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Home >> Blog >> Guest Blogger >> The Cuboid Bone

The Cuboid Bone

  • Half Marathon

This week I learnt about the cuboid bone. This is a small bone in one’s foot that directs movement of your toes and also ensures stability. Now I wish I had learnt this in a biology class, alas, it was from the physiotherapist following a running injury. After my gruelling run up Chapman`s Peak the previous week my foot was in a lot of pain. I immediately went home and iced it hoping for the best; unfortunately it wasn’t an ice it and get back on the road kind of injury.

My physiotherapist insisted I sit out 2 of my 3 weekly runs, this would ordinarily have been a get out of jail free card but training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon made it a setback. The first half of my week was thus dedicated to long days on campus and ice packs when I got home.

Spending time off the road gave me time to reflect on some advice our Optifit running coach always gives us; Kathy believes that if you have any weaknesses, running will reveal them through injuries, this does not mean you should quit running, it just means you know which muscles you need to strengthen. I realised this week that this is true in life, when we fail it gives us a chance to improve ourselves and overcome the challenge.

Obstacles along the way are no excuse to quit. This advice rang true to me each day when sat in class trying to make sense of mountains of new information, all the while keeping an eye on my work emails. The multi-faceted lives we lead today bring with them layered challenges that make us stronger each time we overcome.

I am proud to say that on Saturday I woke up at 5am to make the 6am start at the bottom of Chapman’s Peak. As we ran up my running teamsters and I chuckled at how it was harder the second time around because we knew what lay ahead of us. Needless to say I made it down in one piece and a lot less complaining from the troublesome cuboid bone.

I successfully managed to strengthen one of the weak links in my running journey. By the 26 March 2016, when I set off to run the OMTOM Half Marathon for the first time, I am sure the majority of the weaknesses I have been carrying for years will have been identified and dealt with.

I look forward to next week as my 3 week study block on campus comes to an end and my running gets back into full swing. 36 days to go…