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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Unfit, single and clueless in Cape Town

Unfit, single and clueless in Cape Town

  • Fun Runs

“This is it… this is how I die: lying with my bottom in the air in the spectacles installation on the Sea Point promenade with my heart bursting out of my chest and the passer-by gorgeous, coordinated runners not even moving a muscle to help me.”

Ok, so I am a tad over dramatic but the bottom line is having completed the first of my Old Mutual Two Oceans 5.6km Fun Run training sessions on Monday 22 February, 2016, two things have become abundantly clear to me:

  1. I am unfit and
  2. I am nowhere near as good-looking as the usual running suspects.

At this point, any sane person would ask why I was taking on the mammoth task of training for the Fun Run, which is being held in a month’s time. The simple answer is that having come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to meet my dream guy and future father of my children by going on yet another round of disastrous dates with men I met online, I needed a distraction and running - aka physical torture - seemed like the best option.

I know even less about running than I do about dating but getting my heart racing, stretching my physical limits and completing a run can’t be all that difficult, right?

Right … here are a few things I learnt from my first running training session:

  • A beautiful view goes a long way to keeping you motivated: I usually run up and down the hills of my suburb, Vredehoek, but changing up my views with one along the promenade really boosted my spirits and it’s great for Instagram material.
  • A monitoring app is useful: Having an electronic voice yell at me to keep my pace up could get annoying at times ( there were a lot of “Shut up, Suri!” moments) but seeing my report at the end of the run gave me a sense of accomplishment. I use the S Health app on my Android device but there are plenty of apps in the Google Playstore you can use too.
  • Moral support is crucial: So my sister Sam and my garden gnome puppet Gnomeo weren’t exactly rejoicing at the idea of a walk/run on a hot summer day but having them along made the experience fun.  A family who runs together, stays together … or something mushy like that, anyway!

Yes, I was breathless, tired and convinced that I was going to die alone and unfashionable but the important thing is I ran… I took those first steps from couch potato to 5 k runner and it felt good.

When you run you may as well enjoy the view.

Gnomeo... ace travel companion, and probably the first, er, running gnome.


Feel like a challenge?  Why don't you join Fazielah at the OMTOM Fun Run on Friday, 25 March 2016. Online entries are currently open.