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Home >> Information >> Charities >> Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre

Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre

Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre

ARC (Aquila Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre) is a non-profit Section 21 organisation.
It was established as a sanctuary for animals that can never be released into the wild again and a temporary home for those who need attention before being released into the wild.  It includes various initiatives and projects; amongst these are our Saving Private Rhino Foundation, Orphan Rhino Calf, Rescue and Rehabilitation Initiatives, Eco Synergy Systems and Black Eagle Project.
We will be focusing on Saving Private Rhino for the Two Oceans Marathon, should our application be approved.
The "Saving Private Rhino" initiative has been established to ensure the future conservation of Africa's rhino and wildlife heritage, by providing the most comprehensive, integrated anti-poaching solution available to every private game reserve in Africa which needs assistance defending its wildlife.
In August 2011, Aquila Private Game Reserve was hit by a horrific poaching incident that saw three rhinos attacked, with two brutally killed and de-horned.  Free counter-poaching security training courses have been established to teach rangers how to protect themselves as well as their rhinos and wildlife populations.This programme was responsible for a R30 million ivory arrest, the largest ever in the Western Cape. On a separate occasion, two Zambian nationals were arrested trying to sell a baby rhino’s horn covered in blood.

Entries Information:

Cost: R1500.00 per entry, runners will also be required to raise an additional R2500.00 

Contact: Tanya Heald

Tel: 083 700 6377

Email: tanya@aquilarescuecentre.org