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BESST Foundation

BESST Foundation

As new educational programs have started opening paths of opportunity for HDI Woman [Historically Disadvantaged Individuals] in South Africa, academic qualifications alone are no longer enough to gain entry into the workforce. It is critical for these women to have the social and professional skills that will enable them to successfully conduct business in a corporate environment, a skill-set not taught as a part of most conventional academic programs.From customer service engagement, client communications and developing a personal brand and style, right through to understanding the social norms in a professional workplace; these are vital skills-sets that are required for professional success. The BESST Foundation training methodology is working to change that.The six-day BESST training course is led by one of South Africa’s leading experts in international protocol and business etiquette. The curriculum does not just cover theoretical concepts but also includes practical, hands-on exercises dedicated to helping students master the five BESST skills that they will need from day one in a corporate environment. Inspired by the African Union’s declaration of 2015 as the Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development, the BESST Foundation was established to empower and equip South African women with the professional skills they need to be their BESST-selves in the workplace.

Entries Information:

Option 1: R585.00 per entry

Option 2: R1 050.00 per entry 

Contact: Koos Louw

Email: KL@KoosLouw.co.za