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Rachel Swart Fund

Rachel Swart Fund

The Rachel Swart Fund has been in existence for 55 years and we have help over 5000 clients living with disabilities with various mobility aids. Our fund is well known among professional in the field of disability who are working with clients from disadvantaged communities and who are not able to afford the devices that are necessary for their mobility or a device that would prevent further deformities from taking place. We receive applications from schools in the western cape that are working with children with special needs and from various hospitals and homes for the disabled. Our fund has become a life line to those who cannot afford these very expensive appliances, especially motorized wheelchairs which cost in the region of plus minus R 20 000. We receive thank you letters, photos and evaluation forms from the clients expressing their deep gratitude for the wheelchair that has brought them so much freedom and independence and the ability to feel included in society. 

Entries Information:

Runners will be asked to raise a minumum of R2000.00 per entry - Pledge forms and further fundraising information will be provided (please note: this is not compulsory, but a goal).

Contact: Joy Badham-Thornhill

Tel: 021 689 8376

Email: joy@rachelswart.org.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelswartfund/