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Home >> News >> Welcome to PUMA's Faas Lab

Welcome to PUMA's Faas Lab

Welcome to PUMA's Faas Lab

Jamaica exports many great products: Coffee, Reggae, Jerk Spice — and Fast. For almost a decade, Jamaica has acted as PUMA’s living laboratory to analyze everything that goes into making the world’s fastest people so, well, fast.

The result of our research is our new Faas range. These shoes are inspired by the world’s fastest country and pull everything – jerk spice included – into their biomechanical, lightweight design.

Faas blends the joy of Jamaica with the science and technology of speed. Faas running shoes are lightweight and über flexible, allowing for a more biomechanically efficient stride, a more natural rhythm, and a faster you.
It’s practical minimalism: stripped down design for more natural running.

The lighter the Faas shoe, the faster it goes. Our cushioning scale is the best way to gauge your workout and which shoe is best for you. The lower the number, the more minimalist the shoe.
Why not take a look and then decide which weapon of speed is for you.

The Faas 500 falls towards the middle of the Faas Cushioning Scale meaning it’s a perfect everyday trainer, designed for the runner who wants to stand out from the pack.
The Faas 300 falls towards the lightweight end of the Faas Cushioning Scale. It's a lightweight, fast pace companion, built for runners who defy convention and speed on a daily basis.

Watch this space as more Faas Running shoes ranging from 100 to 1000 are added to the cushioning scale throughout 2011.

For more information, visit www.pumarunning.com or click on the link to join the PUMA Running Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pumarunning.