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Diary of a Running Blogger

  • Fun Runs
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There are a mere 9 days left until the Fun Run and my stress levels are at an all-time high. Between endless family gatherings where the main topic of discussion is the lack of a man in my life and hosting demanding celebrities at my day job, fitting in a training session is near impossible!

Perseverance is the key to completing a successful run, though, and simply a matter of squeezing non-existent time out of my very full diary.

Here’s a look at what my running/work/family/friends life has looked like this past week:


17h00: Screw it with answering stupid questions about what a one way ticket down the mountain is  with visuals (are you kidding me?!) – I am going to run! I’m hopping onto a MyCiTi bus to Camps Bay and getting a run in with some perfect views.

17h30: Ok, whose bright idea was it to run along the Camps Bay promenade on a gale force windy day?! And why, for the love of the gods, are people sunbathing like the Cape Doctor isn’t trying to rip their itsy bitsy costumes from their perfect bodies?!


I can’t feel my face because of sand burn… Come to think of it, my legs are strangely numb too!


18h00: Let’s stick to running in non-windy areas like the Fan Walk so that it’s less taxing on the legs and Gnomeo can take a selfie without the threat of being blown away.

Oh, wow, this bridge makes me feel like I am running across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York – totally feeling the Charlotte in Sex and the City vibe, right now!


Yay, it’s Mom’s birthday and we have an All You Can Eat Buffet dinner planned for tonight. Running? No, Gnomeo, not today and quit raising a felt-tip eyebrow in judgement at me!


16h30: Friday happy hour with my best friend celebrating his 30th birthday awaits but first, let’s get a brisk walk in.

Yes, that means walking all the way from Kloof Street to Strand Street to fit in a 2.6km session in and no, I am not going to get embarrassed by all of the frustrated drivers tooting their hooters at me.

I can be a successful runner and fashionable socialite out on the town all at the same time – just watch me!


My bed is holding me hostage and I just can’t get up. Also, my super helpful S Health app says I can have a rest day so really, what’s the harm in having a bit of a lie-in?


19h00: Stuffing my face to avoid giving the insensitive, nosy family a super sarcastic retort about why I’m still single or why I haven’t brought a boy home yet is not going as planned.

Man, this means I am going to have do an extra 3kms for tomorrow’s run!


19h00: Right, so the weekend was a training session disaster but now it’s time to get my head back into the game.

To quote the great Martin Luther King: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

I can, and I WILL do this!