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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> It Won’t Seem So Bad After A Run!

It Won’t Seem So Bad After A Run!

  • Half Marathon

It was a tough week. I walked out of my exam on Tuesday last week feeling shattered. You know one of those papers that renders you speechless?  It was one of those. After lunch and a moaning session with my classmates, I had to find a quiet place to lick my wounds.

When I arrived home, all I needed was a glass of wine and a nap and the world would be a better place…Until the next study session. The only problem with my proposed solution was that, being a Tuesday afternoon, I had a training run scheduled with my OptiFit 21km programme running mates at 17h45. So it was either the run or the glass of wine. Needless to say the run won. Now, please do not be impressed by my discipline or self-restraint – it’s actually fear of my teamsters!

I dragged myself off the couch and put everything I had into that afternoon’s 10km run. As with most things that are good for you, I only realised after I pressed stop on my running app and came to a standstill - this run was exactly what the doctor had ordered.

 When I was reflecting on my tough Tuesday, I was reminded of how I have come to draw strength from the camaraderie of running with an amazing group of people 3 days a week. Running humbles us all, as it is one of the most primitive of acts and this humility gives birth to an inexplicable bond. Not a single one of the friends I have made on the OptiFit programme are people I would ordinarily have befriended. Now I can’t imagine running without them cheering me on. And I constantly hear their voices in my head when I want to be anything but the best version of myself in all aspects of my life.

The rest of week went relatively well, save for the lack of sleep due to the late night study sessions. Saturday 6 February rolled on with the daunting goal of completing a 14km run; 10 of which were spent conquering Chapman’s Peak. This was the longest distance I had run and well, let’s just say I only ever went up Chapman’s Peak to get to Kalk Bay for lunch. Every second spent running up Chapman’s Peak was gruelling – the beautiful views were lost on me! It seemed as though the road was taunting me as it was never-ending … Until possibly when I had stopped chasing the finish line and just started running. It was a magnificent view from the look-out point, also incidentally the half-way mark of our training run - before running down again. The run down was shear magic! As we descended, to the left were schools of dolphins that appeared to be moving in the same direction as us. The ocean seemed to go on forever, until it became one with the heavens. I will never get tired of running in Cape Town.

43 days until OMTOM and I have survived a week of gruelling exams and I ran 14km including summiting Chapman’s Peak! WOW!