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gold peer education development agency

 gold peer education development agency

gold has a strategy to develop a million young African leaders with character and integrity to mobilise their generation with the knowledge, tools and support to reach their full potential. gold is an established, award-winning youth focused organisation contributing towards measurable results in:


  • Education
  • Social behaviour change
  • Health and education
  • Youth leadership development
  • Employment of youth 


gold identifies youth in vulnerable communities to be trained and mentored as peer educators in the gold programme at their school. Through their participation in the gold programme they develop into purpose driven role models. The gold Model uses the methodology of peer education, which harnesses the influence that young people have on their peers to bring about sustained social and economic change. Youth encourage each other to make informed choices and develop health-enhancing and purpose-driven social norms. The gold Model uses, among other key theories, the progression of change: PERSONAL change leads to GROUP change leads to COMMUNITY change.“Imagine Africa’s potential if a generation of influential young people - often labelled as the ‘youth bulge crisis’ at the bottom of the pyramid – are given the platform and tools to confront and overcome the desperate circumstances that they face. We have seen how peer pressure works! When given the love, opportunity and mandate to influence their peers positively, even the most negative role models begin to have something rise up inside of them. They realise that they are valuable, they start to value others and fight to be part of a movement of positive change that is bigger than themselves. They make tough choices in order to break the patterns of the past." gold founder and CEO, Susannah Farr

Entries Information:

Cost:R1000.00 per entry

Contact: Lethiwe Nkosi

Tel: 021 685 5038/9

Email: nkosi.goldyouth@gmail.com