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Happy to run

  • Trail Run

I feel free again…

What a month!  And, just like that, the Old Mutual Two Oceans Trial Run is four sleeps away!

As usual, life got in the way.  Oh, and freak accident.  And a cycle race that left me unable to walk.  But I digress...

My bad luck started when my car was attacked by a Woollies trolley. (True story, I swear!)  It took my arm a full week before I could attempt swinging it while walking…

You see as I was getting out of my car one very windy evening, it seemed like something out of this world when a black plastic monster thingy on wheels came bolting straight for the side of my car door, just as I was getting out. Long story short, my arm got trapped between door and car body, I had to be taken to Constantiaberg Hospital with a badly swollen arm, fearing that I may have broken bones.  Thankfully, it was just severe bruising.  But it didn't make the pain go away... *sigh*

And, just as the pain subsided…Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour (long name for a long race) arrived.  Naturally, it seemed like the best idea to take up cycling for the first time ever and be part of the World's Biggest Timed Cycle Race.  

Then the day arrived…it was windy, it was hell!

The best decision I took on that day was to quit after what seemed like the longest 65km of my life. Riding with a great friend of mine was the only reason I started the race and lasted that long.  The wind was so strong, she acted as my wind buffer for most of the way.

While most people who cycled on that day recovered from the aches and pains after a few days, my recovery took 2 weeks. Let's just say I am now an expert in how NOT to set up your saddle.

But if this journey taught me one thing, it is that I am a runner through and through.  

As I laced up my shoes the other day, I was truly grateful for the opportunity and the health.  “Just tying up my shoes was an emotional moment”, was my reply when a friend asked about my run.

I ran up from the beginning of Chapman’s peak and turnaround at the toll gate. The distance didn’t matter, time didn’t matter, all I wanted was to run. I ran and I loved every second of it.

It's in moments like these that we truly appreciate and value things that mean a lot to us.  And while I was recovering from my arm injury, not being able to run, I felt starved - physically and spiritually.

As Friday approaches, nothing matters any more.  I don't care about the weather or the technical terrain.  I don't even care about my finish time.  I am just so happy that I will be doing what I do best and love most.  I am just so happy to be a runner.