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Home >> News >> Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon winner loses title and receives two-year ban

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon winner loses title and receives two-year ban

  • Ultra Marathon

(Cape Town, 5 December 2013)  Russian ultramarathoner Natalia Volgina has officially been stripped of her 2013 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon title and received a two-year competition ban, subsequent to a final guilty verdict for using the banned anabolic steroid Metenolone.

Volgina was among 24 Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon finishers to be tested by the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport, with hers yielding the only positive result.

Following an investigation, during which Volgina had the option to have her B-sample tested, she was officially found guilty by the All Russian Athletics Federation, in conjunction with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Lester Cameron, chairman of the Two Oceans Marathon NPC, confirmed that Volgina will lose both her title and the R250,000 prize money.

“We are disappointed that there are still athletes who believe that they can get away with doping, and we take these offences very seriously.  As race organisers, we have a responsibility to protect the integrity of our event, and the sport as a whole.”

Volgina’s disqualification means that all runners behind her move up one position. Thabita Tsatsa of Zimbabwe is now the official winner of the 2013 Ultra Marathon, while American Camille Herron has moved into 10th position.

“The organising team received the official outcome of Ms Volgina’s disciplinary procedure on 3 December 2013, and we are currently making the necessary arrangements to pay the top 10 ladies the balance of their revised prize money,” Mr Cameron added.

The official Top 10 Ladies are:

  1. Thabita Tsatsa, ME INT (ZIM):  03:39:54
  2. Charne Bosman, BONITCG:  03:40:16
  3. Elena Nurgalieva, ME INT (RUS):  03:41:42
  4. Mamorallo Tjoka, TOY INT (LSO):  03:44:40
  5. Nina Podnebesnova, NED INT (RUS):  03:45:14
  6. Ellie Greenwood, NED INT (GBR):  03:45:15
  7. Immaculate Chemutai, UGA:  03:47:36
  8. Michelle Williams, BONITCG: 03:50:59
  9. Jenniffer Koech, NED INT (KEN):  03:52:28
  10. Camille Herron, NED INT (USA):  03:53:09

Volgina will only be eligible to participate from 15 May 2015.