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African Wildlife Conservation Fund

African Wildlife Conservation Fund

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund is a small hands-on organisation passionate about, and dedicated to, wildlife conservation in Africa. We focus on the conservation of large predators in the Zimbabwean part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (a globally significant conservation area), with a particular goal of safe-guarding endangered African wild dog populations. Wild dogs are unique to Africa, but today fewer than 6 600 remain on the African continent, and the species is declining. We proactively tackle the threats to African wild dogs, and all predators, in the region through management-based research, cross border collaboration, hands-on conservation, policy dialogue, education and community engagement.

Entries Information:

Cost: R1700.00

Additional Fundraising Obligation: Each runner is required to raise an additional R2 500.00 (minimum) to be paid to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund on or before Monday, 4 April 2016. Additional fundraising over and above R2 500.00 is of course encouraged, and would be very gratefully received. 

Contact: Jess Watermeyer

Email: jess@africanwildlifeconservationfund.org