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Badisa Wynberg

Badisa Wynberg

Badisa Wynberg is a registered non-profit organisation, based in Wynberg, to render child protection services from Mowbray to Westlake.  These services include supporting children and their families in unsafe circumstances with safer options.  Badisa Wynberg is also a designated child protection organisation and work closely with other role-players and professionals involved in children’s lives to make decisions in their best interest.


In 2000 ChildLine indicated that they received 600 000 calls from children in need.  15 Years ago more than half a million children had no responsible adult in their life they could trust with their fearful circumstances and had to phone a number and speak to an unknown person relying on help.

 “Save the Children” mentioned that during 2011/2012:

  • 50,688 children were victims of violence
  • 793 children were murdered
  • 12,645 were assaulted
  • 25,862 were sexually abused

In 2014-2015 Badisa Wynberg assisted 1343 children in need of care and protection of which 410 were exposed to severe abused and neglect.  BADISA has 6 six registered social workers and 2 social auxiliary workers to render child protection services. 

The organization depends on state funding and fundraising to keep their doors open for children in need of care and protection.  As the problem of drug abuse in the Western Cape and especially the Cape Flats worsen the more hands and feet are needed to rescue children in dire circumstances.

Entries Information:

Cost: R800.00 per entry

Contact: Su-Raè Herring

Tel: 081 7728 339

Email: marketing@ebconsulting.co.za