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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> How I Got My Running Groove Back

How I Got My Running Groove Back

  • Fun Runs

“Why? Why do I have to do this today! American Horror Story and Matt Bomer’s flawless abs are calling my name and it’s way too hot. Who feels like running anyway?!”

Last week, I fell off the running wagon spectacularly. Throw in a friend’s (tequila laden) farewell party, a resulting tummy bug and just general laziness and you get the idea…

Getting back into the step of things, as it were, was difficult. Like I can’t tear myself away from my warm bed and Matt Bomer’s baby blues long enough to lace up my sneakers difficult.

I could easily have wallowed in another few days of series and hot boy binging but here’s what got me back into the running saddle:

-          Being held accountable for my actions: since starting my Fun Run training, I have acquired quite a few supporters (namely the bossy Gnomeo!) and the thought of their disappointed faces if I do not successfully complete my challenge in two weeks shamed me enough to get moving.

-          Incorporating running into my daily activities: I needed to be at the finish line of a major sporting event in Green Point to support a friend so instead of driving there, I ran! Also, who knew there were SO many hot cyclists around? Eye candy is a great motivator, let me tell you!

-          When in doubt, return to the classics: In my first post, I talked about changing up your running scenery every now and then. I took my own advice and chose to run along the Camps Bay strip. It was windy as all hell and Gnomeo was not impressed about having to pose for a pic inside of my shoe but man, was the view amazing!

There are 16 days left to Race Day and while I am incredibly excited, I know I may have a few more “gods, why I am torturing myself?” episodes too but as the great, inspiring Rocky Balboa, that paragon of boxing and running up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, once said: “It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!”

Let’s do this!