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Home >> News >> Ultra Marathon entries are CLOSED

Ultra Marathon entries are CLOSED

  • Ultra Marathon

Ultra Marathon entries have once again filled up before the official 4 March closing date!

REMINDER:  If you entered the Ultra Marathon without submitting qualifying race results, please remember to update your personal profile by 4 March, as you will not be able to participate without a qualifying race time.

The good news for runners who failed to secure an entry, is that the substitution entry process for the Ultra Marathon have now officially opened. The substitution entry process provides runners who can no longer participate, the opportunity to “hand over” their entry to another runner.

The substitution entry process

  • The withdrawing runner must log into the online system and click on the “substitute” button.  A voucher number will be displayed and an email containing this voucher number will be dispatched.
  • This voucher number plus your race number must be forwarded to the new runner who intends to take your entry.
  • The withdrawing runner ONLY gives up his/her entry.  The RaceTec Chip and extra purchases must still be collected by the runner.
  • The original entry fee is not refundable.
  • The new runner must take the voucher number, log into the online entry system and click “Substitution”. The withdrawing runner’s original race number must also be captured.
  • Once the substitution has been validated, the system will prompt the new runner for personal and medical information (if this hasn’t already been completed).
  • The cost for a substitution entry is R80.  However, other costs may still apply, like the cost of a compulsory RaceTec Chip (if the new runner doesn’t already have one), a temporary licence fee, etc.

SAFETY TIP:  Please check that you receive a substitution voucher number from the withdrawing runner, and that that voucher number is valid! It has come to our attention that certain individuals are abusing the trust of runners by advertising the sale of Two Oceans Marathon entries.  Please don't be caught out.  If you are in any doubt, please contact us to verify the details of the withdrawing runner / voucher number first. 

Athletes withdrawing their entries are encouraged to post messages on the event’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The substitution entry window will be close on 4 March 2015.  For more information, email info@twooceansmarathon.org.za or visit our substitutions information page