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Home >> Blog >> Axel >> Your alternative to the tapering grumpiness…

Your alternative to the tapering grumpiness…

  • Ultra Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Training

“Grumpy” that is the state most runners are in, while they are tapering during the 2-3 weeks before race day.

I can understand you! You miss running and the rush of endorphins, while every meal makes you feel like gaining another kg of weight (which is not true).

I found a way to get rid of the tapering blues:

Core stability training.

You know, the stuff we all are supposed to do to improve our running. The few minutes of training we always neglect, because it does not feel like exercising. We rather spend 60 minutes on the road than 5 minutes on this stupid gymnastic mat.

Why not do some core stability training for two days during the week ahead of the race?

Since you’re not running you don’t know what to do with your time anyhow. You can use it!

It won’t make you that much faster, but it will make you feel stronger. And maybe you realize, that it’s not that bad and that you actually could do it every now and then even during your usual training regime. Maybe. Sometimes.

Just a thought, but anyway…

For the half marathon runners:

I wish you a wonderful race and don’t forget, that it’s supposed to be a positive experience, not a fight.

For the ultra marathon runners like me:

Enjoy the new route. Regarding pacing, you might want to read my pacing related blog post (http://www.twooceansmarathon.org.za/blogs/axel/who-needs-race-strategy) even if that post describes pacing for the standard route. So you won’t be able to follow it completely, due to the alternative route we are taking this year. But the rules for pacing are still the same.

I never ran Ou Kaapse for Two Oceans, but I did a training run 3 weeks before race day together with my club AAC. It is a long way uphill, but I find it very runnable. If you pace yourself well and hold back on the steep downhill section, you should be in for a fantastic race. The scenery is spectacular, so look at it at every now and then smile.

The uphill on Southern Cross is shorter than Constantia Nek, which should be helpful. At least, that is my mantra!

If you join a bus for the first time, the post I just wrote about it might be helpful for you (http://www.twooceansmarathon.org.za/blogs/axel/pace-bus-etiquette).

Have a great day and share your joy with others. We are lucky to be able to participate in the world’s most beautiful marathon and are capable of running at all.

Bless you all.

If you see me on the route and if you recognize me please say hello. I always share a smile and some encouraging words if you need some.

All the best, thanks for reading my blog posts and for your comments.

Live with passion

Yours in running

Axel (www.ultra-marathon-man.com/en