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Entry changes and substitutions

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Trail Run

Runners will be able to change their entries – seeding updates, upgrades and substitutions (substitutions will only be done if all available entries have sold out). These changes can only be done online between 10am on 9 January and 5pm on 28 February 2018

NO CHANGES whatsoever will be permitted after this date. 

Please note that only ONE entry change is allowed per entry (i.e. if you upgrade, you cannot also substitute the original entry; only one substitution per entry (more information under Substitutions below).  

NO DOWNGRADES from the Ultra to the Half Marathon will be entertained.

NO DOWNGRADES from the Long Trail to the Short Trail will be entertained.


Runners who have entered the Half Marathon can upgrade to the Ultra Marathon IF:

  • There are Ultra Marathon entries available
  • They have met the Ultra qualification requirements and belong to an athletics club. 


PROCESS: Log into the online system and following the Upgrade instructions.

No Upgrades will be accommodated when the Ultra Marathon entries are sold out.


It is the runner's responsibility to find a suitable substitute as we do not keep a list - both if you are not running or want to run.

One can only substitute a runner in the same race – i.e. a Half Marathon South African entrant can only be substituted by a Half Marathon South African that wants to participate .

The Substitution Process

For safety reasons, the official Substitutions process must be followed between 9 January and 28 February 2018.


  • Other costs may apply (e.g. cost of an electronic timing chip, temporary licence fee in the Half Marathon, etc.).

The Entered Runner (to be substituted)

Runners who cannot run need to logon into the online system. When logged on, click on the ‘substitute’ button. The voucher key will be displayed as soon as you click on the ‘substitute’ button which you need to give to the person that is taking over your entry.

Please note that you are ONLY parting with your entry; your RaceTec chip and T-shirt (if you ordered one in the Half Marathon) will be yours to collect. The entry fee of the original entrant will NOT BE REFUNDED under any circumstances.

The New Runner (taking over the entry)

It is incumbent on a runner to find someone that is unable to run in order to take over that person's entry. The entered runner is required to pass on to the new runner a voucher key to enable them in taking over their entry. This is done by logging onto the online system and clicking on ‘Substitution’. After you have inserted a valid voucher number, the system will prompt you to enter your outstanding (if any) personal and race related information. Please follow the promts to the payment stage, where you will be charged the Substitution fee.  Continue until you get to the confirmation screen (which will be followed by a confirmation e-mail).

NOTE:  You cannot take over any merchandise purchased by the original entrant, NOR can you "take over" the withdrawing entrant's RaceTec chip. If you don't already have a RaceTec chip, you MUST purchase your own. However, an Ultra Marathon substitution includes the t-shirt.


Take Note

All rules, terms and conditions that apply for the original race entry also apply for runners that substitute.

Runners that have substituted out of the Half Marathon cannot re-enter the Half Marathon in the same year (i.e. a runner that substituted OUT of the 2018 Half Marathon cannot re-enter the 2018 Half Marathon).

A runner that entered the Half Marathon via a substitution cannot substitute that entry further (i.e. if you have substituted into the 2018 Half Marathon you cannot substitute out of the 2018 Half Marathon).

Runners substituting in order to run the Ultra Marathon must have qualified and belong to an athletics club in order to substitute (if entries sell out).

Seeding Updates

Seeding updates for both the Half and Ultra Marathon as well as both the Trail Runs are free of charge. Please logon to the online system and update your seeding with the name, date and distance of the race and the time you ran with a website address where we can verify your new time.

These changes can only be done between 9 January and 28 February 2018. 


The OMTOM Half Marathon is oversubscribed. The demand is much higher than the supply. And unfortunately that means that there are unscrupulous individuals who will abuse this by scalping entries – much like concert tickets.

This practice ONLY survives because runners buy these entries, thereby perpetuating the cycle.

We keep an eye on 3rd party reseller sites and request that the ads are removed, but our team also needs to focus on organising the event, logistics and customer care, and cannot spend 100% of their time blocking fake or overpriced entries.

Our rules are clear: A runner who needs to withdraw for any reason must release his/her entry through our substitution process, and send the corresponding entry voucher to an athlete who would like to get an entry. If they want to recoup the original entry fee that is OK, but they may not sell their entry for a higher amount.

If runners follow the correct processes, the demand for these entries will stop. We work hard to stamp out this practice, but runners need to take responsibility for their part in the illegal sale of entries too.