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Home >> News >> OMTOM Medical Newsflash: Common Race Day skin conditions & how to avoid them

OMTOM Medical Newsflash: Common Race Day skin conditions & how to avoid them

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Trail Run
  • Medical
  • Training

What are the common skin conditions in runners?

The most common skin complaints are friction blisters (feet), abrasions from chafing (armpits, nipples, inner thighs), and lacerations (from falling).

How common are skin conditions in runners?

Skin conditions and injuries are quite a common reason for athletes to report to the medical facilities after the race and account for 17% of all the medical complaints we treat. About 1 in every 730 runners who start the Two Oceans Marathon develop skin complaints during the race.

Tips to avoid skin complaints during running

The easiest way to avoid skin complaints include:

  • Race in the kit that you regularly train with, including socks, shoes, running tops, underwear, and shorts.
  • Use lubricating (e.g. vaseline) or anti-chafing gel in areas where skin is likely to rub (commonly in the armpits, groin and inner thighs).
  • Run with underwear that you have tested on long training runs.
  • Ladies: wear a good-fitting sports bra.
  • Men: apply nipple plasters.
  • Take extra precautions when you run in cold, wet weather, as these conditions are known to increase skin injuries.

This newsflash was brought to you by the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Medical Team. Please watch your Inbox for regular medical newsflashes.