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Rachel Swart Fund

Rachel Swart Fund

The Rachel Swart Fund Aims to provide mobility aids to people with severe disabilities throughout South Africa ensuring the beneficiaries receive mobility which brings independent, dignity and inclusion in society.

The Rachel Swart Fund is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Dedicated to helping individuals with physical disabilities, the Fund provides and helps maintain mobility devices for South Africans around the country who live in under-resourced communities and cannot afford them. Since its start in 1960, the Fund has helped over 5,000 men, women, and children achieve mobility. An integral part of life, mobility is essential, and without it, the Fund’s beneficiaries rely heavily on those who care for them. The devices grant them independence, rendering them more capable of day-to-day activities and alleviate some of the burden often placed on caregivers. This independence allows children or young people to pursue their education, and grants adults the opportunity to seek meaningful employment. The devices also afford recipients the ability to become active members of the community, reducing isolation, which is common among individuals with limited mobility in these communities.  

Entries Information:

Cost: R500.00 per entry with additional fundraising commitment of minimum R1 500.00 - Pledge forms and further fundraising information will be provided.

Contact: Joy Badham-Thornhill

Tel: 021 689 8376

Email: joy@rachelswart.org.za