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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> Hitting a Home Run Mother City-style

Hitting a Home Run Mother City-style

  • Fun Runs
  • Training

“That’s it, Faz, just let the music wash over you as you hit Chelmsford Road all the way to Devil’s Peak.  Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the views and … wait, why is there a hot, topless man in the field at the end of the road?!”

So, there I was with Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire blaring in my ears and getting me in the, uh, mood (for running, guys!) when I literally stumbled upon a ridiculously good looking half-naked man.

At first I thought the Universe had finally answered my prayers for a gorgeous companion but upon closer inspection, it turns out he was just a male model for one of the neighbourhood photographers. That’s Vredehoek for you, creatives (sometimes sans clothing!)  on virtually every street.

Once I got over my shock and back on my feet after stumbling at this unexpected carnal sight, it was time to get back to the very serious business of Fun Run training. Thanks to the incredible views of the City Bowl and the greenery of Devil’s Peak, this wasn’t too difficult.

Even Gnomeo quit complaining about being dragged along on my runs long enough to enjoy the vistas!

Flashing neighbours aside, here is what I learnt on my training session this week:

-        Pace yourself: It’s all too easy to get over excited about training but it is important to listen to your body. If you start to feel a stitch in your side or a spasm in a leg muscle, take a break and slow down.

-        The runner’s high is real: I always thought runners were exaggerating when talking about the bliss they experienced when they’re out on the road but I’ve had a taste of it myself and I am hooked. I’m up to 30 minutes now and it’s a half hour where I am not constantly worrying about deadlines, the guy who didn’t call me after our last date,  family politics or paying bills. It’s totally addictive!

-        Post run treats are necessary: Yes, yes, I know, the sense of accomplishment should be enough but sometimes you need a motivator to help you get through a training session. For me, a hot bubble bath and an episode of my favourite TV series (currently Supergirl because I am a comic book geek chick after all) helps me complete the last kilometre when I feel like giving up completely.

Week Two of training for the Fun Run and I feel much more confident that I can do this. 23 days and counting!