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Home >> News >> Medical information required during race entry process

Medical information required during race entry process

  • Medical

In 2011, the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Medical Team conducted an online medical questionnaire that was completed by approximately 2 500 participants. Every year, more than 700 runners receive medical care at the medical facilities – both on the route, as well as at the medical tent at the finish. By reviewing the results of the completed pre-race online questionnaires, we were able to pre-plan for the necessary medical care and ensure sufficient staff and facilities were available. Following this success, we have subsequently upgraded our goal and the present focus is to prevent as many medical events as possible in order to make this not only the most beautiful but also the safest race on the running calendar!

Due to the successful implementation of the questionnaire and the information it yielded in 2011, the Medical Team in conjunction with the event organisers decided to make this medical questionnaire a part of the registration process for 2012. The questionnaire will be included in the online registration process for completion by all runners. The medical questionnaire consists of a series of yes/no questions relating to your medical history, previous medical complications during races or training and common running injuries. If you are healthy and have no injuries, it will take approximately 5 minutes to complete (a bit longer if there are medical details you need to enter).

Please take the necessary time and care to complete this section of the entry form. In addition, we will also ask you to consider that the medical information be used for ongoing medical research so that we can continue with our effort to improve medical care and race safety.

We look forward to seeing you in 2012 and to being of service to you and your fellow runners. Keep an eye out for our helpful medical tips that will follow in newsletters to come.

Prof. Martin Schwellnus, Prof. Wayne Derman, Dr. Wayne Smith, Dr. Karen Schwabe, Netcare 911 and the rest of the Medical Team