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Home >> News >> On-the-go nutrition in a convenient package

On-the-go nutrition in a convenient package

It’s often said that, in today’s era of information technology, people are more informed than ever before. That’s certainly true of nutrition. We now know a great deal about how the body works, and what it needs to keep working optimally.

Take carbohydrates and GI, for instance. The Glycaemic Index (GI) measures the impact that carbohydrate-containing foods have on our blood sugar levels. The higher the GI, the quicker the sugar uptake in the body.

Why does that matter? Because the type of energy you need depends on the activity you’re doing. Low GI foods release their sugars slowly over time; they’re good to eat before exercise or activity, as they’ll keep releasing energy throughout the activity’s duration. However, low GI foods won’t give you instant energy; for a quick boost, high GI choices are recommended.

With this in mind, FUTURELIFE®’s High Energy SmartBars are made with high GI carbohydrates, to give you fast-acting energy on-the-go. They’re a tasty way to get an immediate boost, whether you’re running the Two Oceans Marathon or simply hitting the afternoon slump at work.

Of course, carbohydrates are the most direct way to boost your energy levels, however Dieticians advise that other factors are just as important. These include vitamins and minerals (which help with everything from fighting fatigue to rehydration), proteins and amino acids, healthy fats, and fibre (assisting in healthy digestion).

FUTURELIFE® High Energy SmartBars boast 40 essential nutrients, including 19 vitamins and minerals (specifically electrolytes assisting in rehydration), 19 amino acids, as well as Inulin, a prebiotic. Free from allergens such as wheat, gluten, trans fats, eggs, nuts (except for peanut butter flavour), MSG, and tartrazine, SmartBars live up to their name: they’re smart nutrition.

Whether you need a healthy snack, an on-the-go pick-me-up, or even a post-exercise meal, SmartBars are ideally suited to an active lifestyle, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

FUTURELIFE®: Smart nutrition for life.