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Your Guide to Race Week - from A - Z

This handy guide should help you navigate OMTOM Race Week without breaking a sweat.



Only the following advertising or branding may be displayed on a club competitor’s upper body attire (ASA rule 143):

  • The Old Mutual name on the race number.
  • The small logo and/or name of the clothing manufacturer.
  • The name of the club sponsor may appear either as part of the name or independent of the club name. Club sponsor identification may appear once only.

For more information on what is / isn't allowed, read our RULES.


If you think you have won your category, make your way to the Winners' Circle.

  •   There will be a WINNER’S CIRCLE tent set up next to the Race Results Certificate Printing marquee.
  • You may collect your category medal and pose with the OMTOM backdrop for a photograph in the WINNER’S CIRCLE.
  •   All results are Provisional.  



A blue number is awarded to any runner that has officially completed 10 Ultra Marathons. Runners who complete 10 Half Marathons receive a light blue number. Blue Number Club members have a special area for registration and at the finish where they can relax, meet old friends, renew acquaintances and buy memorabilia.



Entries can be confirmed on the website by hovering your mouse over “Enter” and clicking on “Am I entered” on the green bar on the top of the home page and printing the acknowledgement page. Your original entry was acknowledged to a valid e-mail address (as supplied), and your race number is SMSed to you. Please ensure that you bring a form of entry confirmation, your RaceTec timing chip and ID document (or permanent residence permit) to registration.


Official club kit on race day is encouraged, although in accordance with ASA rule 103.1, club kit is optional. Your race day kit must comply with the relevant advertising rules. Club kit must be worn to qualify for team prizes. Your 2016 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon race numbers must be worn unaltered throughout the race on the front and back of your running vest and NOT on your running shorts.


56km: The race is run from Gun to Mat. Cut-off is 7 hours (13:30). Runners who have not reached the following marks in the times specified will not be allowed to continue:

  • 28km at 10:00 – Half way, Noordhoek Main Road.
  • 42,2km at 11:50 – Outside Four Seasons Farm, Hout Bay Main Road.

21km: The official cut-off time at the finish is 09:20 (3 hours 10 minutes). Runners who have not reached the corner of Rhodes Drive and Orchard Avenue (18km) by 09:00 will not be allowed to continue.

If you do not reach the cut-off points within the required time, you will be asked to retire from the race and leave the road. YOU MAY NOT CONTINUE IN THE RACE. Athletes who fail to obey the race officials will be subject to disciplinary action and may be banned from participation in the Two Oceans Marathon in future. Transport will be provided at all the cut-off points to take the runners back to the finish.



The largest running-related expo in the Western Cape takes place at the CTICC in Cape Town. This lifestyle expo offers visitors all sorts of interesting stands with everything there is to know about road running and related elements under one roof. The Expo will take place at the CTICC, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town and will open during the following hours:

  • Wednesday 23 March 2016 09:00 – 19:00
  • Thursday 24 March 2016 09:00 – 19:00
  • Friday 25 March 2016 08:00 – 17:00

As the official registration point for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, this expo attracts over 50 000 visitors over the three days. Over the years, it has become much more than just a running expo, and now includes top sporting brands, apparel, supplements, outdoor adventure sports and sporting tours, to name just a few. It is an opportunity for all sport enthusiasts to experience the latest trends in the running and sporting arena and to be part of the exciting atmosphere leading up to the world’s most beautiful marathon.



The carrying of national flags is permitted provided they do not cause an obstruction or create a safety risk. Participants may not display any commercial advertising or political or religious references/slogans.



It is imperative that runners fill in the medical information on the back of their race number. Should a runner require hospital treatment, he/she will be charged according to the hospital tariff rate.

(021) 937 0324 > Please memorise this number in the case of a medical emergency. Information relating to runners who have been admitted to the Medical Tent will be available at the Information Tent next to the finish.


Ahead of Race Day, please make sure you arrange a specific meeting place to meet your supporters at the finish. The most suitable venue would be at your club gazebo (see page 105), or at the designated meeting Points (A – E). This is where feather flags will be located at the Sports Centre side of the field where you may meet your friends and loved ones.


There are a number of bands along the routes, as well as music at various watering points. Feel free to sing and dance along and smile as much as possible to thank them for coming out to support you. No iPods, MP3 players, music devices or ear phones of any sort are allowed, as these are a safety hazard and hinder your interaction with race officials and marshals. Running with these items may result in disqualification.


Runners MAY NOT TRANSFER their race numbers and/or timing chips to other runners. Any runner who is found guilty of breaking this rule will be banned from the race for one year in addition to them being disqualified from the current year. This is an important – and potentially life saving – safety measure!



Parking at UCT can be pre-booked at the Expo. Space is limited, and tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. Some of the schools in the surrounding area also sell parking on their sports fields. Please be kind to the environment and share lifts to the start. No parking is allowed on the M3 and doing so will result in being ticketed or even being towed away. The start and finish are 2km apart and it is an easy downhill walk to the start from UCT. A free shuttle service will be available between the UCT Sports Centre and the start, Groote Schuur school fields, S.A.C.S. and Westerford fields. No buses will be allowed on Upper Campus. Full parking maps and information will be available to view at registration.


A number of your fellow runners will be kitted out as pacesetters and will carry flags letting you know in what time they will be completing the race. Please join in a group that suits your pace and share in the fun and spirit that they inspire.


There will be a number of physio stations along the route and at the finish. Visit our website or see page 50 for more details.


Prams, strollers or pets (including service dogs) are not permitted in the Trail Runs, 21.1km or 56km events.


•  21.1km: 08:30 Half Marathon prize giving (top 3 men and women only)

•  56km: 12:00 Ultra Marathon prize giving (top 10 men and women only)

Prize giving will take place on the VIP Deck, across from the Grand Stand, on the other side of the finish line. In the event of rain, the prize giving will be held in the UCT Indoor Sports Centre.



The two race numbers that you collect at registration must be worn without alteration on the back and front of your running vest or crop top. Race numbers may NOT be attached to your running shorts.  Unlicensed runners must run in plain colours without advertising on their vest or T-shirts. All runners must, at all times, have two race numbers affixed on the front and back of their running vest, t-shirt or crop top.


You must attach your RaceTec chip to either your left or right shoe using your laces. Keep it in a safe place as your RaceTec chip is linked to your personal profile and can be used at any event timed by RaceTec.


  • Your chip is not transferable to another runner as it is personalised for your use only.
  • Have your chip scanned at registration to check that you have the correct chip and that your details are correct.
  • Remember to attach your RaceTec chip to your running shoe before you leave for the race to prevent it being left at home.
  • No chip – no results – no exceptions.
  • No other timing chip previously used in Two Oceans Marathons will be valid.

CLICK HERE for a visual guide of the correct way to wear your RaceTec chip.


A number of well-stocked refreshment stations will be provided on the route. For a full list of where and what please see the details on page 48 of this magazine or visit www.twooceansmarathon.org.za for details.


Take the sweat out of your race number collection process with these easy steps.

  • You must collect your race number and race pack from the registration hall at the Expo.
  • Registration will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) during the Expo on:
  • Wednesday 23 and Thursday 22 March from 9am to 7pm

> International runners can enter the free Friendship Run at the international registration desk
> Ultra and Half Marathon, Trail Run and Fun Run participants must collect their race packs

  • Friday 25 March from 9am to 5pm

> Ultra and Half Marathon runners may also collect their race packs on the Friday, while Trail and Fun Run participants are enjoying their Race Day

What to bring:

  • Confirmation of your entry
  • Proof of identification (eg. ID, passport, drivers licence) • RaceTec chip – if you already have one

•  In the event participants cannot personally collect their race number and a pack, a substitute will need to present a permission letter with race details before any race related material will be
issued. This letter is available for download on the website.

What to bring if collecting on behalf of someone: • Entry confirmation • Print out and complete form on the website to give permission • Copy of entrant’s ID • ID of person collecting

•  Runners who have completed 10 or more Ultra Marathons all qualify as members of the Blue Number Club (BNC). Members of this club are issued permanent numbers for life and can register and collect their race packs at the BNC desk at the Expo.

•  No late entries or entries on registration day will be accepted for the Ultra Marathon, Half Marathon or Trail Runs. However, runners may still enter the Fun Runs and International Friendship Run on Wednesday and Thursday.

•  Any participants found running in a race they are not registered for on the day will be disqualified from future Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon events.


The RaceTec Results Centre will be situated near the finish line. Provisional results will be available online on the Two Oceans Marathon and RaceTec websites within 24 hours. (Contact info@twooceansmarathon.org.za with any queries.)


A number of sweep vehicles will be travelling continually along the route. They will be available to transport you to the finish should you retire from the race, and from the various cut-off points.



The entire field is seeded with an alphabetical letter as part of their race number. This letter will correspond to the starting pens at the start. You may start in a seeding group behind yours, but NOT in one ahead.

Note the 21km start times:

•  A-C: 05:50

•  D: 06:00

•  E: 06:10

Runners will be seeded according to their qualifying times they provided. If no qualifying time is provided, then the runner will start in group E.


The runners will be able to make use of the shower facilities in the UCT Indoor Sports Centre after they have finished running. Access to the UCT Indoor Sports Centre will be via the ramp from P1 parking entrance or via the stairs on the field, located at the corner of the Rugby “A” field closest to the M3 and the Sports Centre.


•  21km: The Half Marathon (groups A-E) starts in front of the Ultra start area in Main Road, Newlands. Note the 21km start times: A - C: 05:50; D: 06:00; E: 06:10. The start is within 2km walking distance from the UCT Campus.

•  56km: The Ultra starts after the Half Marathon outside South African Breweries at the bottom of Dean Street, on the Main Road at 06:30.



Runners can make use of the Tog Bag Trucks that will be available at the start in Dean Street. Your tog bags will be taken back to the finish venue. The Tog Bag Facility will be well signposted. Runners must ensure that their bags are labelled with their names on the label provided at these trucks. Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, runners are advised not to leave expensive or valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any losses.


Please use the toilets that are available at the start, at refreshment stations on the route, and at the finish. Please leave these toilets in the same state that you would like to find them. Do not relieve yourself on the road, in the bushes or on private property. We have received numerous complaints from residents along the route whose private property has been fouled. Runners that are caught may be disqualified and banned.


Follow your favourite runner’s progress via the RaceTec Tracking App, available for free from the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store. Search by using either both their first name and surname, or their race number. You will be sent notifications as your athlete’s timing chip passes certain key mats on the route.



Runners running their 10th Ultra or Half Marathon will have yellow numbers. Those earning their blue, double blue or triple blue numbers are requested to finish on the right-hand side. Marshals will be at the finish to guide you to a special area where you will be awarded with your relevant permanent blue number and photographed. Runners who have achieved their permanent light blue or blue number (21km and 56km) are invited to the Blue Number Club on race day, which is situated on the campus side.