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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Juliet's Journey: RUNdom Acts of Kindness

Juliet's Journey: RUNdom Acts of Kindness

  • Half Marathon

Shortly after beginning my running journey, just 6 months ago, I was blessed with two incredible gifts of pure love and kindness:

  1. An Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 2015 medal; on loan from a precious friend, in order to inspire, encourage and remind me each day of my goal, my passion, and my dream. It has kept me going each time I have felt like throwing in the towel and it has made me smile with anticipation as each day draws me closer to my very own beautiful medal.
  2. A 12 month subscription to Runners’ World, an absolute feast of all things running… Beyond amazing for a newbie like me.

 The camaraderie and support amongst runners and in fact many endurance sports, is quite well known. I experienced it with cycling and I am experiencing it now again with running as I train for OMTOM 2016.

 For example, in addition to the two incredible gifts of pure love and kindness, the running community and Cape Town have shown me a lot of love lately…

 Whilst running recently, on a very humid evening in Cape Town, we were randomly given some ice cold water by a friendly waitron from a local restaurant. He could have just watched us “crazies” run on by, but instead he chose to be kind and make a difference.

 This past weekend on another challenging 14km training session with my OptiFit teamsters, I encountered no fewer than three displays of pure caring and friendship from fellow runners:

  1. After a gruelling uphill run to the Chapmans Peak lookout point, we were greeted by the hubby and daughter of one of our group members. They were waiting for us with lifesaving ice cold coke, water and ICE. There are many others like them, who could remain in bed while the rest of us choose to pursue our madness, but instead they too choose to get up early in order to second their friends and family on long and tough training runs. We runners salute and thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.
  2. I was really struggling with the heat on this particular run and one of my incredible angels offered to literally take off her vest and run in her sports crop top so that I could swop my t-shirt for her vest and be cooler.
  3. On our way down Chappies, another teamster had a personal encounter with a cat’s eye and grazed her knee, shin and wrist rather badly. Not only did our team rally around her to help but a fellow runner immediately stopped and offered us his camelback in order to squirt the grit out and clean her wounds.

     It takes but a moment to stop and make a difference in someone’s life but the impact lasts a lifetime because big or small, each selfless gesture is a gift from a beautiful heart. There is so much love and support out there, that I am literally blown away each time I experience another RUNdom Act of Kindness.