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Ross' Corner

  • Training

Welcome to Ross’ Corner! Congratulations on being part of the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon experience!

Regardless of whether you’re running the ultra, the half or the trail run, I am sure you’ll have a great run! With a shade under 100 days to go, your training will either be starting up or picking up. And what we’ll be doing with this feature over the next 14 weeks is trying to provide some helpful information, some useful knowledge that will make the difference between a good and a great 2011! We start officially on Monday 17 Jan from 12pm onwards!

Here’s how it will work...


Every Monday morning, by no later than 12pm, I will post a short video on a running and training topic of interest, to help you gain some insight into your race preparation and to make the most out of your training. That video will go out as a status update for all of you following this page (so if you haven’t already “liked” the page, do it now!), and it will also go into the “Video” tab of our Facebook page (which you can find above). The video will be punchy, short (about 3 minutes maximum), but hopefully enough to point you in the right direction, be it on shoes, technique, training, diet or race information.

Oh, and don't expect "Avatar"-style video! They'll be filmed on a handheld camera, informal, conversational and real! In addition to the video, I'll post some short summary notes here on the Ross' Corner tab, an "episode summary" so that you can refer back to them as we build up our library!


The video will be linked to a discussion right here on Facebook, which you'll be able to find on the "Discussion Board" tab above. This is your opportunity to ask follow up questions, post your comments, share your experiences, and allow fellow runners in this community to benefit from some good debate. I will be available to answer questions and to moderate that discussion for 3 days after posting the video (until Thursday each week, in other words).


Watch and learn (hopefully!). All you need to do is get involved, watch the videos, get involved in the discussion, and ask questions if you have them. What would be really helpful for me is if you can also suggest topics that you'd like to see covered. I've been racking my brains for what I think is of interest, and I have thought of:

  • Shoes
  • Technique
  • Training principles
  • Diet for best training and performance
  • Recovery
  • Pacing

But, it's your community and so I would love to hear your ideas. Use the discussion to the first video, which will go out this Monday, 17 Jan, by 12pm to share some of your requests.


Lastly, let's aim to grow the community - if you enjoy a video, and you would like to spread the word, then click "share" or "like" underneath the video and let's get everyone involved! Enjoy! Ross Tucker Visit Ross' Corner on Facebook or view the videos on our website.