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Home >> News >> 2014 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon: Entries opening for previous finishers

2014 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon: Entries opening for previous finishers

  • Half Marathon

The third phase of the 2014 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon will launch at 10h00 on 14 November 2013, when all previous OMTOM participants (who finished within the cut-off) can finalise their entry. 

Entries for this particular entry group are limited to 2 000.  

Please note the following to ensure a fast, smooth and hassle-fee entry process:

  • Please go online before entries open to update your personal information, create your entry and complete your medical details.This will allow you to simply access the race administration system at 10h00 to finalise your payment.
  • For more information, please contact our friendly race administration team at info@twooceansmarathon.org.za or on 0861 262326 (during weekday office hours).

If you do not have internet access and are unable to complete an online entry, please note:

  • Manual entry forms will be captured by the race administration team and will form part of the random entry draw on 22 January 2014. Only athletes whose names are drawn will be requested to make a payment to secure their entry.
  • If you'd prefer to secure your entry online, but don't have internet access at home or at your place of work, please enter from an internet café or ask a friend or fellow club member to help you.