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Home >> News >> Anita Engelbrecht & Hilton Murray in the Ultra - an update

Anita Engelbrecht & Hilton Murray in the Ultra - an update

  • Ultra Marathon

Anita Engelbrecht and Hilton Murray entered the Ultra Marathon and both submitted the qualifying marathon results and club details necessary to participate in the Ultra.

Anita’s application to participate in the Ultra Marathon in a wheelchair was made a week ago, months after we had already submitted and received our event permits and permissions from the City of Cape Town and Disaster Management team. And while we have always welcomed wheelchair participation in the Half Marathon, Anita’s special application to participate in the Ultra posed a number of unique challenges.

As a result, we immediately engaged in dialogue with the relevant parties, followed by a positive meeting with Anita and her mother earlier today where we discussed the challenges and opportunities from both an athlete and organiser perspective.

We then entered into extensive consultations with the City of Cape Town and related role players with the view to amend the necessary permits and permissions for Saturday’s event, and we have come to an agreement to have Anita and Hilton participate in the Ultra Marathon as part of a pilot project to practically assess the experiences of a wheelchair athlete in the Ultra Marathon.

While all of this took place in the background, a number of passionate runners took to our social platforms. However, we could not respond to the amazing outpouring of support as we were in the middle of dialogue and negotiations with all the relevant parties.

We believe in organising an inclusive event, and would like to thank Anita and her mom for the time they took to engage with us in such a positive and solutions-driven manner.

We look forward to welcome her to the Ultra Marathon start and finish line on Saturday.