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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Inspiring Runner: Diederick Stopforth

Inspiring Runner: Diederick Stopforth

  • Half Marathon

Weighing in at over 130kg, two near heart attacks were the turning point for diabetic runner, Deiderick. Read how Banting helped him lose more than 30 kg and gave him his health back...

I lost 31Kg through Banting and Running and I am no longer on any chronic medication. I went from no running to running more than 1,600Km in two years, with my second two oceans half and hopefully followed by the ultra and comrades marathon. I basically started realising in August 2012 that I was unhealthy when I had a few back to back blood pressure and severe chest pain events which saw me landing up in casualties a couple of times. I weighed 136.6kg's and I was on chronic blood pressure and type two diabetic medication.

What then started of as a "weight loss competition" at work turned into a life changing blessing...I began investigating the Banting diet and started losing weight immediately. I then started attending the Roodepoort Parkrun which is essentially a 5 km event that takes place every Saturday all over the world (Bruce Fordyce is one of the founding members) .

In no time I had a lot more energy and just felt healthier. A colleague of mine, Eugene Swanepoel, (also overweight at the time) one day (2013) at a sales conference at Zebula, said why don't we do The Two Oceans in two years? We started with 10 km events and very quickly did a few half marathons in preparation for my first Two Oceans in 2015 and his 3rd. We have since lost 30 kgs each and I reversed my type two diabetes and blood pressure issues. The Two Oceans dream had been realised and sparked a new lifestyle. I haven't stopped running or banting for that matter and I've since joined the Florida Running Club, run more than a dozen half marathons and in November 2015 I completed my first full marathon. I hope to now do the Two Oceans ULTRA in 2017 and the Comrades Marathon in the same year.

The Two Oceans (Still my favourite marathon), running and Banting changed and saved my life! 

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