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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Juliet's Journey: Butterflies and Notes To Self

Juliet's Journey: Butterflies and Notes To Self

  • Half Marathon

What started out as A BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL seven months ago, has come down to 9 more days before I embark on one of my biggest challenges ever - as I attempt to run my first half-marathon. I have learnt a lot in the past few months, about running, about other people and about myself.

I have been diligent and committed to my training, I am as prepared as I will ever be and I have made a few “notes to self” for race day: 

  • There are few things as powerful as “a child of God with a made up mind – I am not alone as I tackle those 21.1kms”.
  • Health is a gift and each step towards the finish line is a celebration, no matter how hard it may get or how deep I have to dig.
  • Run MY race – allow the vibe to inspire, not overwhelm!
  • Pace myself – early over-eagerness can result in crash and burn.
  • Stay positive – the legs only do what the mind allows so keep the mind in check.
  • Hydrate and energise but don’t overdo it.
  • Pain is temporary but this memory will be forever.
  • I trained for this – trust the training!!
  • Walk if I must but quitting is not an option!
  • No matter how hot I get, I WILL NOT stick ice cold water sachets in my sports bra to cool down – boob chaffing is not pleasant!
  • Yes, there is a goal to achieve and a finish line to cross, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey and soak up the kaleidoscope of beautiful scenery, fun people, special memories and epic adventures along the way.
  • Run with honour, for a lot of love, care, help, time, commitment, support, prayer and encouragement from countless amazing people has gone into me being at the start line.
  • Tears at the finish line are OK . . . so is a mini bottle of pink bubbly with a straw and a whole slab of Turkish Delight chocolate.
  • Clutch that medal to my heart and cherish the moment for God is faithful and I am beyond blessed.

To say that I have butterflies, would be such an understatement at this point, but it’s fine because I love butterflies. Butterflies are extremely symbolic to me – they are such delicate, gentle creatures - whilst at the same time possessing within them the incredible strength and tenacity to push their way through the confines of the cocoon to fly freely.  The butterflies can float with me on race day and we will reach that finish line together.