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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> At The Mercy Of Ripped (RIPT) Rodet, Juliet & Tendai Reveal all

At The Mercy Of Ripped (RIPT) Rodet, Juliet & Tendai Reveal all

  • Half Marathon
  • Training

Coach Kathy Mc Quaide, “Last week we decided that to ensure our OptiFit 21.1km novices are strong enough to run the half, we would put them through their paces with a session with biokineticist, Rodet Yila. Rodet doubles up as trainer on our OptiFit course. The objective of the session was to teach them basic strength training exercises that could be replicated in 2 x 20 minute sessions each week. Shoo – it was tough – even for me! But as I say to my runners, if you have any weakness in your body, running will find it..... So best to strengthen up those weaknesses so you can keep experiencing the joy of running! I learnt this the hard way.”


 I have come to appreciate that no matter what activity you participate in, the body works as a whole and the sooner you strengthen and support the whole body, the better it will perform your desired activity.

 Sadly, I have been guilty of focusing too much on the running and too little on the strength training; my legs soon began to let me know that they were in need of a little help.  I have learnt to listen to my body and jumped at the opportunity of a strength training session with Rodet.

 Rodet put me as well as fellow OptiFit teamster Tendai & our coach, Kathy, through our paces with rowing, lunges, cycling, squats, resistance band running work, ab work on the mat, step ups and many other exercises. The sweat that began to drip, the muscles that began to burn and the heart that began to pump more vigorously were all signs that this workout was long overdue.

 I left that session exhausted but elated to have once again gotten in touch with my body and committed to continuing with the strength training to race day which is now only 23 days away because after all, my short little legs need all the help they can get to cover those 21.1kms at OMTOM2016. 


 I should have known when our OptiFit trainer, Rodet, who doesn’t seem to have an ounce of body fat, announced “it’s going to be a quick session ladies, but tough’’ that he meant TOUGH. Throughout my short running journey, I have focused on building endurance and keeping the taste of blood in my mouth at bay!

 Even though we did some basic strength training at OptiFit, I somehow neglected to do the extra strength-training we were encouraged to do twice a week. I know I need to build strength in the legs that are tasked to carry me for those 21.1km on 26 March! Rodet put us through our paces, I effectively managed to use muscles I did not know I had!

 This week saw me going for my third physio appointment at the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA), incidentally the third physio appointment of my life. I have not fully recovered from my foot injury (a displaced cuboid bone) and hence cannot run for the next week. I have been relegated to spinning classes and running in the pool to retain my fitness. Honestly, the thought of not being able to run upset me more than I expected. I have thus committed to do everything in my power to get back on the running ‘foot’ and take on #OMTOM2016. 23 days to go - come rain or sunshine I will be laced up and at the starting line.

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