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Refreshment Stations for 56km

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Medical

Thirty-three well equipped refreshment stations along the route will ensure that every runners needs are adequately catered for.

A special station will be located at the start and the first station is at 3 km where only water and Coke will be available. The subsequent refreshment stations are approximately 2 km apart to the halfway mark and 1km thereafter.

Drinking Water

Drinking water and Powerade will be provided throughout the race in 100 ml plastic sachets (Booster Bags), while Coca-Cola will be served in plastic bottles. In addition, potatoes, bananas, Bar-one chocolates, Polar Ice Cream and other 'morale lifters' will be available at some stations.

Before the 28 km mark, each station will follow the standard sequence of Coke, water and Powerade. Where possible, the stations will be manned from both sides of the road but in any event the stations will be well spread out to ensure that everyone is catered for. From half way (28 km) the refreshment stations will be more frequent (± 1km apart).

The ASA standard for refreshment stations is every 3km. However, at Two Oceans, instead of having 1 refreshment station, we have 3 refreshment stations spread over 3km. Every other station will offer water only in 100ml plastic sachets, alternating with those offering Coke and Powerade only. Therefore you will be served with either water or Coke/Powerade every 2km.

Medical Advice

Medical advice is that runners should drink approximately 100 ml of fluid (one sachet) every 15 minutes. It may thus not be necessary to drink at every station, as the dangers of over-hydration can be as severe as those of dehydration. Runners should modify their fluid intake to suit weather conditions on the day and should not experiment with new drinks on race day.

The Organisers thank the over 2000 volunteers who man the refreshment stations.

We appeal to you to keep our Fairest Cape clean. Don't throw bottles and sachets down any inaccessible places, rather use the collection boxes provided along the entire route.

In the interest of conservation all the plastic used on the route will be collected and recycled, as will the cans and bottles used on the grounds.

Many volunteers spend many hours cleaning the route after the race and your co-operation is requested to keep the Cape in shape!

Refreshment Stations


Station Location Distance (km) Available
Start Dean Street, Newlands 0.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
1 Main Road, Kenilworth 3.0 Water/Coke
2 Main Road, Plumstead 5.0 Water/Coke
3 Sanco Motors, Diep River 6.7 Water/Coke
4 Ladies Mile Road, Retreat 9.3 Water/Coke
5 Warner Lambert 11.0 Water/Coke
6 Lakeside Fire Station 13.0 Water/Coke
7 Outside 711, Main Road, Muizenberg 15.3 Water/Coke
8 St James Station 17.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
9 Grass verge at entrance to Fish Hoek 20.1 Water/Coke/Powerade
10 72 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek 22.1 Water/Coke/Powerade
11 200 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek 24.1 Water/Coke/Powerade
12 800 metres beyond Louws Corner 26.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
13 Before Silvermine Road intersection 28.8 Water/Coke/Powerade
14 Top of Little Chapmans Peak 30.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
15 Under half tunnel 32.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
16 Chapmans Peak 33.7 Water/Coke/Powerade
16A Chapmans Peak 33.7 Bananas/Potatoes
17 Picnic area on descent, Chapmans Peak 35.6 Water/Coke/Powerade
18 Past Blockhouse mountain walk 37.5 Water/Coke/Powerade
19 Outside Wimpy, Hout Bay 38.5 Water
20 In front of Sothebys 40.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
21 On left between Montessori school and Helsby 41.0 Water/Polar Ice Cream
22 +- 200 metres past 42.2km mark 42.2 Water/Coke/Powerade
23 Past Oakhurst Farm stall, Hout Bay road 43.5 Water
24 Between Lil Welsies and Long Kloof 44.5 Water/Coke/Powerade
25 Phantom Acrs ascent, Constantia Nek 45.0 Water
25A Just before summit of Constantia Nek 46.0 Bar One Chocolates
26 Just after summit of Constantia Nek 46.3 Coke/Powerade
27 Constantia Heights, Rhodes Drive 47.3 Water
28 Duntaw Close, Rhodes Drive 49.0 Coke/Powerade
29 Top Gate, Kirstenbosch Gardens 50.3 Water
30 Bottom Gate, Kirstenbosch Gardens 52.0 Coke/Powerade
31 Rhodes Drive / Orange Street 53.0 Water
32 Newlands Forest Station 54.0 Coke/Powerade
33 Zoo Turnoff 55.0 Water
  Finish 56.0 Coke or Powerade/Water on request

Interactive Map

Click here for our interactive map (by MapIT) indicating the refreshment stations, route, kilometre markers and medical points.