Floating Trophy
FIRST NOVICENoel Stamper Floating Trophy
FIRST TO CONSTANTIA NEKJohn Smuts Floating Trophy
OLDEST FINISHERC.C. Savage Floating Trophy
YOUNGEST MALE FINISHERNorman Hosken Floating Trophy
FASTEST COMBINED TIME: The Cape Argus/Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour & Old Mutual Two Oceans (Man)Two Oceans Floating Trophy
FASTEST COMBINED TIME: The Cape Argus/Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour & Old Mutual Two Oceans (Woman)Two Oceans Floating Trophy
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