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Home >> News >> PUMA – Get your FAAS on!

PUMA – Get your FAAS on!

It has been scientifically proven the world over that Jamaicans are fast. Why? Jamaicans take a simple approach to running. Their routine includes grass tracks and uphill sprints rather than Alter-G treadmills and speed parachutes. They thrive in natural environments and remind the world that running is nothing more than a desire to be faster and to enjoy the freedom of finding one’s natural rhythm. PUMA kept this in mind when developing their Faas running shoes.

They used the “less is more” approach by removing the bells, whistles, and traditional running shoe reinforcements and replacing them with a new lightweight system called BioRide. This technology has three integrated parts – Rocker, Flex, and Groove – that work together to create a more natural running rhythm.

For the latest Faas collection, PUMA has taken the successful Faas 250 racing flat off-road! The Faas 250 Trail is a super lightweight all weather racer. It is light and low to the ground for excellent traction and response over uneven terrain. It even has a water-repellent performance upper to keep your feet dry during trail runs. The Faas 250 Trail, retailing at R999, will be available from PUMA stores and other select retailers from February 2012.