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Home >> Events >> Refreshment Stations for 21km

Refreshment Stations for 21km

  • Half Marathon
  • Medical

Eight well equipped refreshment stations are positioned along the route.

Drinking Water

Drinking water will be provided throughout the race in 100 ml plastic sachets, with Coca-Cola in 250 ml plastic bottles.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities will be provided at every refreshment station and where possible will be located just past the station. Anti-social behaviour on the route and particularly before the race cannot be tolerated and runners are requested to please use the toilets provided and not private gardens or public areas.

Medical Advice

Medical advice is that runners should drink approximately 100 ml of fluid (one sachet) every 15 minutes. It may thus not be necessary to drink at every station, as the dangers of over-hydration can be as severe as those of dehydration. Runners should modify their fluid intake to suit weather conditions on the day and should not experiment with new drinks on race day.


The Organisers thank the over 2000 volunteers who man the refreshment stations.

We appeal to you to keep our Fairest Cape clean. Don't throw bottles and sachets down any inaccessible places, rather use the collection boxes provided along the entire route.

In the interest of conservation all the plastic used on the route will be collected and recycled, as will the cans and bottles used on the grounds.

Many volunteers spend many hours cleaning the route after the race and your co-operation is requested to keep the Cape in shape!


Station Location Distance (km) Available
Start Newlands Main Rd 0.0 Water/Coke/Powerade
1 At the top of Wynbeg Hill on the M3 4.0 Water/Coke
2 On the Constantia onramp onto the M3 6.1 Water/Coke/Powerade
3 On Ladies Mile Extention, just past the 9km mark 9.2 Water/Coke/Powerade
4 Southern Cross Drive 11.4 Water/Coke/Powerade
5 Duntaw Close / Rhodes Drive 13.7 Water/Coke/Powerade
6 Top Gate Kirstenbosch Gardens 15.6 Water/Coke/Powerade
7 Orange Street / Rhodes Drive 18.3 Water/Coke/Powerade
8 Zoo Turnoff 20.3 Water/Coke
  Finish 21.1 Coke or Powerade/Water on request


Interactive Map

Click here for our interactive map (by MapIT) indicating the refreshment stations, route, kilometre markers and medical points.